Saturday, 2015-01-10

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tpbTitle: Yet Another Blog... (at
CarlFKLeeS: are you the lee sitting next to me in the lca noc?01:14
CarlFKI need git help01:15
LeeSGit help provided01:31
CarlFKCase_Room_2  Case_Room_3  NICAI_Workshop  OGGB_260098  OGGB3  OGGB4  OGGB_FP01:42
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CarlFKCase_Room_2  Case_Room_3  NICAI_Workshop  OGGB_260098  OGGB3  OGGB4  OGGB_FP01:42
micoloushmm. I was naming the config.json differently01:43
tpbTitle: gist:da3ccb6916b330ad7563 (at
micolousI don't think they're streaming from NICAI01:44
micolousBut please do not take my word for it01:44
micolousThey're going to be building some radios01:44
CarlFKmicolous: , that's what I keep hearing too01:44
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micolousCarlFK: you could always ask shenki, he'll probably have the phone number of the guy running that miniconf02:01
CarlFKmehWhy you should consider using btrfs, real COW snapshots and file level incremental server OS upgrades like Google does.02:02
micolousIs the presenter a Googler?02:03
micolousCarlFK: I'll PM you Kim's number02:07
micolousHe's the guy who is running the miniconf for radio02:07
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tpbTitle: Index of /~tim/debs (at
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hyadesCarlFK: any extra laptops around you?02:52
CarlFKtechman83: booted mixer laptop, no dvswitch02:52
micolousaps: none of the init scripts are kicking the gunicorn process, where's the restart script at?02:52
CarlFKhyades - nope, I'm running about trying to setup room #102:53
CarlFKLeeS: can you tell Leon to read IRC ;)02:53
LeeSHe's on it right now02:54
apsmicolous: for testing, we do make serve.   In prod, we use website/conf/setup.sh02:54
techman83CarlFK, how about now :D02:54
micolousaps: running as whom?02:54
CarlFKhey look, dvswtich02:54
techman83Well it tells me it's running at least :)02:54
apsmicolous: any user e02:55
apsWith root access02:55
CarlFKcan I please have audio now?02:55
micolousgot it.02:55
techman83it's got audio as far as I can see02:55
CarlFKtechman83: there are no sources on dvswitch gui02:56
CarlFKtechman83: dvswtich gui closed, opened.  still no sources \02:57
CarlFK'system program problem detected" dialogs02:58
techman83yeah I've fixed that one for future images02:58
techman83apport complains when a process dies02:58
techman83let me finish this room here02:58
techman83and see it locally02:58
CarlFKhow long?02:59
CarlFKtechman83: can you come out here and debug on this machine?02:59
apsmicolous: are you creating the private config? PM me when done, I'll put it in at timvideos.us03:00
techman83CarlFK, sure, just rebooting this one here, then matt can pack it up03:00
micolousaps: I've done it and already put it there03:00
apsOK great03:00
techman83CarlFK, I've replicated locally03:02
techman83so I'll debug this here and sort that out03:03
CarlFKcan you bring up the soruces here manually?03:03
CarlFKRyan is starting training to the people that are here03:03
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CarlFKer, not training.  explaing the setup.03:04
CarlFKyay, audio!03:05
techman83ok sorted it out03:06
CarlFKcan you bring up the camera and tp?03:07
techman83So if DVswitch isn't quite ready it will accept the connection and not show anything03:07
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techman83That I can sort out03:07
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tvCommitBotgst-switch/master c96953e Jan Schmidt: Bump automake req to 1.11 and modify dist settings...03:08
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master 901b3cb Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #103 from thaytan/bump-automake...03:08
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techman83I'd not come across it in my testing, so I hadn't added the "Check dv switch actually responds" logic03:08
CarlFKtechman83: is there another kit ready?03:15
techman83CarlFK, matt is packing it now03:15
techman83CarlFK, the next kit will be done faster, final tweaks completed to the image03:15
CarlFKscreen saver is kicking in.  wasn't that turned off?03:16
mithroCarlFK: ping?03:16
CarlFKmithro: pong03:16
mithroCarlFK: do you have any left over laptops? I thought xfxf said there would be some spares for the HD pipeline if needed?03:18
CarlFK6 spares03:19
CarlFKryan here03:19
CarlFKlook at the av team spreadsheet03:19
CarlFKanyting that says spare, you want, allocate yourself in the role03:19
CarlFKthat way they're yours for HD03:19
CarlFKremember for 2x rooms we have 2x desktops that you have too (i7)03:19
CarlFKthey're in the spreadsheet also - up the top03:19
CarlFK^^^ ryan03:19
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micolousaps: tim has asked me to ask you to run me through the encoder pipeline03:27
micolousIt's been about three years since I last looked at this03:28
