Thursday, 2015-01-01

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vikramahuja1001Hello , my name is Vikram Ahuja . I have a good experience in Python and javascript. I would like to contribute my time and skills to this community. It would be great to know where i can start contributing.18:26
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CarlFKarrived!  room not available till 2, found a nice cafee that serves bacon and coffee and free wifi21:36
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mithroWelcome to Auckland guys!23:19
CarlFKmithro: what res do you expect the vidoes to be?23:32
CarlFKor if you know what res ryan's 16:9 stuff will produce, that's good too - I need it for making the title slide23:33
mithro720p or 1080p probably23:34
CarlFKwhat's the x,y ?23:35
CarlFKdo you have an svg timvideos logo?23:39
mithroYes probably23:39
CarlFK is prolly good enough23:42
CarlFK1920 108023:45
CarlFKmithro: that png has some shading or something in the back ground, so even though I made white transparent, you still see the borders23:53
CarlFKalso I don't know how to resize the backgound image23:53
CarlFKer.. resize the title.svg I am working on.  bet you are no on that thread23:54
CarlFKnote: you don't want to be23:54

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