Friday, 2014-12-19

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apsmithro: morning. I just attempted to merge flumotion-ugly components into ported flumotion repo. The top 2 commits here -
tpbTitle: Commits · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
apsmithro: I guess we need to modify the Makefiles as well?00:07
mithroaps: probably00:19
mithrowon't have any time today to doing anything really00:20
mithrotalk to everyone tomorrow00:20
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shenkimithro: ping02:21
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travis-cimithro/HDMI2USB#66 (cypress-wine-fixes - 57a4ba1 : Tim 'mithro' Ansell): The build passed.05:57
travis-ciChange view :^...57a4ba15a4af05:57
travis-ciBuild details :
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tija_Hi guys, sorry for my absence. Was busy with placements, then ACM ICPC and then took a vacation. If I have missed out on something important let me know.06:28
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mithrowb thiagoss08:27
mithrowb tija_08:27
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mithrowelp, time to go get on a plane08:41
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apshi timbiker. I'm around for a while so we can talk here17:03
timbikerI just see your email now, will try right away17:14
timbikerjust tried now the firewire capture with the latest pull from the porting-firewire branch17:18
timbikerbut it does not turn happy17:18
timbikershould I still manually comment out the kuuscheduler ?17:18
aps timbiker: I think I had done that. Please comment it out if it isn't already17:19
apstimbiker: is it sad or waking? any error messages?17:21
timbikerjust sent the error message I get from the capture worker by email to you17:23
timbikerstate is waking17:23
apstimbiker: please merge firewire branch in porting-to-gst1.0 and then run17:24
apstimbiker: I'm planning to merge them after kuscheduler is done17:25
timbikerwould you know by heart the command to do so17:25
timbikerI'm not really a git poweruser17:25
apsgit checkout porting-to-gst1.017:25
apsgit merge porting-firewire17:25
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timbikerindeed, now that works out of the box17:34
timbikerbtw, one thing I could not figure out is what is exactly that kuuscheduler, would you know ?17:35
apstimbiker: It can be added after a raw video source to schedule GstForceKeyUnit event, used to synchronize downstream elements, like encoders or fragmenters. - Not really sure what that means17:37
timbikerthat's indeed the furthest I could get :-)17:38
apstimbiker: I guess it's for adding video compression key frames17:41
timbikeraps: could be.17:41
timbikeraps: btw, you were going to check with mithro about merging the extra encoders... in the trunk17:42
apstimbiker: it is for that, actually. But, I don't fully understand how key frames work in encoding17:42
timbikerwell, in most current codecs17:42
timbikerthe encoder sends now and then a full image, called the key frame17:43
timbikerand then it also sends the differences between the previous and the new frame17:43
timbikerhowever usually the encoder will decide himself where to put the frames17:43
timbikerit could be that in case you encode multiple quality simultaneously you want to force all encoders to have synced hey frame to easily switch17:44
timbikerbetween quality while playing the stream live17:44
timbikerbut that's all I kind think o17:45
apssounds about right17:45
apstimbiker: I did talk with Tim. there's another branch "ugly-components" with extra encoders+muxers, will merge after he reviews it. (Makefiles need to be fixed yet)17:45
timbikerare they already ported to gst1.0 ? (if I want to try to use them already)17:46
apstimbiker: no, you can tell me which ones you need. I shall port them. It might be tough for me to test though, my laptop doesn't have a PCI slot for firewire card17:48
timbikerI guess to test you should be able to do it on the dummy video producer17:49
timbikerthe immediate ones I can think of are x264 and faac for encoders17:50
timbikershould be a proper muxer with it as well, but I don't see one that seems to match, weird17:52
apstimbiker: gst-flv-muxer works17:55
timbikerOk, Ill try this one, though normally flv is not fully compatible with h264 I believe17:57
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