Thursday, 2014-12-18

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mithroshenki: can you look at the root partition on underwood?00:35
mithroThe plugin df has a datasource (counter/gauge/etc) called _dev_mapper_space_root. This datasource just changed state from warn to critical.00:35
shenkimithro: what am i looking for?00:42
shenki  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x000f   113   099   006    Pre-fail  Always       -       5447186600:42
mithroshenki: figure out why its using 90% of the disk space?00:42
mithroshenki: df :)00:42
shenkiit's not failing, it;s just full?00:42
shenkiwell, it is actually at 98%. lets see why00:43
shenkihrm. a 4 gig file called test in /home/joel ;)00:44
shenkithat was back when we were benchmarking the disks00:44
shenkimithro: so was your monitoring not running before? because that file has been there for weeks00:44
mithroshenki: I think warn is 85%00:44
mithroit's been in the warn state for like ever00:45
shenkiyeah, coz of htat fiel00:45
shenkiit's down to 53%00:45
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apsmithro: morning. What was the distro when was on AWS - precise or trusty?01:05
mithroaps: use "lsb_release -a" to find out01:05
shenkicat /etc/issue01:06
mithroshenki: /etc/issue is user modifiable :)01:06
shenkiif you don't want to wait for python to load :)01:06
shenkimithro: true. and it doesnt give the codename01:06
shenkii wish it did the architecture01:06
shenkisave having to do file /bin/bash :)01:07
apsmithro: err.. I'm asking what *was* there on AWS. now it's trusty01:07
mithroaps: oh01:07
mithroshenki: isn't that what uname is for?01:08
shenkimithro: mostly. im not sure what it reports when you've got a 32bit userspace on a 64bit kernel, for instance?01:19
mithroshenki: good question - I would gets 64bit01:19
mithroshenki: but you'd be silly to do that ;)01:19
shenkinot that i come across such setups often :)01:19
shenkiyes :)01:19
shenkimithro: so, a very big pat on the back for the underwood install!01:20
shenkimithro: everything came back and just worked!01:20
shenkiinfact, it came back even better becuase we noticed that underwood was full01:20
mithroshenki: when setting it up, I did a couple of reboot tests to make sure everything came up after a reboot :)01:20
mithroshenki: things were already down, so doing a reboot is pretty low cost01:21
mithroshenki: did you get the hostedmunin messages when it came good?01:22
Joelw blerg01:23
JoelwOops, wrong window! :)01:23
shenkimithro: yeah, i did01:23
mithrohey other joel :)01:24
apsmithro: so, we need a wsgi file in the repo for gunicorn to run01:29
Joelwmithro: Hi!01:36
apsmithro: weird things happening. gunicorn logs say01:47
tpbTitle: Pastebin: chpXwpSw | IRCCloud (at
apsbut telnet doesn't connect on 800001:47
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JoelwAny firewall?01:57
apsJoelw: no02:06
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mithroaps: there is probably a firewall03:59
mithroaps: okay - fixed the firewall04:01
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techman83mithro, ping05:06
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mithrotechman83: pong?06:03
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techman83mithro, I think I may have answered it, I was curious about gst-switch06:07
techman83I have acquired some spare time06:07
techman83So I'm spending time cleaning up EventStreamr06:07
techman83and wanted to make it so flicking between DVswitch + gst-switch as simple as a config change06:08
techman83I've read up the doco now and it looks like they kind of operate the exact opposite of each other06:09
techman83Which is ok, I'm just hurting my brain coming up with a sane design that is flexible enough to handle that06:10
mithrotechman83: opposite of each other?06:44
mithrotechman83: does this mean you'll make it to LCA?06:44
techman83mithro, DVswitch UI is the server and all the processes connect to it, where as gst-switch UI connects to the gst-switch-srv06:45
techman83I realised I was looking at it wrong06:45
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mithrotechman83: gst-switch works pretty similar to dvswitch, the UI is just a seperate process from the server06:46
