Thursday, 2014-10-30

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mithrohey rohitksingh02:38
rohitksinghmithro: Hi!03:02
mithrorohitksingh: so, while I'm trying to figure out how to reimburse aps for the GSoC reunion flights I should also figure out how to reimburse you for the hardware / shipping / etc03:03
rohitksinghmithro: Okay. I think paypal should be convenient03:07
mithrorohitksingh: I think you sent me something previously, could we drop it all into a Google spreadsheet for my records?03:07
rohitksinghmithro: Great! I'll add everything into a google sheet03:08
mithrorohitksingh: thanks03:44
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shenkimithro: hey, are you around on the weekend of the 22nd/23rd?06:08
mithroshenki: which month?06:11
mithroBTW - what do people think of ?06:11
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shenkimithro: nov06:14
shenkimithro: is it indexed by search engines?06:15
mithroshenki: let me check, the 24th if my birthday and my parents and high school best friend will be in town around then06:15
shenkimithro: okay. if you're busy that's fine, but mandy and i are thinking of coming to town that weekend06:16
shenkimithro: if your couch is free we would ask for that, but if you're busy, then no matter :)06:16
mithrowere you planning on staying at my place? If someone else isn't using it, I'm 100% happy to have you guys06:16
shenkimithro: well, if it wasn't free we will still come to town06:18
shenkimithro: but if it is then we will take it :)06:18
shenkimithro: perhaps we could take you out somewhere for your birthday on the weekend?06:19
shenkimithro: we were thinking of going to watch cricket on sunday afternoon/evening, but no plans aside from that06:20
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mithroshenki: so, I just checked with a bunch of people and it looks like the 22nd/23rd should be free and so is my queen size sofa bed07:12
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shenkimithro: thanks! i'll add it to tripit :D07:33
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mithroshenki: awesome! so I'm going to assume your busy from about midday on Sunday11:56
mithroshenki: should we block out Saturday to do some cypress code hacking?11:56
shenkimithro: how about i come over on friday evening, and we hack friday? mandy won't be in until saturday lunchtime11:57
shenkii was going to come over saturday, but i didn't consider hacking :)11:57
mithrowell, an evening is less than a day :P11:57
mithroyou've both been to Sydney before?11:57
shenkia couple of times11:57
mithroshenki: you could come over Thursday night and we both take Friday off? :P11:58
shenkihrm, perhaps. i'm going to be in canberra, so i should stay there for the week11:58
shenkiit might be more realistic to take monday off for hacking, then fly home monday evening?11:59
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shenkiim pretty tired. it might be easier to make plans tomorrow, once my brain is back in this timezone :)12:04
mithroshenki: that could work12:23
mithroshenki: I'm happy to do what ever gets the most hacking done12:23
mithroshenki: I ordered some more small HDMI screens to try12:24
mithroshenki: sure, happy to figure it out tomorrow12:27
mithrotija_: ping?12:29
apsmithro: what do you work on at your job?12:37
mithroaps: Google Chrome12:38
mithroIf you want all the dirty details, take a look at :P12:39
tpbTitle: Issues for mithro - Code Review (at
apsmithro: great! You are the right person to talk to then. When are you guys going to fix the scroll (make it smooth)? :P12:40
mithroaps: I'm kinda working on that peripherally / in general - but do you have a specific example that is bad?12:41
mithroaps: we should be generally on par with every other browser?12:42
apsmithro: These days, I'm doing an internship at a web dev firm. So this scroll problem comes to bite me whenever I create a website having a parallax scrolling image (using skrollr JS). While it looks perfect in firefox, it looks very jittery/jumpy on chrome since the scroll is not "smooth". I mean it jumps a few pixels when you scroll.12:43
mithroaps: got a simple demo page?12:44
mithroaps: scrolling is kind of complex in that you could be ending up going through a bunch of different scrolling paths depending on what you are doing12:44
mithroaps: if you do have a simple demo which shows this, please do log a bug at
tpbTitle: Issues - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Google Project Hosting (at
