Tuesday, 2014-12-02

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shenkimithro: http://dnsviz.net/d/jms.id.au/dnssec/01:10
tpbTitle: jms.id.au | DNSViz (at dnsviz.net)01:10
shenkimithro: is the red due to .au being officially signed now, but not .id.au?01:11
mithroshenki: is looks like they have screwed up their signing of id.au from what I can tell01:51
shenkimithro: ok02:08
shenkimithro: is your adsl broken again?02:08
mithroshenki: internode technician came to check the line02:08
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apsmithro: I think I found the reason for errors in effects04:58
mithroaps: oh?04:59
tpbTitle: flumotion/videorate.py at master · Flumotion/flumotion · GitHub (at github.com)04:59
apsmithro: this eventfunc is being set in Flumotion's repo but not in Timvideos repo05:00
apsmithro: it comes from this commit - https://github.com/Flumotion/flumotion/commit/0a3ecad10950f753fa2d9ae13963b27642497c8405:01
tpbTitle: Restart video and audio rate elements when we receive a reset event · 0a3ecad · Flumotion/flumotion · GitHub (at github.com)05:01
mithroIn just heading out. Well be back in 45 minutes05:09
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