Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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thaytanmithro, what was the verdict on LCA hacking days?02:24
mithrothaytan: well, I have a venue02:24
mithrothaytan: I'm trying to figure out exact dates and who can make it02:25
mithro~seen xfxf02:25
tpbmithro: xfxf was last seen in #timvideos 2 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 26 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <xfxf> rad02:25
thaytanI'm starting to chat to my Dad about which days to fly in/out02:26
thaytanhe's coming to LCA too02:26
mithrothaytan: okay02:45
mithrothaytan: would Monday 5th be too much?02:52
thaytanmithro, oh definitely :)02:55
mithrothaytan: how about Wed, 7th?02:56
thaytanmithro, let me get back to you02:57
mithroCarlFK: who is the FOSDEM A/V coordinator these days?02:59
mithrocfelton: ping?03:03
mithro~seen rohit03:35
tpbmithro: I have not seen rohit.03:35
mithro~seen tija03:35
tpbmithro: tija was last seen in #timvideos 1 week, 6 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <tija> who is parx?03:35
mithro~seen rohitksingh03:35
tpbmithro: rohitksingh was last seen in #timvideos 2 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <rohitksingh> links fixed, and http://wenku.baidu.com/view/006f8a19fc4ffe473368ab0f.html03:35
mithro~seen hyades03:37
tpbmithro: hyades was last seen in #timvideos 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <hyades> mithro: I saw some branches inside gst-plugins-bad03:37
mithrogah, I can't figure out what I did with my gpg key I used on keybase03:54
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mithroheyo hyades04:05
mithrohyades_: you get my email? :P04:06
hyades_yea got it04:06
mithrothaytan: is there any talk from the gstreamer conference that I should watch? Anything particularly interesting to either TimVideos, WebRTC or Chrome?04:06
thaytanmithro, there were some good webrtc, HLS/DASH, html5 ones04:08
mithrojust looking at http://gstconf.ubicast.tv/channels/#gstreamer-conference-201404:09
tpbTitle: Catalog - GStreamer conferences (at gstconf.ubicast.tv)04:09
thaytanmithro, and there was a great talk about stereoscopic video support04:10
mithroSeems like "Cross-Platform WebRTC with gstreamer", "HTML5, the Web and Gstreamer" and the "HLS, DASH, MMS: Adaptive Streaming Formats in Gstreamer" all sound interesting...04:10
mithrooooo - "Automatic Audio-Video synchronization measurement using Gstreamer and OpenCV" sounds really cool04:11
mithroshould take a look at the "Videobrick Open Hardware project" too04:12
mithrothaytan: do you know who was doing work on that?04:13
mithroit doesn't seem to have much of a web presense apart from a blog at http://videobrick.wordpress.com/?04:13
tpbTitle: Video Brick (at videobrick.wordpress.com)04:13
thaytanmithro, oh yes - I told those guys they should talk to you and pointed them here04:13
mithrothaytan: gah, no contact details :/04:14
thaytanI can get those from the conference registration04:14
mithrothaytan: I've love to send them an email04:15
thaytanin a few hours when __tim wakes up04:15
mithrothaytan: do you know where in the world they are in?04:15
mithrotheir github seems to be https://github.com/videobrick04:17
tpbTitle: videobrick ยท GitHub (at github.com)04:17
thaytannot sure04:18
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hyades_mithro: the irc logs works at which timezone?06:27
mithrohyades_: not sure....06:27
mithrohyades_: should be able to work it out with by looking at the timestamp of the latest output06:36
mithrohyades_: I think it is GMT?06:37
hyades_anyways its UTC. The output comes after a long delay06:37
mithrohyades_: about 5 minutes?06:37
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mithrohi rohitksingh06:55
mithrorohitksingh: we still haven't sorted out those VGA boards!06:55
mithrohyades_: it doesn't look like you filled out the form I sent you yet?06:57
hyades_mithro: had gone home for a break, just came back07:08
hyades_this sounds pretty cool07:09
hyades_dates I am not sure..07:10
rohitksinghmithro: Hi! Give me 25 minutes, I'll add the ICs to cart and send the login credentials to you07:14
mithrohyades_: nothing is binding! just put a guess / estimate in first and then we can discuss it more later07:15
mithrorohitksingh: I'm heading out now - but will be back in about ~4-5 hours07:15
rohitksinghmithro: Okay, no problems. I'll be around!07:16
mithrorohitksingh: okay, lets try and get that all sorted before I go to bed tonight then :)07:17
rohitksinghmithro: Yeah!07:17
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cfeltonmithro: pong11:19
mithrocfelton: I assume you don't have the time to come out to LCA and a TimVideos hackfest in Auckland in January next year?12:21
mithrorohitksingh: ping?12:21
