Friday, 2014-10-31

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mithroanyone looked at the MinnowMax - ?03:37
tpbTitle: Minnowboard:MinnowMax - (at
CarlFKnever heard of it03:43
CarlFK2g of ram.. nice03:43
mithroCarlFK: USB3.0 and 1GigE03:47
mithroThis is pretty nice for $25 USD -
tpbTitle: GL.iNet Openwrt router (at
CarlFKheh - I just ordered a new AP yesterday03:49
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apsmorning. seeing a lot of hardware talk here, I'm tempted to play with the boards :P The closest I've been to hardware is using a RasPi.04:10
CarlFKaps: I hope you have one.  I have 3 or 4 and would like to see them getting used04:12
shenkimithro: are you busy on Monday the 24th?05:00
shenkimithro: as in, do you want to take the day off to hack on hdmi2usb?05:00
mithroshenki: nope05:00
mithroshenki: yes, I'd love to do that05:00
shenkimithro: okay05:00
shenkimithro: im going to come to sydney on the saturday, with mandy, and then she will go home monday morning05:01
shenkimithro: i'll stay for the monday to hack :)05:01
mithroshenki: SGTM05:01
shenkiok, booking flights now05:01
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apsmithro: what is the current state of speaker tracking system?06:15
tija_mithro: I know I am a day late but anyways: pong!06:20
mithroAps: broken probably, its never been proven to work06:48
mithrotija_: will you be around in about an hour?06:48
apsmithro: do we need any special hardware to test/make it work?06:49
mithroYes, a PTZ camera06:50
hyades_mithro: speaker tracking part of gst-switch?06:52
mithroShenki: maybe we should aim to turn off Lex on that Monday instead?06:52
mithrohyades: kinda06:52
mithroI'm just setting up for sydney Linux user group, so will be slow to respond06:53
tpbTitle: SLUG October 2014 - Plethora of Choice - YouTube (at
mithroI'm around now07:55
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apsmithro: are you streaming this using just a gstreamer pipeline or something else? sound is missing btw08:31
mithronope, just hangouts on air08:31
tija_mithro: I have a class in 10 mins.08:32
mithroaps: Hrm, I can't be bother to go figure out why - it's almost over I think08:32
tpbTitle: SLUG October 2014 - Lightning Talks - YouTube (at
mithroaps: the presenter had turned off the mic08:42
mithrotija_: opps - maybe I'll catch you when you get back from class08:58
mithrodoes anyone know of a very fast usb camera? IE 500fps or more? best I've found is
tpbTitle: XIMEA - MQ003CG-CM (at
apsIn case you didn't see it on HN -
tpbTitle: Propeller 1 Open Source | Parallax Inc (at
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tija_mithro: Sorry I got stuck in a meeting12:17
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CarlFKmithro: what was used to record the SLUG?12:54
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mithrotija_: no worries13:52
mithrotija_: I have a plan for HDMI2USB hardware testing that kind of goes along with your idea of remote accessing FPGAs13:53
mithrotija_: I have ordered the hardware needed, but need some help with the software13:54
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mithrotija_: basically, I have a bunch of HDMI outputs and a bunch of screens and a webcam pointed at the whole set up13:56
mithrotija_: I'd really like a high speed camera which is faster then the screen update speed so you could see it updating, but that will come later13:57
mithrowas thinking of maybe getting a splitter and also running it into another Atlys board14:00
CarlFKI suspect diminishing returns14:02
mithroCarlFK: well, having a second board connected means you can look at the data you are sending it the display doesn't think it finds a signal14:04
mithroCarlFK: which is more along the lines of tija_'s idea of trying to make it possible to write code for it remotely without the device14:05
CarlFKmithro: my *guess* is we will only see "doesn't think it finds a signal" on whack laptops, not code changes, right ?14:07
mithroCarlFK: not necessarily, if adding something means the timing constraints are violated then the input or output could stop working14:08
mithroCarlFK: plus, using a FPGA as an input device, we can emulate badly behaved laptops14:11
mithrounless someone wants to donate a 100k oscilloscope :P14:14
mithroanyway bed time for me14:16
CarlFKemulate badly behaved laptops - pretty sure that is a poor use of time.  replicating an existing laptop sounds really hard14:16
CarlFKand emulate badly behaved laptops that don't really exist.. um.. I see the value, but seems like there are 100 other things to spend time on first14:17
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tija_How are you going to program the device? And if we can program the device then we can use the same port to stream USB video which removes the need to have a separate camera.17:53
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