Monday, 2014-12-15

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mithroCarlFK: ping?01:48
CarlFKmithro: pong01:48
mithroCarlFK: so - the thing you made in glade wasn't what I was expecting you to make :P01:49
CarlFKwell.. can it be used like I was expecting ?01:51
mithroCarlFK: yes - I was expecting you to do the whole UI01:56
CarlFKmithro: I think it will be fine if it is a separate widow/process from gst-switch-ui01:58
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CarlFKmithro: I reworked and was wondering why from gstswitch.server import Server; serv = Server(path=args.path)  requires the path parameter?03:27
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mithronot sure, hyades would be the person to ask03:28
mithroCarlFK: my guess is "where to find gst-switch if not found in $PATH"03:33
hyadesCarlFK: it will kickstart the gst-switch-srv, so it should know the path of the executable. But it can be improved as mithro said to search the $PATH first03:37
mithroshenki: ping?03:37
shenkimithro: pong03:37
CarlFKhyades any reason to have it at all?  it seems very odd not to just use $PATH03:40
CarlFKI'm not sure, so if you want to leave it in but make it optional, that seems ok03:41
hyadesCarlFK: yea sure optional makes more sense03:43
CarlFKhyades should I open an issue about that?05:13
mithroCarlFK: please do05:27
mithroshenki: did you see that we have "official" USB IDs now?05:35
shenkimithro: didn't see. that's cool. who donated them?05:36
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hyadesCarlFK: will be putting in a PR soon06:57
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shenkimithro: cool09:20
shenkimithro: i want to make a hdmi input board for the novena09:20
shenkimithro: and try to get it manuf'd by lca09:20
shenkimithro: i realise im struggling to get the things i need done by then, but if we don't set lofty goals, we'll never meet them :D09:21
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hyadesCarlFK: For server you can do serv.kill() or serv.terminate()11:33
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mithroshenki: there isn't any time to manufacture it13:19
shenkimithro: mmm13:21
mithroshenki: it'll be atleast a week turn around13:21
mithroshenki: there is a bunch of public holidays in there too13:21
mithroshenki: do you think the Novena will actually turn up?13:25
shenkimithro: before lca? chances are slim13:25
mithroso it seems little point to do a board for it? :P13:26
shenkimithro: i was speaking with aj, and he suggested we could get some brought from portland13:26
shenkimithro: the boards are shipped from portland13:26
shenkimithro: and there are lcaers coming from portland13:26
mithroshenki: lets concentrate on getting the current firmware full FOSS13:29
mithroshenki: then we have have time we can play with the Zybo and looking at getting something working with the novena13:30
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mithrohyades / shenki / CarlFK: did you get the packing list email?13:55
shenkimithro: yes13:55
mithrookay great13:55
hyadesmithro: where is the "list" ??13:57
mithrohyades: you should have gotten an email labelled "[timvideos-events] Packing list"13:58
mithrohyades: check you spam folder?13:58
hyadesyes got it13:58
mithroit's linked on that email, right?13:58
mithrooh wait13:59
mithrohelps if I include the link....13:59
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CarlFKmithro: yeah, I was wondering where the list was too ;)14:34
CarlFKmithro: what sort of power is in NZ?14:35
mithroaustralian I think?14:35
CarlFKyep.  "used in Australia, New Zealand, ...  two flat current-carrying pins forming an upside down V-shape."15:03
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CarlFKI have about 10 adapters I can bring.15:04
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