micolousat the moment, I've spun up an AWS instance with the encoder on it03:28
micolousAnd set up DNS for fp.encoder.timvideos.us03:28
micolous(pointing at the public IP atm)03:28
LeeSI am trying to get GStreamer + GTK3 working together03:30
LeeSI have it sorta working at the moment; but It's freezing and generally not quite there03:31
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
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thaytanLeeS, sink.set_window_handle() not sink.set_xwindow_id() in GStreamer 1.003:32
thaytannot sure what else might be wrong from that screenshot03:33
apsmithro: are we going to use aws or rackspace for encoders?03:34
mithroaps: AWS is providing credit for the encoders03:34
mithrowe'll keep using rackspace for the www03:35
mithroat some point we should move room-logs to rackspace too03:35
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apsmicolous: shouldn't the AWS instance be in Sydney region?03:46
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apsmicolous: ok, so the steps for bringing up encoders are:03:52
aps1. start/restart flumotion service - sudo service flumotion restart03:52
aps2. run watchdog as root - while true; do sudo python -m $USER:[email protected] ; sleep 5; done03:52
aps3. run register script - while true; do python -g $ROOMNAME -m $USER:[email protected]:7531 -s "$SECRET" ; sleep 5 ; done03:52
micolousI'll destroy this one then and start again03:52
LeeSThanks thaytan ; I couldn't seem to get it working. But that's Ok. I think I picked up enough from the tutorial to get started.03:53
CarlFKaps: put that "just do this long thing" in a shell script please03:57
techman83Another kit ready03:58
micolousErgh, AWS is so crappy04:05
micolousSo many stupid limitations04:05
micolousCan't upload your own SSH pubkey04:05
micolousThe entire control panel is restricted by region04:06
micolousAnd sharded04:06
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tvCommitBotgst-switch/master d07b60b David Nugent: Refactor/simplify gstreamer pipeline string generation...04:25
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master 440d763 David Nugent: Compatibility fixes discovered by output comparisons.04:25
tvCommitBotgst-switch/master 4b53836 David Nugent: Add wildcard to cover numeric suffix on test data.04:25
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mithroaps: if micolous requests access to anything, please feel free to give it to him04:36
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK: ping?05:29
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xfxfmithro: how's everything coming along?05:33
mithroxfxf: gst-switch is getting closer05:34
xfxfi'm putting 1x camera into each of the big theatres for now and will work on a plan with you tomorrow arvo05:34
xfxfgreat, good to hear05:34
mithroxfxf: hdmi2usb - not so much05:34
xfxfah, doh05:34
xfxfworst case scenario we have the blackmagic cards to ingest05:34
mithroxfxf: we could really use those extra laptops for helping to debug / test things05:34
xfxfmine does HDMI, i also have a HDMI > SDI converter05:34
xfxfok, i've had three people ask me about laptops now, my answer has been that you're welcome to some, just that where they are needs to be marked in the spreadsheet05:35
xfxfi don't have time/bandwidth to bring one down to catalyst05:35
xfxfwe have 4 spares05:35
xfxfi want at least 2 for dvswitch spares05:35
xfxf2 are free05:35
mithroxfxf: okay05:40
mithroxfxf: 2 laptops would be useful05:40
mithroJames said he was going to bring them to us, but I assume he got side tracked05:40
mithroxfxf / CarlFK / techman83: is James around near you guys at all?06:34
xfxfwe just had food07:07
xfxfi have two laptops here ready for you07:07
xfxfi just gave them in a bag to mark to take to you07:21
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xfxfmithro: the 2x laptops you get, feel free to delete the OS on them or do whatever you want, data isn't important07:29
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tvCommitBotHDMI2USB/master 4bdf7b9 Ajit Mathew: Output frame counter corrected08:15
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travis-ciBuild details :
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LeeSI'm working with the python GStreamer API and I'm wondering if there is a method of setting the 'caps' of a plugin09:39
mithroheyo LeeS09:40
mithrowe are all currently watching the SpaceX launch countdown09:40
mithroLeeS: I'm not sure what you mean by "setting the 'caps' of a plugin"09:40
LeeSI'm trying to convert "audiotestsrc is-live=true wave=sine freq=200 ! audio/x-raw,channels=2,rate=%s,depth=16" into python.09:42
mithroaps: ping?09:42
apsmithro: here09:43
LeeSI can create and set the properties on the audiotestsrc; and I can create an object that contains the 'audio/x-raw...' stuff; I just can't link them together09:43
mithroaps: can you help with LeeS with the above?09:43
mithroLeeS: gst_caps_new_simple ?09:44