techman83I'll work on getting the individual components working, then further up the chain, work on tying them together06:46
techman83Oh yeah, it was more a momentary brain fart on my part06:46
mithrotechman83: so - when are you rewriting eventstreamr in Python? :P06:47
techman83as for LCA, I don't really have the funds or Annual leave06:48
techman83funds to get there that is06:48
CarlFKim trying to add audio to the test stream.  I don't really know how to mux it.    anyone up for figuring this out?06:48
CarlFKgst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc name=aud videotestsrc pattern=18 is-live=1 ! video/x-raw, width=300, height=200 ! multipartmux aud. ! gdppay ! tcpclientsink port=300006:48
CarlFKERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstVideoTestSrc:videotestsrc0: Internal data flow error.06:48
mithroCarlFK: you don't mux it06:48
mithroYou use two different gst-launch commands06:49
CarlFKoh right06:49
CarlFKI am used to dv06:49
mithroas the input?06:49
CarlFKlike the dv streams have both video and audio, so I was trying to make that06:50
CarlFKbut right, audio goes to a different port06:50
mithrorohitksingh: ping?06:50
rohitksinghmithro: pong! eating breakfast btw :)06:51
rohitksinghand good morning!06:51
mithrorohitksingh: yay about the visa!06:51
rohitksinghmithro: Really! I myself wasn't expecting it so early!06:52
mithrorohitksingh / hyades_ / tija: It's weird how all your applications were very similar but happened totally differently06:52
rohitksinghmithro: yeah :-|06:53
mithroGovernments :(06:53
rohitksingh:P :)06:53
mithrorohitksingh: so, you've got some VGA capture boards to construct :P06:55
rohitksinghmithro: will be doing, that i'm free...06:55
mithrorohitksingh: awesome!06:56
mithrorohitksingh: you should be sure to pack your Atlys board too07:06
rohitksinghmithro: Yeah! I'll be packing Atlys, 1-2 other FPGA boards, BeagleBoneBlack and the VGA boards07:07
mithroCarlFK: from Saturday I'll be working on TimVideos stuff "full time" (on holidays :) until LCA07:09
mithroCarlFK: so will knock out those gst-switch issues you keep creating07:14
CarlFKmithro: yay07:14
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apsmithro: bah.. it was the firewall.. I had seen "iptables -L" and it looked ok to me :/08:51
apsmithro: site's up now. maybe some other stuff still needs work08:52
techman83gah, what the heck happened to ffmpeg whilst I've been busy with life lol08:52
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apsmithro: I need to put switter API keys.. you have 'em?08:57
mithroaps: that is a good question09:02
mithrotechman83: avcon09:02
techman83mithro, thanks!09:02
techman83just needed to convert something quickly and was like WTF09:03
mithrotechman83: if you can get annual leave, I'm sure we can find a way to get you the funds needed09:08
techman83mithro,  No worries. I'll discuss it with my wife and then my boss. I'd made a lot of plans around not going. But things have changed a bit at work, so I may have time.09:09
mithrotechman83: if you can get to the sprints too, that would be super awesome09:10
mithrotechman83: Ryan (xfxf) doesn't quite understand eventstreamr yet09:10
techman83mithro, I may be able to get there at least towards the end09:11
techman83mithro, To be fair, while it worked really well. Configuring it without knowing how it worked was tricky09:11
techman83mithro, I want to fix that, because it's a big barrier for anyone who isn't a plug member running it09:12
techman83damnit, dvswitch segfaults09:24
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f15hhi mitro - this is Georg from Austria - are you awake11:29
f15hI am preparing the export documents for the VideoBrick-Prototype and might need your Telephone number for customs11:31
f15hif possible please send it to me per email - thanks11:32
apsmithro: ^11:42
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mithroshenki: ping?14:13
f15hhi mithro14:59
mithrohi f15h!15:30
mithrof15h: I'm not normally up this late, but I have last minute things to finish before going on leave for Xmas15:31
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