Sunday, 2014-11-16

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rnikhil275Niharika: Did you check the last error I posted ?06:49
Niharikarnikhil275: Nope. Wait a moment.06:51
rnikhil275Yesterday night06:51
Niharikarnikhil275: I have no idea about the error. I never got it when I installed the streaming system myself. It seems to be arising from your local python library in the website directory.07:00
Niharikarnikhil275: Could you find the erroneous line and paste it here?07:00
rnikhil275line 424 ?07:00
tpbTitle: if self.asvar is None: # Re-raise the original exceptio - (at
rnikhil275Should I re-insall the whole package ?07:06
Niharikarnikhil275: I´m not sure what is causing the error. It seems the url expects a parameter. Let´s wait a bit for mithro to reply.07:09
rnikhil275I want to get it up and running as soon as possible.07:20
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rnikhil275mithro : Any idea of what might be causing the error ?10:00
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