Saturday, 2014-11-15

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rnikhil275How to run the make serve command for the first time ?. Syntax please ?05:36
rnikhil275Ah. Sorry. I got it. Sorry for asking prematurely05:47
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rnikhil275Error while running make serve:
tpbTitle: Command /usr/bin/git clone -q git:// / - (at
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rnikhil275Niharika: I thought my port 22 was closed. It's open. What is wrong ?08:33
rnikhil275I also tried "sudo ufw allow 22/tcp"08:34
Niharikarnikhil275: You're talking about this?
tpbTitle: Command /usr/bin/git clone -q git:// / - (at
mithroafternoon people08:36
NiharikaHi mithro.08:37
rnikhil275Yes. But now it got solved magically. I ran "make serve" again. Now it cannot find django.core.management08:38
rnikhil275I installed django using pip08:38
rnikhil275I think I shoudl edit the file to direct it to the virtualenc08:39
rnikhil275What should I do ?08:39
NiharikaCan you paste the exact error, rnikhil275?08:40
rnikhil275The entire thing after the make serve command:
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ make serve . bin/activate && pi - (at
rnikhil275aps: Please have a look at it
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ make serve . bin/activate && pi - (at
Niharikarnikhil275: I'll Be right back.08:58
Niharikarnikhil275: Which version of django do you have installed?09:15
Niharikarnikhil275: Activate the virtualenv, do a "pip freeze -l". What version of django do you see listed there? Or you don't see django at all?09:17
rnikhil275pip freeze-| results in nothing09:22
rnikhil275I am in the virtualenv09:22
Niharikarnikhil275: Did you activate the virtualenv?09:23
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Niharikapip freeze -l09:23
NiharikaIt's a small L.09:23
rnikhil275Oh. Okay. It says ex-setup==0.909:25
rnikhil275No django09:25
NiharikaOkay, so you need to install django withing virtualenv.09:25
NiharikaInstall django version 1.5 using pip now.09:25
rnikhil275So. Now I try "pip install django" ?09:25
rnikhil275From where should I run the make serve ?09:25
Niharikapip install django==1.509:26
rnikhil275I did that09:26
rnikhil275It's downloading09:26
NiharikaYou can run make serve from the /website directory once you have django.09:26
rnikhil275Oh. No need to be inside the virtualenv ?09:27
NiharikaYou have to be inside virtualenv.09:27
rnikhil275Okay. I ran make serve outside virtualenv. How to undo all that ?09:28
NiharikaDon't worry about it. Once you run make serve inside virtualenv, it will fetch and install all dependencies inside virtualenv. Then it should run fine, if all goes well.09:29
rnikhil275Okay. Thanks.09:29
rnikhil2751.5 should be in quotes I think.09:30
tpbTitle: Download | Django (at
tpbTitle: (website)[email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ pip install django==1.5 - (at
rnikhil275Actually. I don't know.09:32
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NiharikaThat's strange.09:33
rnikhil275The error is not related I think09:33
NiharikaYeah, it did start the download when you tried without quotes, but timed out.09:33
NiharikaIt seems that your connection dropped for a moment, perhaps.09:33
rnikhil275Yeah. Probably.09:36
rnikhil275Niharika : What now ?
tpbTitle: (website)[email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ pip install django=="1. - (at
NiharikaHmm...Looks like a faulty package. I'd ask you to re-download it.09:51
rnikhil275I have a test now @1530. Will be back at 1630.  Re-downloading now09:52
Niharikarnikhil275: Alright. I might be off for a bit. Catch you around 1730.09:53
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rnikhil275ImportError: No module named django_testing_fixes11:24
rnikhil275I did "git clone [email protected]:mithro/django-testing-fixes.git" also11:25
rnikhil275Inside the virtualenv. How to proceed ?11:25
rnikhil275aps: Any idea ?11:29
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Niharikarnikhil275: Did it work?12:34
mithrornikhil275: I'd like to help you get going - but I'm busy at the moment - I'll probably be around monday.12:34
mithrohopefully others will be able to help12:35
rnikhil275Niharika: No12:35
rnikhil275I posted the error before you joined12:36
rnikhil275Check the log once12:36
* Niharika checks12:36
Niharikarnikhil275: Do you see django_testing_fixes listed when you do pip freeze -l ?12:37
NiharikaThen it didn't install.12:38
NiharikaWhat was the error/message when you did git clone [email protected]:mithro/django-testing-fixes.git ?12:38
tpbTitle: (website)[email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ pip freeze -l Django== - (at
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rnikhil275This is all:
tpbTitle: (website)[email protected]:~/streaming-system/website$ git clone [email protected] - (at
rnikhil275gitclone and make serve12:40
NiharikaHmm...I'm not sure. It's downloading, apparently.12:42
NiharikaBut not installing maybe.12:42
rnikhil275So how to fix it ?12:42
NiharikaDo you see a django_testing_fixes folder in the website directory?12:44
rnikhil275Yeah. I tried to run the setup.py12:44
rnikhil275What commands should I suppy ?12:44
NiharikaAre there any explicitly needed?12:45
rnikhil275python install installed it I think. Because now when I run "make serve" its: ImportError: No module named django_extensions12:46
Niharikawhat does pip freeze -l show you?12:47
NiharikaNo django-extensions there either.12:47
rnikhil275I installed django-extensions now12:47
Niharika These are all the modules it needs.12:48
tpbTitle: streaming-system/requirements.txt at master · Niharika29/streaming-system · GitHub (at
NiharikaAnd it'll give you an error till each of them is installed.12:48
rnikhil275I installed everything12:48
rnikhil275It worked now12:48
NiharikaNo error now?12:48
NiharikaYou can navigate to localhost and see the website working.12:49
rnikhil275Why arent all the dependicies already included in the package ?12:49
NiharikaBecause they keep updating, and we want the user to have the latest one. The "make serve" is intended to fetch all the dependencies for you without you having to go through that trouble, but I'm not sure why it didn't work for you.12:50
rnikhil275It;s filled with errors12:51
NiharikaWhat is filled with errors?12:51
NiharikaShow me? Use imgur.12:51
rnikhil275Screenshot doesnt seem to work in virtualbox. It pastes a empty black pic.  ANyway. It was more dependency errors. Installing all of them now12:57
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rnikhil275Niharika: What is the "distribute>=0.6.14" ? In your requirements13:23
rnikhil275It says "cannot import name data" now. What am I missing ?13:24
tpbTitle: Index of Packages : Python Package Index (at
NiharikaWhich file?13:25
rnikhil275Which file as in ?13:25
rnikhil275When I run "make serve"/13:26
Niharika"cannot import name data" It must be giving you a file name too.13:29, right?13:31
NiharikaAnd too.13:31
rnikhil275Exception location:
tpbTitle: mportError at / cannot import name data Request Method: GET Request URL: http - (at
rnikhil275That pastebin is the whole error13:35
rnikhil275What is wrong with my makefile ?13:36
NiharikaYeah I ran into the same error when I was setting it up. There's nothing wrong with your makefile. Go to and comment out line 42.13:36
NiharikaI have no idea what from .data import data is supposed to do. But I recall commenting it out worked for me.13:37
NiharikaYou'll have to repeat this with line 4 in
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rnikhil275Okay. It's showing many indentation errors also13:44
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rnikhil275Niharika : What about this ?. I removed commented out the things you asked me to do. Now I get this.
tpbTitle: NoReverseMatch at / Reverse for 'switter_tweets' with arguments '()' and keywor - (at

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