Wednesday, 2014-11-26

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cfeltonmithro: pong04:30
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apsmithro: if you remember, a person named Timothe Jahan (nick: timbiker) had contacted me regarding using firewire with flumotion.07:15
apsmithro: He and I both are quite concerned about the future of the project IE are there better options out there that would lead us to ditch the flumotion project? What do you think?07:15
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apsCarlFK: around?17:25
CarlFKaps: here17:25
apsCarlFK: so I just got my hands on a laptop with PCI slot and trying to test FireWire with flumotion. Could you please quickly give me the order of components to be connected?17:27
CarlFKum.. it depends...17:28
CarlFKlike is the right hotplug module loaded, or do you need to plug the card in before you boot the kernel17:29
CarlFKand does your user have the needed access to /dev/fw017:29
apsHmm..that's what I was wondering. I think I need to reboot17:30
apsCarlFK: how to check if PCI card is detected at all?17:34
CarlFK44:06.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE 1394 Controller (rev 06)17:34
apsOkay. That shows firewire17:35
apsRev 0117:35
CarlFKmailing list [email protected]
tpbTitle: Linux1394-user Info Page (at
CarlFKyou might want to join that.17:37
CarlFKalso dvgrab is what I use to figure out if things are working or not17:38
CarlFK"waiting for camera" = not working.17:38
apsOkay. Dvgrab just saved a file17:39
apsIs there a way to view input constantly?17:39
CarlFKkino maybe17:40
CarlFKmaybe dvgrab | ffplay17:40
CarlFKgstreamer .. something17:41
CarlFKknowing how to get gstreamer to do it will prolly help me when gst-switch gets going17:42
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apsCarlFK: what really is the use of twinpact? I can directly feed the video from camera to FireWire to PC.18:35
CarlFKnot camera, vga18:35
CarlFKthe twinpact and the camera both use firewire to talk to the pc18:36
apsAh ok18:36
tpbTitle: component interaction (at
CarlFKpresenters laptop -> twinpact -> projector (or vga monitor for testing)18:37
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mithroaps: flumotion is on its last legs, but until we have a better replacement we still need to use it22:08
mithroaps: I was hoping that maybe you would be interested in starting a flumotion replacement next year in GSoC22:08
CarlFKneat thing I found reading gs docs: gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc pattern=zone-plate kx2=20 ky2=20 kt=1 ! ximagesink22:28
CarlFKkt=100 to speed it up.22:29
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mithroCarlFK: did you take a look at the pull requests I sent?23:33
mithroCarlFK: what's a zone-plate?23:34
CarlFKmithro: don't recall any PRs  - where can I see them?23:35
CarlFKzone-plate -
tpbTitle: gstreamer/gst-plugins-base - 'Base' GStreamer plugins and helper libraries (at
CarlFK * The Zone Plate pattern is based on BBC R&D Report 1978/23, and can ...23:37
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