Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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mithroshenki: morning00:02
mithroaps: morning00:02
mithroshenki: do you want to be removed from the Timbard invite?00:34
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mtrythallmithro - just need confirmation per room. do you still want logging for botbot here?00:43
mithromtrythall: yes please00:44
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mtrythall[d__d]: ping00:48
[d__d]Are you in need of my services, mtrythall?00:48
mtrythall[d__d]: help00:48
[d__d]Available plugins: logger, ping, last_seen, help, bangmotivate (
tpbTitle: Documentation for #timvideos | [o__o] (at
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mithroanyone else want an Inbox invite?02:10
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mithroHi CarlFK02:17
mithroCarlFK: ping?02:27
CarlFKmithro: pong02:27
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mithroaps: ping?06:30
mithroshenki: ping?06:48
apsmithro: inbox invite - please!07:03
mithroaps: sent07:04
apsyay! thanks :D07:04
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tija_mithro: I want a inbox invite!!!07:54
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hyades_mithro:  me too!08:49
mithrotija_: email sent!08:50
tija_mithro: thank you!08:51
mithrohyades_: sent08:51
hyades_mithro: ty :)08:51
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CarlFKWhat's an inbox invite?12:25
tpbTitle: Inbox by Gmail - the inbox that works for you (at
CarlFKneat - thanks12:32
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shenkimithro: what were you pinging about?23:02
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mithroshenki: what I sent you an email about23:11
mithroshenki: and to discuss doing this cypress firmware stuff23:11
mithroshenki: it appears that they updated the window compiler and it no longer runs under wine23:12
shenkimithro: okay. more urgent to switch then23:14
shenkimithro: about to get on a plane. will chat this afternoon23:14
mithroshenki: yeah23:14
mithroshenki: okay23:14
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apsMorning people23:19
mithromorning aps23:19
mithroaps: still haven't figured out the international transfer for you yet :/23:20
apsmithro: I think visiting SBI Sydney is the best option. They'll let you know the procedure and *should* have good exchange rates.23:21
apsmithro: are we participating in Google Code-in 14?23:30
mithroaps: I'm not planning too23:31
mithroaps: I don't think we have the people power to provide a good experiance for it23:31

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