mithroaps: you can even cc [email protected] on it and I'll make sure it ends up at the right person12:45
apsmithro: this website for example - - if you see the image above "About us" section and scroll really slow, you'll notice it. and if you open same thing on firefox, you'll see the difference.12:46
tpbTitle: Ken Horizon (at
apsmithro: apparently, there is a hidden "smooth scrolling" feature that could be activated -
apsbut anyway I can't tell my website visitors to do that12:48
apsmithro: basically this SO is same problem that I am facing -
tpbTitle: javascript - Enable smooth scrolling for my website in all browsers - Stack Overflow (at
mithroaps: hrm, I see the same "jumpyness" in firefox on my Linux laptop12:50
mithrooh, do you mean dragging by the scroll bar?12:52
apsno, that is still fine. I'm talking about mouse wheel scroll.12:53
mithroor by clicking those triangles12:53
mithroI don't have a mouse with a mouse wheel here12:53
apsyeah, so you cant see the effect.12:53
mithroso, what is the exact reproduction method?12:54
CarlFKhey aps12:55
mithroaps: does pressing pg-up/pg-dwn have a similar effect?12:56
CarlFKmithro: 2 finger drag on my lenovo does same as mouse wheel I think12:56
CarlFKon my lenovo touch pad12:56
apsopen this website - - in chrome. scroll the minimum amount you can and you'll notice that content "jumps" about 40px or so. In firefox, they rather slide.12:57
tpbTitle: Ken Horizon (at
apsCarlFK: hi12:57
apspage up/down is different as it is supposed to jump12:57
apsmithro: btw what Firefox version you are running?12:58
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mithroaps: write the reproduction instructions in terms of things I physically do to my computer12:58
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apsmithro: there are not a specific set of steps as such. You just open any website and scroll using mouse. When you scroll by very little amounts, you see that content shifts in a rather abrupt manner.13:03
apsmithro: search if full of relevant posts -
tpbTitle: chrome scroll not smooth - Google Search (at
mithroaps: how do you "scroll by very little amounts" - are you dragging the scroll bar? are you pressing the down arrow? are you using a touch screen?13:04
apsmithro: no, just spin mouse wheel by the minimum amount you can13:04
mithroaps: almost all mouse wheels scroll in discrete amounts13:04
apsyeah that is true, but this discrete shift is done in Firefox in a smooth way IE the elements slide to the new position, but in chrome it just shifts suddenly13:06
apsgah, it's tough to explain. you need to see for yourself13:06
CarlFKI see it with 2 finger drag - which I think is what that action is called13:07
apsyeah, that also works13:08
apsbtw you can enable smooth scrolling hidden flag in chrome on linux13:08
mithroaps: so, there are two options right, it gets a "scroll now by amount x" event. It can either jump (and thus get the lowest latency) or it can kind of animate down (a thus get the highest smoothness)13:10
apsmithro: you can enable smooth flag here - chrome://flags/#enable-smooth-scrolling - I haven't seen it in action though13:11
apsthis is available only on Linux for now13:11
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mithroaps: so you can get the second option in Chrome by taking complete control of scrolling in your javascript13:12
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apswe can? how exactly? (If you don't have to get to bed now)13:13
mithroaps: but it means if any part of your javascript is slow, then the scrolling will probably not be smooth13:13
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mithroaps: I do have to get to bed now, but basically you disable scrolling on your page and then just move the elements yourself in response to the scroll / mouse events13:14
apsah, that.13:14
apsAnyway, I think it is generally a *good* feature to implement since it makes user experience a bit better.13:15
apsI try to use as little JS as I could in my websites13:15
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mithroaps: depends on how you define user experience :)13:19
apsmy boss does that way *sobs*13:19
mithroaps: IE if latency is your proxy for user experience then the smooth scroll option is worse13:20
mithroaps: yeah, sorry13:21
apsit's okay. I have learned to live with it or find ways around it.13:23
mithroaps: scrolling on the web is a *huge* mess13:29
mithroaps: is your website "touch enabled"13:33
apsmithro: not exactly. And mobile theme is a different theme.13:35
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