Wednesday, 2014-12-24

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techman83CarlFK, nothing at all :)01:26
techman83CarlFK, In fact, once I've got all of the dvswitch stuff finished I intend to do the same for gst-switch01:27
techman83The intention being that changing backends is as simple as a config change01:27
CarlFKum.. can you start with gst-switch?01:27
CarlFKonce gst-switch is working, there isn't any point in using dvswitch01:29
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CarlFKtechman83: sorry, flakey net here01:48
CarlFKin case this didn't go though:01:48
CarlFKum.. can you start with gst-switch?01:48
CarlFKonce gst-switch is working, there isn't any point in using dvswitch01:48
CarlFKgst-switch needs to be played with and find the bugs01:49
techman83Yeah, I agree.01:49
techman83I've however just been doing a code cleanup, adding gst-switch will be rather trivial01:50
CarlFKany mention of dvswitch makes me grumpy ;)01:50
techman83dvswitch makes me grumpy01:51
techman83it's why I wrote eventstreamr :P01:51
techman83When it all went bang at an event PLUG was filming for another org, just as we said "good to go" and then was flaky from then on that evening01:52
CarlFKwhat is stopping you from using gst-switch?01:56
techman83brb, but short answer nothing01:57
apsmithro: I did copy the old database data. Any quick way to check if it worked fine?01:59
techman83CarlFK, slightly longer answer: It was easier to get the logic working with the stack I knew and understood02:13
techman83Once I'm confident the cleanup is good I'll add the gst-switch stuff (which should only take a few hours)02:14
CarlFKwhat cleanup?02:15
techman83Whilst it worked, I wasn't entirely happy with the architecture02:16
CarlFKwhy are you still spending time on it?02:16
techman83Plug uses it to manage the mixing stack02:17
CarlFKI am assuming you think gst-swtich is a better thing to be working on?02:17
CarlFKer  who's plug?02:17
techman83Perth Linux Users Group02:17
techman83also I think maybe EventStreamr is a bad name02:17
techman83It doesn't actually stream anything02:18
techman83But yes gst-switch is next on my list of things I want it to support02:18
CarlFKhow does it compare to gst-switch?02:19
CarlFKim trying to figure out why we (whoever we is) are working on two things02:19
techman83EventStreamr doesn't do what gst-switch does02:19
CarlFKwhat does it do?02:20
techman83It sits in the background and manages config, status information and keeps things running02:20
techman83There is a web frontend for managing it all02:22
techman83So I'm totally excited to be using gst-switch instead and I'm really pleased it's becoming a usable thing02:23
techman83instead of DVswitch02:23
CarlFKEventStreamr  keeps what running ?02:26
techman83the mixing stack02:26
CarlFKsounds like a bash while loop?02:26
techman83Well kinda at it's core02:27
techman83But it's on the fly configurable, maintains status information, notifies when things go wrong etc02:28
CarlFKI have a feeling you should put all that below working on gst-switch02:28
techman83Well I have no expertise in the area of gst-switch02:29
CarlFKme neither02:29
techman83And do plan to work on managing gst-switch with it02:29
CarlFKthere may not be a gst-switch to mange02:30
CarlFKI suspect most of the gst-switch work is going to happen at the hack thing and then if it isn't usable, it goes into hibernation for who knows how long02:31
CarlFKand then we all get to use dvswitch again02:31
techman83I'd rather not use DVswitch02:31
techman83and I want to lower the barrier of using gst-switch02:32
CarlFKthen start playing with it02:32
techman83if a lug can set the config -> backend = gst-switch02:32
techman83and it automatically configures everything for them02:32
CarlFKgst-switch is currently not functional02:32
CarlFKno one is going to use it for anything until it becomes functional02:33
CarlFKand I doubt I found the one and only show stopper (the audio problem)02:33
techman83Audio is pretty important02:34
techman83Well I've nearly finished what I'm doing, at which point working out how to make gst-switch do things was next02:34
CarlFKif you insist.02:35
CarlFKyou are increasing the chance we get to keep using dvswitch02:36
CarlFKI also think that gst-switch may be different enought that it won't fit into whatever you are working on, so you will just need to re-work it later02:37
techman83Hmm, well I've written what I've done with gst-switch in mind02:37
techman83and if it needs re-working it's actually pretty easy now02:37
techman83Anyway, I'm going to grab a coffee02:39
CarlFKlike i keep saying if you want to get off of dvswithc, get started with gst-switch02:39
techman83Sooner I get this done, the happier I'll be to get cracking on gst-switch support02:39
CarlFKtick tick tic02:40
CarlFKyou are increasing the chance we get to keep using dvswitch !!!! which makes me grumpy02:40
