Thursday, 2014-12-04

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mithroCarlFK: Ignore my master branch00:55
CarlFKmithro: oh, I got the two mixed up.  never mind.01:30
CarlFKI got tangled up trying to update my fork01:32
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CarlFKmithro: when I hit r, where should I see the file name?02:45
CarlFKhey look, dvsmon is running all the gst-switch stuff02:48
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CarlFKhey aps04:22
apsmithro/CarlFK : Do you think it makes sense to add the flumotiom-ugly plugins directly in the trunk, rather than keeping them separated as they are today?04:24
CarlFKI have no idea.  hey, we (who?) should tell the flumotion list about the port to gstreamer 1.004:25
CarlFKI have no idea if anyone will care, but it's easy enough to do.04:26
apsCarlFK: I think Tim had already done that.04:27
apsBut I would say flumotion still needs work04:27
apsI am going to fix the firewire component tomorrow (forgot the equipment at home today) and then you can test it :)04:29
CarlFKhmm.. I thought I was on the flumotion dev list, and would have seen it04:29
apsCarlFK: you're right. No official post has been made, but it came up during a discussion here -
tpbTitle: The flumotion-devel September 2014 Archive by thread (at
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CarlFKTab   Change a mode of A/B compositing, stroking it repeatly will cycle within modes  and off.18:09
CarlFKthat seems pretty much un-useable18:10
CarlFKit's interesting to demo the modes, but I can't see using it in production18:10
CarlFKI think the UI needs buttons for all this stuff.  keyboard shortcuts are good, but I don't see anyone being able to learn them.18:12
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kharekartikHi Sir,19:44
kharekartikThis is Kartik Khare here, a potential GSoC participant19:45
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