Monday, 2014-11-03

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mithroshenki / CarlFK: just doing a final sync of the images, then going to request the hard drive replacement01:12
mithroshenki: rescued:   107370 MB,  errsize:   3745 kB01:12
shenkimithro: that means we have lost 3.7MB?01:33
mithroshenki: yeah01:33
shenkimithro: that's not so bad. any important files? are we assured that we know which files are corrupt?01:33
mithroshenki: or more that - 3.7MB was detected as lost01:33
mithroshenki: no idea what got corrupted - how good are you with fsck?01:34
shenkimithro: not a huge amount of experinece01:34
mithroshenki: that is the problem with using mirroring is that you don't have any parity or stuff to detect corruption01:35
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mithroshenki: hard drive has been replaced, mirroring the data to the new hd - says it'll be 315.5min03:32
mithrowhich is about 5 hours.....03:33
shenkimithro: cool03:38
mithroshenki: I'm a little worried what will happen when the raid sync kits the bad sectors03:56
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mithroshenki: ping?06:24
shenkimithro: pong06:33
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apsmithro / shenki What is the preferred way to install python virtualenvwrapper? "sudo apt-get install" or "sudo pip install"?11:11
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mithroaps: what do you mean?11:40
apsmithro: I was asking how should I install virtualenvwrapper (or any other python package required system-wide). Using sudo apt-get install or sudo pip install?11:42
mithroaps: that is a highly complicated question12:06
apsmithro: Is the question not clear or there is no right answer? I will try to simplify.12:11
apsmithro: I am on a fresh Ubuntu trusty installation with just pip installed. Now, I want to install python virtualenvwrapper so that I can manage and work on virtualenvs easily. Two of the ways to install virtualenvwrapper would be using "sudo apt-get install virtualenvwrapper" or "sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper". I get confused every time, thinking what12:11
apsis the right/preferred way.12:11
mithroaps: each way has some advantages and disadvantages12:12
mithrogenerally, I'd go with apt-get for anything which is considered "core"12:12
apsah, okay12:12
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rohitksinghmithro: Hi! Components got delivered this evening!15:07
mithrorohitksingh: did you do that spreadsheet of what I owed you?15:40
mithrorohitksingh: anyway, I should be in bed15:41
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rohitksinghmithro: Shared it! Sleep tight!17:38
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