Monday, 2014-11-17

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mithrornikhil275: if the problem is, it's likely having trouble generating a schedule for you04:02
rnikhil275mithro : I don't think the error is
rnikhil275Here is the exact error :
tpbTitle: NoReverseMatch at / Reverse for 'switter_tweets' with arguments '()' and keywor - (at
mithrornikhil275: first, what operating system are you using?04:18
rnikhil275Windows 8.1. Virtual Box- ubuntu04:18
rnikhil275Any reason they might be related ?04:18
mithrowhat version of Ubuntu?04:21
rnikhil275Beneath that error. This also is there.
tpbTitle: Error during template rendering In template /home/rnikhil275/streaming-system - (at
rnikhil275Another error04:29
mithrookay, the streaming system has only been tested on 12.0404:32
mithroI've yet to have any chance to test on 14.0404:32
rnikhil275I will try re-installing. If that fails, I have to downgrade ?04:34
mithroI'm unsure is Niharika got it working on 14.0404:36
mithrornikhil275: did you create website/private/ based on website/private/ ?04:38
rnikhil275As mentioned in the git readme04:40
mithrornikhil275: and how did you run the server?04:41
rnikhil275activate virtual env. Then "make serve". There is a makefile inside the website directory04:44
mithrornikhil275: you shouldn't activate the virtualenv - the Makefile should do that for you as part of the "make serve" command.04:50
rnikhil275I noticed it now04:50
rnikhil275And I tried without activating it also04:50
mithrornikhil275: can post a complete log of everything from the start of "make serve"?04:50
rnikhil275Okay. Give me a minute04:52
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ make serve . bin/activate && pi - (at
rnikhil275mithro : Everything after make serve04:58
mithrornikhil275: why are you running "make serve . bin/activate" rather than just "make serve" ?04:58
rnikhil275I am not running that04:58
rnikhil275I am running only make serve04:58
rnikhil275It's the first line in my makefile04:59
mithrornikhil275: I'm going to look at this in a ASAP - but it might be 15-20 minutes (have to respond to some work email). While you wait do you want to introduce yourself? Who are you? (and where are you?) Why are you interested in the streaming system? What are you ultimately trying to do / achieve?05:08
rnikhil275Sure. I am Nikhil. R from India. An Economics + Manufacturing engineering student in BITS Pilani. I am interested in electronics ( computers mainly) in general. The first thing that caught my fancy was networking. I have been doing some projects on the same for some time now. After hearing a lot of friends contributing and all that, I decided to ta05:15
rnikhil275ke a look at FOSS. Wanted to start somewhere. A friends suggested the GSoc's organization list. In tags I entered network. I randomly chose the last on the list. Found it interesting. Wanted to check it out. Hence my interest in the streaming system05:15
rnikhil275I am interested in the tools you use here.. Want to know how they work.05:17
rnikhil275here implies streaming system.05:17
rnikhil275I am interested in scripting also.05:18
rnikhil275I hope this is enough info about me. :)05:18
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rnikhil275mithro : ?06:55
mithrosorry, got called into a meeting06:55
mithrowill be back in an hour or two06:56
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rnikhil275mithro : Should I re-install ?11:28
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