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mithroCarlFK: draw up a diagram of how you think the UI should look01:59
CarlFKmithro:  all things equal, (which I am sure they are not) I would say make the same UI as dvswitch just becuase it is what we are used to02:02
CarlFKgiven that may be harder than something simpler ... whatever is simplest is a good start02:03
CarlFKif it is easy enough to use wxpython or something like that, I would prefer that over having it baked into the gst-swtich-ui02:04
mithroCarlFK: if you want to start a gst-switch-ui in wx, you're welcome too - the API should give you a pretty good start and the gstreamer side is pretty easy. I don't think we have the time  to start that bit from scratch02:08
mithrousing wxPython would also increase the dependency load02:09
mithroCarlFK: but if you did up an example UI in glade, we could probably port to using that02:09
CarlFKwhy is dependency load and issue?02:09
tpbTitle: Glade - A User Interface Designer (at
mithroCarlFK: not a huge problem, just adds another thing which needs to be tracked, checked for compatibility, etc02:11
mithroCarlFK: a glade UI would also mean that it could be reused if we did end up switching the client to python02:11
CarlFKk.  I think it would be worth it so people can hack it.  but more important is to get something now cuz even testing is pretty frustrating02:12
CarlFKmithro: can you just drop a bunch of buttons on the current UI, one for each key?  (and maybe 1 for each mode that Tab cycles across)02:13
mithroCarlFK: frustrating in what way?02:13
CarlFKI look at the UI and I can't remember what my choices are.  so I look at the docs, see something I guess I want, come back to the UI, do it. and can't remember anything else.02:15
CarlFKit might help if I had real content or something, but as is I have no idea what I am doing02:15
mithroreal content?02:15
CarlFKtest images vs.  a camera pointed at a person giving a talk + projector feed.02:16
CarlFKI have labeled the inputs S1, S2, S3... so I can kinda tell "S2 is the current thumb"  but have no idea how to turn it off.  I am hoping a button with a label and a tool tip might help02:18
mithroCarlFK: if you have time to do an example up in glade, I'll get it into the gst-switch-ui02:19
mithroCarlFK: Feel free to add stuff like the "filename display" box too02:21
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CarlFKmithro: why is the default --record extension .dat ?02:32
mithroCarlFK: probably because we didn't know what to use02:32
mithroCarlFK: btw - regarding hackability, I'm unsure if more people have Python or C experience in this area (certainly seems to be a lot of perl :()02:46
CarlFKI would think the Cers can figure out the Python.  I was never able to figure out the stuff in DVswitch02:55
mithrowho is Cers?02:55
CarlFKC programmers02:55
mithroCarlFK: ha, I thought that was a IRC nick :)02:55
mithroCarlFK: the other advantage of C is that it means the server and UI share quite a bit of code02:55
CarlFKcan a 2nd UI client be connected to the server ?02:56
mithroCarlFK: see the issue I just logged02:57
tpbTitle: Test multiple gst-switch-uis connected to a single gst-switch-server · Issue #53 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: pretty much all Cprogs know Python but they almost always prefer to use C :)03:00
mithroshenki: isn't that right?03:00
tpbTitle: UI buttons · Issue #46 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at
CarlFK9p, need to run down the street and get some chicken for dinner.  bb in 20 min03:07
mithroCarlFK: no worries, I should get back to work shortly03:07
shenkimithro: it depends. if you're of rusty's generation, yes03:25
shenkimithro: but yeah, thinking about it, you're right in general too03:25
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apsmithro : Do you think it makes sense to add the flumotiom-ugly plugins directly in the trunk, rather than keeping them separated as they are today?12:24
mithroaps: possibly12:25
mithroaps: you want to do it by merging repos though12:25
mithronot just copy+commit12:25
mithroaps: I can walk you through it if you want12:28
apsmithro: sure, if you're not sleepy12:28
mithroaps: well, I didn't mean right now :P12:29
apsmithro: I'll ask you if I'm not able to figure it out12:30
mithroaps: but the first thing you want to do is to take the flumotion-ugly repo and restructure it so it only contains the files which should exist after the merge do12:30
mithroaps: and they are all in the places they should be after the merge12:30
mithroaps: then you go to the flumotion repo, add a git remote for the flumotion-ugly repo12:30
mithroaps: do a git fetch and then a git merge12:31
mithroaps: git merge might complain about no common ancestry, but should still work12:31
apsgot it12:32
mithroso yeah the steps are, a) prepare flumotion-ugly by deleting/restructure/etc, b) add flumotion-ugly as remote in the flumotion repo, c) fetch and merge12:32
mithrothen d) make changes needed to finalize the merge12:33
apsmithro/CarlFK : any idea what is the use of key units scheduler?14:14
CarlFKaps: whats that?14:15
mithroaps: I understand each word you saying, but not the sentence :P14:15
tpbTitle: flumotion/flumotion/component/effects/kuscheduler at master · timvideos/flumotion · GitHub (at
apssorry, didn't say clearly14:15
apsit's an effect in flumotion14:15
apsapplied on both audio and video in firewire component14:16
mithro    I can be added after a raw video source to schedule GstForceKeyUnit14:16
mithro    event, used to synchronize downstream elements, like encoders or14:16
mithro    fragmenters.14:16
apslike you said, I understood the words but not what it does. Is it required now? (I don't completely understand what all became obsolete in gst1.0)14:18
CarlFKmy guess is it has not been made obsolete by gs1.014:21
CarlFKit sounds like something that needs configuration manged by the user running flumotion.  assuming the user has the problem is solves.14:23
mithroSo, I'd ask thaytan or other gstreamer developers about what a GstForceKeyUnit event might be14:34
apsFirewire should be working now, except the kuscheduler effect. looks a bit complicated to fix15:01
mithrowhat is broken about it15:02
apsmithro: enabling kuscheduler effect gives "Stream in wrong format" and "format was not negotiated"15:05
apsI think it is related to Caps event not being sent properly15:05
apsleaving for home now. Will hopefully fix this over the weekend.15:15
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CarlFKanyone know anything about glade UI builder?    I  can't figure out how to add a button to a tool bar20:11
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