Sunday, 2014-12-14

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mithrowe now have real USB IDs for the HDMI2USB project! ->
tpbTitle: USB Product IDs - Openmoko (at
tpbTitle: USB IDs · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
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kharekartikhyades: How do I connect gst-switch-ui to the python api?09:37
hyadeskharekartik: this might help you
tpbTitle: gst-switch/ at master · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
hyadesrun the ui just after you run the srv09:40
kharekartikI ran the server, then created a testsource, then ran the preview and after that I ran the ui through terminal09:41
kharekartikwhat am I doing wrong?09:41
CarlFKkharekartik: sounds correct to me.  what makes you think you did something wrong?09:45
kharekartikBecause there is nothing visible in the UI.09:46
kharekartikHere's my script:09:54
tpbTitle: Gst-Files/run-demo at master · KKcorps/Gst-Files · GitHub (at
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kharekartikPlease help me out10:21
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hyadeskharekartik: possibly your PATH might be wrong10:28
kharekartikChecked it out, all executables are there10:29
hyadesin /usr/bin?10:29
kharekartikDid you take a look at the script?10:30
kharekartikyes gst-launch was there only10:30
kharekartikalthough I had to copy switch-srv and switch-ui10:30
hyadesgst-switch-srv and gst-switch-ui should be in there10:30
kharekartikbut how, they are inside the gst-switch repo which I cloned. Are they supposed to be installed by gstreamer?10:32
hyadesyou can add the tools directory to your PATH variable instead10:33
kharekartikafter cloning the repo, I ran and pip install -r requirements.txt .Am I supposed to do anything else.10:34
kharekartikI'll try that now10:35
hyadeskharekartik: sudo find / -name gst-switch-srv10:39
kharekartik  home/kkcorps/Downloads/gst-switch-master/tools/gst-switch-srv10:49
kharekartikThis was the output10:50
kharekartikbut changing path to tools dir raises path error exception saying gst-switch-srv not found10:55
kharekartikfixed that10:59
kharekartikI didn't insert '/' after tools10:59
kharekartikworking perfectly now11:01
kharekartikThanks a lot sir.11:01
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tpbTitle: Gst-Files/ at master · KKcorps/Gst-Files · GitHub (at
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