Monday, 2014-12-08

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mithrowe should put up some debug instructions somewhere....00:19
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CarlFKmithro: re bug report I just submitted - I'll try to repo it in about an hour.02:48
mithroCarlFK: okay02:54
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mithroshenki: ping?03:21
shenkimithro: pong03:22
hyadesmithro: even I've put in a bug report04:30
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kharekartikHi guys,04:46
kharekartikI have been taking a look on gst-switch repo on github and been working on updating to using the python API.So can you give me any advice on what to keep in mind before coding it.Also, I am a potential GSoc student and would like to know if I should continue working on gst-switch or should change to streaming system?04:48
hyadeskharekartik: hi04:59
kharekartikHi hyades05:01
kharekartikare you a full-time developer?05:02
hyadeskharekartik: No. But I can help you with get switch05:06
kharekartikThanks, man.So is t fine here or should I contact you somewhere else05:07
hyadeskharekartik: this is the best place!05:10
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kharekartikHi hyades,05:29
kharekartiksorry my network was down for a while05:30
kharekartikso I would like your opinion should I continue working on gst-switch or not.There are 2-3 open projects on it but all are categorised as challenging.05:31
hyadesmithro can help you choose a project. you can probably play around with gst-switch first05:47
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mithroCarlFK: ping?06:20
CarlFKmithro: pong.. kinda - trying to make a late dinner06:21
kharekartikmithro: Hi, I took a look at the issues.Howerver, all but 4 have been opened up a year or two ago.So how do I get to know any updates on them?Also, are there any beginner or medium level gst-switch projects not listed.06:24
mithrosee private message CarlFK06:24
mithrokharekartik: sorry, currently busy, will be back later tonight06:25
kharekartikSir, just inform me the time you'll be free.06:35
kharekartikI'll make sure I am onl9 at that time.06:35
CarlFKkharekartik: guessing about 2 or 3 hours06:56
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kharekartikHi @mithro20:04
kharekartikAnyone here?20:09
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CarlFKkharekartik: I am kinda here20:22
kharekartikmithro: Hi tim.I have posted in the tim videos google group.Please take a look.20:22
kharekartikHi sir, I was planning to work on gst-switch but Tim suggested that it already has many expert contributors.So should I keep exploring it only or start working on streaming system?20:25
CarlFKgst-switch is more important20:38
CarlFKhow well do you know python?20:39
kharekartikquite well.I was getting familiar with gstreamer python-api20:43
kharekartikBut from the development point of view I am still a beginner.I use python for scripting purposes mostly.20:44
kharekartikIs it possible that I'll be able to implement a project on that considering I have no expereince with gstreamer.20:46
kharekartikAlso I shouldn't post it here but most of the resources I have found on python-api were not that great.So it would be great if you can suggest me if any.Thanks a lot in advance.20:47
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