Wednesday, 2014-11-19

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mithrohyades-: please keep pestering me about the via stuff05:56
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mithrotija_: ping?06:57
tija_mithro: pong06:57
mithrotija_: couple of things06:58
mithrotija_: were are you at with the VISA / coming to the hack fest?06:58
tija_mithro: NZ embassy has an agency for visa processing. I will meet them this week.07:02
mithrotija_: hyades has forwarded me some paper work to fill out07:02
mithrotija_: do you need that too?07:02
tija_about sponsorship right?07:03
mithroI haven't looked at it closely at the moment - but I think so07:03
tija_Yes all of us from India will be needing that07:03
mithrotija_: well, you should probably have that before the meeting?07:05
mithroaps: ping?07:06
tija_mithro: I was meeting to ask for the process details.07:07
mithrotija_: okay - make sure you don't mention "Going to do work" - you're going to participate in a conference + sprint07:08
apsmithro: here07:08
hyadestija_: there's no meeting required. Everything can happen over post07:11
tija_hyades: It is nearby so I thought I will go and get details of the procedure.07:13
hyadeswhere you're in?07:14
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rnikhil275Niharika : I couldnt set it up. I am reinstalling it now.08:01
rnikhil275Did you set it up on 14.04 ?08:05
Niharikarnikhil275: No, it was 12. something.08:06
NiharikaI think. Let me recheck.08:06
NiharikaI'm at a conference today and for a few coming days, so might not be able to help you much till weekend.08:06
rnikhil275Oh. Okay. mithro was telling something about it not being tested on 14.0408:06
Niharikamithro: Yeah, maybe that is the issue. I used a VM.08:07
NiharikaSorry. rni08:07
Niharikarnikhil275: *08:07
rnikhil275What version of ubuntu were you using that time ?08:07
Niharikarnikhil275: I was using Windows. And I got Ubuntu on VM.08:09
rnikhil275Version number ?08:09
NiharikaWindows or Ubuntu?08:10
rnikhil275Okay. Thanks08:10
NiharikaNo problem.08:11
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mithrornikhil275: hey08:34
rnikhil275Hey. Whats up with the error ?. Any ideas ?08:36
mithrornikhil275: can you try running "make distclean && make serve" and paste the output?08:36
rnikhil275Actually. I deleted the folder.Wanted to reinstall. Anyway. If I stumble onto something will ping you08:37
mithrornikhil275: okay - a fresh clone and then output the result of "make serve" would be useful08:39
rnikhil275Sure. Will do08:57
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