Sunday, 2014-12-28

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mithroaps: ping?00:52
mithromake clean; make AS8051=sdas8051 FLAGS="-DDEBUG" USE_16K=101:39
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shenkimithro: hey12:48
mithroshenki: hey12:48
mithroso all my stuff is in the hdmi2usb branch12:48
shenkimithro: ok12:50
shenkimithro: i rebooted after changing the things in limits.conf to match yours12:50
shenkimithro: and i still get the tab not responding popup12:50
mithroshenki: :(12:51
shenkithe only diff in ulimit -a is:12:51
shenki< pending signals                 (-i) 6123712:51
shenki> pending signals                 (-i) 6235212:51
shenkiwhich i can't see making a huge impact12:51
shenkimithro: which repo do i need to pull to get your stuff?12:55
mithroshenki: libfpgalink12:55
mithropush failed because it wasn't a fast-forward12:56
mithrotry again now12:56
shenkidid you do a rebase or something?12:58
mithroshenki: yeah, I cleaned up all your work12:59
shenkiyou should push it to a different branch or something12:59
shenkiso that it doesn't mess up when i pull12:59
mithroshenki: I did13:01
mithroOr did you also have a hdmi2usb branch?13:01
shenkiok, i have your branch13:01
shenkiand it doesn't build13:01
shenkimake AS8051=sdas8051 FLAGS="-DDEBUG" USE_16K=1 -j113:01
shenkiapp.c:181: syntax error: token -> '{' ; column 113:01
shenkimithro: looks like a cut/paste error?13:03
mithroshenki: try again now13:03
mithrowas cut/paste error when doing the TODO documentation stuff13:03
shenkimake: *** No rule to make target 'descriptors.rel', needed by 'firmware.hex'.  Stop.13:03
shenkiah, symlink13:03
shenkimake: *** No rule to make target 'descriptors.rel', needed by 'firmware.hex'.  Stop.13:04
shenkidescriptors_hdmi2usb.a51 is the right one?13:04
mithroshenki: yes13:05
shenkimithro: ok. it doesn't build13:05
shenki?ASlink-Error-Could not get 6 consecutive bytes in internal RAM for area OSEG.13:06
shenkiMakefile:70: recipe for target 'firmware.hex' failed13:06
mithroDoes here?13:06
mithromake clean; make AS8051=sdas8051 FLAGS="-DDEBUG" USE_16K=113:06
shenkismae build line13:07
shenkisdcc -DDATE=0x20141228 -mmcs51 --code-size 0x3e00 --xram-loc 0xe000 --xram-size 0x0200 -Wl"-b DSCR_AREA=0x2e00" -Wl"-b INT2JT=0x3f00" -DDEBUG -o firmware.hex app.rel cdc.rel debug.rel infra.rel livePatch.rel prog.rel prom.rel softserial.rel uvc.rel descriptors.rel firmware.rel -L../../../../3rd/fx2lib/lib fx2.lib13:07
mithroSDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/z180/r2k/r3ka/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/ds400/hc08/s08 3.3.0 #8604 (Dec 30 2013) (Linux)13:07
shenkiSDCC : mcs51/z80/z180/r2k/r3ka/gbz80/tlcs90/ds390/TININative/ds400/hc08/s08/stm8 3.4.0 #8981 (Jul 12 2014) (Linux)13:07
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mithroshenki: how did you compile your fx2lib?13:08
shenkimithro: did you build upon my temp commit, or something else?13:10
mithrolet me check13:10
mithroshenki: I have no changes to fx2lib13:11
shenkimithro: what's HEAD?13:11
mithrocommit 98543a73efe9662e3fb555062e8198cfab4f8c3a13:11
mithroshenki: one before your temp commit13:12
shenkithat fixed it13:12
mithroshenki: I have a "softserial.h" file which does the purchar stuff13:14
shenkimithro: it hangs a long time when requesting the descriptors13:14
tpbTitle: Making fxlib work with bit banging USART. · 0f8f057 · mithro/libfpgalink · GitHub (at
shenkilsusb waited a few seconds, perhaps about 1013:15
shenkiand there was no serial output from the cypress13:15
mithrohrm... I'm not seeing that13:15
shenkithen a lot of output from the cypress13:15
shenkionly on hte first time13:15
shenkidid you get SDCC : mcs51/z80/z180/r2k/r3ka/gbz80/tlcs90/ds390/TININative/ds400/hc08/s08/stm8 3.4.0 #8981 (Jul 12 2014) (Linux)13:15
shenkidid you get Unhandled Vendor Command: 8713:15
shenkiwhen enumerating?13:15
mithrosee comment in uvc.c file13:15
mithro    // case UVC_GET_DEF:13:16
mithro    // FIXME: Missing this case causes the following errors13:16
mithro    // uvcvideo: UVC non compliance - GET_DEF(PROBE) not supported. Enabling workaround.13:16
mithro    // Unhandled Vendor Command: 8713:16
shenkiok, hang happens when i re-load the firwmare13:17
shenkimithro: can you send me your firmwrae.hex?13:17
shenkimithro: scp hopper:~joel/tmp/firmware.hex .13:18
shenkithat's mine13:18
mithromine on hopper in /tmp now13:20
mithroshenki: oh - yeah13:20
mithroshenki: loading the firmware if it hasn't just been rebooted doesn't work13:20
shenkimithro: ??13:21
shenkimithro: as in what we'd been seeing all day?13:21
mithroshenki: oh - I got that working with the makestuff firmware13:23
mithrobut it appears to be borked in the ported one13:24
shenkimithro: yours has the same behaviour13:26
shenki$ lsusb -v -d 1d50:602b13:27
shenkiBus 003 Device 022: ID 1d50:602b OpenMoko, Inc. FPGALink13:27
shenkiit pauses here for a few seconds13:27
shenkiCouldn't open device, some information will be missing13:27
shenkiDevice Descriptor: bLength                18 bDescriptorType         1 bcdUSB               2.0013:27
shenki... etc13:27
mithroshenki: hrm, it's instant for me13:27
shenkiok. might be a kernel version or usb controller issue13:28
shenkisomething to keep an eye on13:28
mithrocould be something about the uart too?13:30
mithroshenki: did you see the TODO in the readme?13:33
mithroshenki: basically 3 things left to port13:33
mithro - [ ] Finish the set interface stuff in uvc.c13:34
mithro - [ ] Set up the endpoint FIFOs correctly13:34
mithro - [ ] Get TD_poll stuff working13:34
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mithrohyades_: can you take a look at -> ?14:29
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