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mithrorohitksingh1: ping?12:45
thaytanmithro, Georg Lippitsch <[email protected]>12:47
mithrothaytan: thanks!12:48
thaytanmithro, emailed you his slides too12:54
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rohitksinghmithro: ping13:26
mithrorohitksingh: pong13:26
mithrorohitksingh: lets do this?13:26
rohitksinghmithro: I'm sending u login details in mail13:28
rohitksinghmithro: sent13:30
mithroI was able to log in, but "Your cart is empty."13:31
rohitksinghmithro:  Let me see...try this link http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=1157185d8013:33
tpbTitle: Mouser Electronics, Inc. (at www.mouser.com)13:33
mithrorohitksingh: okay, that works13:34
mithrorohitksingh: have you made sure these numbers include spares?13:34
rohitksinghmithro: No, I've added just for 5x PCBs.. How many should i add for spares?13:35
mithrorohitksingh: are there useful price breaks?13:35
cfeltonmithro: I don't believe I could carve out the time or cost but it would be an amazing trip!13:35
mithrocfelton: time is the important bit at the moment, I might be able to find the cost part13:36
mithrorohitksingh: how many PCBs do you have left?13:36
rohitksinghmithro: What do price breaks mean? I am not familiar with that term. do u mean discounts?13:36
rohitksinghmithro: 11 PCBs13:36
cfeltonmithro: I will see if it is possible but the probability is close to nil13:37
mithroprice breaks are when you by x of them its 9.99 but then you by y of them it's only 8.99 (where y > x)13:37
mithrorohitksingh: looks like mouser does price breaks at 5 units and 10 units13:37
rohitksinghmithro: yeah... for >5 they are slightly cheaper13:38
rohitksinghfor >=10 even slightly more13:38
mithrorohitksingh: yeah, why don't we go for 10 boards then?13:38
rohitksinghmithro: We can! I'm all for it! B-)13:39
mithrorohitksingh: okay, does that mean you need any other parts?13:39
rohitksinghmithro: for 10 PCBs, we have to double all the items. Only 1 active part is EEPROM. Rest are passives, which I'll order from element14 India13:43
mithrorohitksingh: okay, I'm happy to put passives into this order too13:44
rohitksinghOkay, just give me 1 hour...we have festival going on here in India, and I'm needed. By what time are u planning for sleep tonight?13:45
rohitksinghmithro: I'll add the passives in the meantime13:46
mithrorohitksingh: about 45 minutes ago13:46
rohitksinghmithro: Okay, then I'll add in 15 minutes13:55
mithrorohitksingh: okay, please be quick13:55
rohitksinghmithro: I was able to add 2 items only... caps...rest are either not available in mouser or I have sufficient quantities available. You can place order now. I'll order any remaining items from Element14 India14:27
mithrorohitksingh: do you have a new link? the old one doesn't seem to have updated?14:28
rohitksinghmithro: just amin14:28
rohitksinghmithro: http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=638cdc849b14:29
tpbTitle: Mouser Electronics, Inc. (at www.mouser.com)14:29
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mithrorohitksingh: just looking now14:33
rohitksinghmithro: ok...I'm here14:33
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mithrorohitksingh: you don't need 10 of the AD9984s?14:34
mithrorohitksingh: or the regulators?14:35
rohitksinghOhh..let me update..missed that14:35
rohitksinghmithro: I've added 2 spares for AD9984A and corresponding regulators http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=be41c8779a14:37
tpbTitle: Mouser Electronics, Inc. (at www.mouser.com)14:37
mithrorohitksingh: okay, does that all look good?14:38
rohitksinghmithro: Yeah, 10x AD9984A + 2 spares...10x 2x ADP3334 + 4 spares......10x ADP3303+2 spares....10x 2x TCA9617 + 4 spares...seems good to me...caps have 5 spares14:40
mithrorohitksingh: fedex, ups or DHL?14:42
rohitksinghmithro: Anyone is okay...cheaper one might be preferable14:43
mithroUPS says 4-7, while Fedex says 5-614:43
mithrorohitksingh: all same price14:43
rohitksinghmithro: I had used Fedex previously....took 3 days14:43
rohitksinghmithro: If any confusion deciding, go with Fedex..have used them before...else all are fine14:45
mithrorohitksingh: okay14:45
mithrorohitksingh: okay ordered, I need to be in bed now14:47
mithrorohitksingh: gnight!14:47
mithrorohitksingh: if there are any problems, feel free to get them to call me at +61 421 968 22114:47
rohitksinghmithro: Okay! Good night! Sleep nice!14:47
rohitksinghmithro: Order seems good to me...although yet to receive mail about that! Will inform you in case of any problems. As of now, looks good to me! Thanks for the order!14:49
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shenkiaps: hey, home safe?19:03
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apsshenki: yeah21:17
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