Tuesday, 2014-12-23

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apsmithro: what is the single git command to "merge and then delete merged branch"?00:19
mithroaps: Not that I know of, but you can get up a git alias or a bash alias which does that pretty easily00:19
apsmithro: so, there were a few other changes as well in the "support HDV in firewire", like firewire now extends base avproducer class. Cleaning up things right now00:21
mithroaps: yeah - I started actually trying to make a "DV receiver" plugin00:21
mithroaps: which could accept DV from multiple different sources, IE firewire, pipe, dvswitch, etc00:22
mithro--> http://whatcolourisit.scn9a.org/ :P00:22
tpbTitle: What colour is it? (at whatcolourisit.scn9a.org)00:22
apsmithro: Could you please tell what is supposed to be done here exactly? - https://github.com/timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other/pull/900:35
tpbTitle: Build man page tool. by mithro · Pull Request #9 · timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other · GitHub (at github.com)00:35
apsmithro: I don't understand how psycopg2 is present in virtualenv of AWS version of website when it's not mentioned in requirements.txt, Did you installed it manually?01:49
apsmithro: I think it should be added in here - https://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/blob/master/website/requirements.txt01:49
tpbTitle: streaming-system/requirements.txt at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at github.com)01:49
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] aps-sids pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/GN-swQ01:57
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 0131d8e Amanpreet Singh: Add psycopg2 to requirements.txt01:57
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CarlFKaps: was your audiotestsrc ! voaacenc ! aacparse question about https://github.com/timvideos/gst-switch/issues/6805:42
tpbTitle: audio · Issue #68 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at github.com)05:42
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apsCarlFK: yeah06:14
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techman83Would love to know why DVswitch segfaults on my work laptop06:41
techman83Works at home so *shrug*06:43
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apstechman83: are both the distros same?11:58
apsI have seen it segfault often on Ubuntu 14.04 but not on 12.0411:59
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CarlFKtechman83: what is stopping you from using gst-switch?16:49
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CarlFKaps: can you add audiotestsrc ! voaacenc ! aacparse notes to the git issue?  (seems like a good idea)17:55
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apsCarlFK: ah, I remember now, that was about porting flumotion-ugly components.18:19
apsCarlFK: I had added something about this issue though - https://github.com/timvideos/gst-switch/issues/68#issuecomment-6773538718:19
tpbTitle: audio · Issue #68 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at github.com)18:19
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