techman83I'm actually aiming to make it easier to use gst-switch02:41
CarlFKno you aren't02:41
techman83Well I'm not sure we can resolve this by continuing a circular discussion, so I'll just to put my money where my mouth is and prove it with code02:42
CarlFKgst-switch may not be useable at all02:42
CarlFKI don't think you realize how bad shape gst-switch is right now02:43
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CarlFKlooking at the output of gst-switch, mediainfo foo.dat  Format                                   : AAC Format/Info                              : Advanced Audio Codec04:00
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKaccording to #gstreamer, that isn't webm04:01
CarlFKdoes anyone know or care about this?04:01
CarlFKi kinda confirm that:04:04
tpbTitle: The WebM Project | About WebM (at
CarlFKWebM defines the file container structure, video and audio formats.  WebM files consist of video streams compressed with the VP8 video codec  and audio streams compressed with the Vorbis audio codec. The WebM file structure is based on the Matroska container.04:04
apsCarlFK: so audio and video streams are in right format but muxer is wrong?04:07
CarlFKaps: not sure what you mean by that.  AAC is wrong, it should be Vorbis04:09
CarlFKbut I am not sure webm is wanted either04:10
apsWell, aac to vorbis should be trivial fix I guess04:10
CarlFKthere may be some advantage to aac.04:20
apsCarlFK: BTW this format is mentioned in readme so probably there's a good reason for this -
tpbTitle: timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
apsQuoting - " The output format is an AVI file with VP8 (webm) video and faac audio."04:26
CarlFKaps: um... the docs may have been written based on what was saved to disk04:37
CarlFKyeah, if I understand git blame, that line of docs came after the code was written
tpbTitle: gst-switch/ at master · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
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mithroaps: Regarding your question about there is a private/requirements.txt file05:37
mithroCarlFK: eventstreamr should allow us to easy run dvswitch and gst-switch in parallel05:40
CarlFKmithro: eventstreamr isn't going to fix gst-switch05:41
mithroCarlFK: of course not - but I'm not going to run an event with just gst-switch until we have successfully done multiple events in parallel05:42
CarlFKum.. you aren't going to run an event in parallel  because gst-switch isn't usable05:45
mithroCarlFK: it isn't usable at the moment05:47
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CarlFKmithro: have you ever used dvswitch?05:58
mithroCarlFK: yes05:58
CarlFKhuh, I didn't think you had.  when was the last time you used it?05:58
mithroabout a year ago06:00
mithroCarlFK: why?06:17
mithrolast LCA was probably the last time I had a good play with dvswitch06:17
mithroused it a bunch of times before that too06:17
CarlFKit has become more unuseable in a bunch of vectors06:18
mithroCarlFK: it was always a bit unstable for me06:18
CarlFKit isn't in debian stable, it is harder to get firewire devices06:18
mithrobut the fix was to run older versions of ubuntu with older versions of dvswitch06:19
CarlFKdo you know what versions?06:19
techman83The PLUG image is based around 13.1006:20
mithro10.04 (lucid) seemed to be okay06:20
CarlFKoneiric and the version in my ppa is the only set I know of that works06:21
mithroCarlFK: thats a 11.xx version right?06:23
CarlFKits something that was EOF a while ago06:23
CarlFKthe laptops I use are starting to fail.  like fan, power switch, a few years ago one had a firewire port go so wonky I gave the laptop away to someone who didn't need firewire06:27
techman83LCA have a bunch of newer Lenovo T410's, the last of them to come with Firewire06:29
CarlFKcan I have a few? ;)06:29
techman83Enough to run as Mixer units + spares06:29
techman83Firewire cards are a pain in the bum, I loved what firewire was, but it's too old to be practical now06:30
CarlFKbasically I think investing time in dvswitch is risking a time when we have nothing06:30
techman83Agreed (I'm not investing much time in DVswitch beyond moving existing work over)06:30
CarlFKwe do not agree ;)06:31
techman83Well hopefully post christmas I'll be playing with gst-switch06:32
CarlFKthank god.06:32
techman83looking forward to that06:32
CarlFKmithro: why does gst-switch use aac?06:40
mithroCarlFK: because it the first lossless codec we came across06:40
CarlFKI was wondering if it was lossless06:41
mithroyeah, that was the whole point06:52
CarlFKmithro: currently I can't set the date/time format of the file name, like gst-switch-srv --record %Y-%m-%dT%H_%M_%S.avi gives me %Y-%m-%dT%H_%M_%S 2014-12-24 005238.avi06:54
CarlFKis that expected?06:54
mithroCarlFK: nope! sounds like the date bit isn't working06:55
CarlFKill open an issue06:55
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