LeeSSo for the other situations; there is a method: 'src.link_filtered(sink, caps)'; but it requires a source; and I don't have one.09:44
LeeSYeah that's what I am using:: Gst.Caps.from_string("audio/x-raw,channels=2,rate=%s,depth=16")09:44
apsLeeS: shoudn't you just add the 'audio/x-raw...' stuff as properties of audiotestsrc instead of creating an object and linking?09:46
tpbTitle: DVswitch (at
CarlFKmithro: or someone.. we are trying to find where  the DV system format that specifies 16:9 /widescreen maybe pixel size here09:51
tpbTitle: Git - dvswitch/dvswitch.git/blob - src/dvsource-alsa.c (at
apsLeeS: it should be like this09:54
aps$ src = Gst.ElementFactory.make('audiotestsrc', None)09:54
aps$ src.link_filtered(sink, Gst.Caps.from_string("audio/x-raw,channels=2,rate=%s,depth=16"))09:54
apsLeeS: Obviously, you need a sink. I think you can use a GhostPad if you don't have any sink, not sure.09:55
LeeSso the Gst.Caps sits in the middle; I thought it sat after the sink09:55
LeeSThank you <309:55
mithroCarlFK: I don't understand your question09:57
CarlFKmithro: that code make black video frame and adds audio from alsa device09:58
CarlFKthe video frame is currently 4:3, we need it 16:909:58
mithrodv_buffer_fill_dummy ?09:59
CarlFKdu no, but we have to exit the building in the next 3 min  bye!09:59
mithroCarlFK:;a=blob;f=src/dif_audio.c#l369 ?10:03
tpbTitle: Git - dvswitch/dvswitch.git/blob - src/dif_audio.c (at
mithroCarlFK: the format definitions seem to be in;a=blob;f=src/dif.c#l610:06
tpbTitle: Git - dvswitch/dvswitch.git/blob - src/dif.c (at
CarlFK[dv_frame_aspect_wide] =  ... right. that.  I guess.,10:09
mithroCarlFK: I can't see how that ends up related to the dummy stuff however....10:14
CarlFKheading to apt now10:16
mithrowe'll head back that way shortly ourselves10:17
mithrohey thaytan10:17
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CarlFKwho's up?20:36
xfxfnot me20:37
xfxf(i'm already @ the uni)20:37
xfxftechman83 is here too20:37
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micolousI'm sitting in tle chateau du B10C20:50
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xfxfCarlFK: i need you to print out example recording sheets + room manager sheets ready for training today21:38
xfxfneed them by 2pm21:38
xfxfall: there is AV training today at 3pm.  anybody who will be assisting with AV needs to be there - means most of you21:38
CarlFKxfxf: roger.  I saw a printer, I'll get in soon and make sure I can print21:39
tpbTitle: Monday Schedule - 2015 | 12 - 16 Jan | BeAwesome (at
LeeSmithro: are you at catylist?21:42
micolousLeeS: we're in the hotel room still, waiting on a couple of people here21:43
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CarlFKshenki: wake up!!!21:44
LeeSmicolous: no worries.21:48
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CarlFKxfxf: im in da noc22:16
techman83dvsink-files -h $host -p $port $path/%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S.dv22:21
CarlFKtechman83:  lca/lca_2015/dv/$room/%Y-%m-%d/%H_%M_%S.dv22:25
LeeSIs anyone in catylist, or should I just head straight for the uni22:54
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hyadesLeeS: here23:08
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CarlFKxfxf: can I get a public IP forwarded to the file server?  then I can ssh in from the wifi here and at the hotel23:11
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] micolous pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 62452d6 Michael Farrell: website: fix proxy configuration23:19
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tvCommitBot[gst-switch] mithro opened pull request #112: Updating with gst-launch commands. (master...master)
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MaZderMindgood morning from Germany :)23:43
mithromorning MaZderMind23:44
MaZderMindTo those who don't know me in short: I'm from the C3Voc, the part of the CCC dealing with conference recording. We used a dvswitch pipeline throughout the last years and for some events hat BlackMagic-Videomixers rented which allowed us to do 1080i. We would love to do the smaller Events in 1080i, too, which is why we started working on a gstreamer based mixing solution. This is where someone poked at you and now I'm trying to get used to g23:46
mithrotechman83 / CarlFK / xfxf: what is the password for the machines you got me?23:50
mithroMaZderMind: do you want a "my first bug" to hack on gst-switch with?23:54
MaZderMindmithro: thanks for the offer but no, I think I'll have to work my way through a lot of new things here. I know gstreamer from my experiments and a little C++ but nothing about GObject in C++ for example.23:56
MaZderMindmithro: you said sth. about rewriting the UI in Glade, I started looking into glade just some hours ago. I'll come to you back when I'm feeling kinda home23:57
MaZderMindah found your branch23:59

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