Sunday, 2014-11-02

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hyades_mithro: can you resend the link where you had put in commands you used to separate the gst-plugins-bad06:30
mithroCheck the logs? I can't remember....07:17
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mithrohyades_: aparently ->
tpbTitle: gst-plugins-bad to gst-plugins-ptz || gst-plugins-speakertrack commands (at
hyades_mithro: is timvideos/gst-plugins-bad updated with duzy/ right now?08:52
mithroNot sure.08:54
hyades_mithro: I am guessing the filter-attempt-4 has all changes between some initial commit and present branch status08:57
mithrohyades_: I can't remember were I got up too09:26
mithrohyades_: you trying to get the gst-plugins-speakertrack and gst-plugins-ptz working?09:34
hyades_mithro: yea somehow09:35
hyades_mithro: I am seeing a new branch speakertrack_with_27b0086e4a06616b790e387413c5874108d0d1e1. You know about this?09:38
mithrohyades_: duzy had some issues with merging I think09:53
mithrohey thaytan10:35
thaytanthere's a moving-plugins guide in gstreamer/docs/random/moving-plugins that has appropriate git commands10:36
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givemefive922so excited to see a project like this.  I've been eyeig that fpga dev board for a long time wanting to extend what nettv started but it looks like you guys are way ahead of me14:27
CarlFKgivemefive922: what is nettv?14:35
tpbTitle: NeTV Starter Pack ID: 609 - $150.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits (at
CarlFKneat.. HDMI input and output ports, compatible with pixclock speeds of 95MHz14:39
CarlFKMicroUSB port for power and USB gadget support (attaches as ethernet device)14:39
CarlFKI suspect we may take a stab at using that hardware14:41
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givemefive922I think it was even inspiration for this project
tpbTitle: History of the Project · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: that project is was inspired this project14:43
givemefive922when did you start noticing commercial hdmi2usb offerings? I searched so hard in april or so and found nothing but crap, finally we're seeing uvc pnp type stuff14:45
CarlFKmithro: why can't that hardware be used?14:45
mithroCarlFK: the interface from the ARM core to the FPGA is one way14:46
mithrogivemefive922: beginning of this year ish14:46
CarlFKmithro: what does "one way" mean?14:47
givemefive922so what's the status of the project on the dev board, it's working?14:47
mithroyou can send data from the ARM core to the FPGA, but not from the FPGA to the ARM core14:47
mithroone way14:47
CarlFKhuh.  seems odd, but I trust that it isn't something that can be fixed.14:48
mithroCarlFK: nope14:48
mithroCarlFK: it's partly the purpose of the device, it was to provide a totally legal reason to have the HDCP keys which doesn't do circumvention14:50
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CarlFKah, that explains things.  and that's in the hardware, not something that can be adjusted in fpga ?14:53
givemefive922check this out if you have some time
tpbTitle: Implementation of MITM Attack on HDCP-Secured Links [28C3] - YouTube (at
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hyades_anywhere I can find ubuntu VMs to play around?17:17
CarlFKhyades  $ vagrant init hashicorp/precise3217:19
tpbTitle: Getting Started - Vagrant Documentation (at
CarlFKim off to dinner breakfast bye!17:19
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CarlFK$ curl blog.mithis.net21:53
CarlFKcurl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: No route to host21:53
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shenkiCarlFK: we're having trouble with the new server22:14
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CarlFKshenki: traceroute showed what I think is a loop:22:19
CarlFK13 (  135.251 ms (  132.670 ms (  136.900 ms22:19
CarlFK14 (  133.402 ms  131.871 ms  132.819 ms22:19
CarlFK15 (  1601.358 ms !H  1599.617 ms !H  1600.559 ms !H22:19
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