Wednesday, 2014-12-17

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apsmithro: seems down. Is this a DNS issue? Where is the website hosted currently - AWS or Rackspace?06:18
mithroaps: TL;DR - I discovered that I had been paying Amazon $200 USD a month because I forgot to switch of some servers06:19
mithroIn my rush to turn things off, I accidently terminated the www server too :(06:19
mithroI haven't had time to rebuild it06:19
mithroaps: if you had time to rebuild it on rackspace - that would be *super* useful06:19
apssure06:19 should still be up06:20
mithroaps: give me 5 minutes and I'll get you a machine under the rackspace account to get things working on06:20
apsmithro: cool06:20
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shenkimithro: morning21:45
shenkimithro: did we lose the updated ns1.mithis when we recovered from the crash?21:45
shenkiit appears so21:55
shenkimithro: when you get up, i want to reboot all of the machines21:56
tpbTitle: oss-sec: Linux kernel: multiple x86_64 vulnerabilities (at
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mithroshenki: I'm happy to leave it in your hands23:32
shenkimithro: yeah. i just wanted you to be online in case i broke something and didn't kno how to fix it :)23:33
shenkiunderwood is back23:37
shenkivms starting23:37
shenkihopper back23:37
shenkiroger back23:38
shenkins back23:38
shenkidns is working, apache is working23:39

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