Monday, 2014-10-20

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mithropuck: we should really make that automatic00:11
puckWith the new EC2 support for testing, that should be relatively straight forward.00:18
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mithropuck: patches very welcome :P01:38
mithropuck: if you want to build the latest firmware and give it a whirl, then send a pull request to the prebuilt repo - I'll merge it01:58
mithroshenki: did you take care of POODLE on hopper?01:59
shenkimithro: i upgraded our ssl and removed SSL3 on my site02:22
shenkimithro: are you happy to go ssl3-less on your domians?02:22
mithroIs there any reason I wouldn't want to?02:23
shenkimithro: some older browsers will fail to connect?02:26
shenkimithro: they'll probably fail due to SNI anyway, so lets just disable v302:26
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shenkiall fixed. your blog and mine still work, let me know if you notice anything broken02:48
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shenkimithro: my domain is causing some bounces, do you know why that could be?02:53
mithroshenki: explain more?02:54
shenkimithro: incoming email02:55
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JoelwWhat does the bounce say?04:50
shenkiJoelw: the server log had a bunch of these: 13:18 <sfr> (Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=MX: Host not found, try again)05:04
shenkiJoelw: the issue was that the server in question,, does dnssec verification05:05
JoelwAh, tricky!05:05
shenkiJoelw: and i'd been messing with my dns hosting so the dnssec keys weren't being rolled05:05
shenkiall fixed now05:06
mithroshenki: so, with the fact you are speaking about HDMI2USB, are you planning on working on the FX2 firmware to make it open source?05:25
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shenkimithro: haha06:07
shenkimithro: yep, lets focus on that06:08
shenkimithro: we want to make it buildable with sdcc06:08
shenkimithro: what else is there to remember?06:08
shenkii guess re-write any headers that we don't have licenses for06:08
mithroshenki: not depending on the close source binary library06:08
shenkimithro: are there any people i should try to catch up with at the mentor summit?06:11
mithroshenki: have you met CarlFK?06:12
shenkimithro: i dont think so06:13
mithroCarlFK: isn't attending the mentor submit, but it might be worth catching up with him anyway?06:14
shenkiokay. where does he live?06:14
mithroshenki: if you have the space in your carry on, I'd recommend taking an Atlys board with you too to show off06:14
shenkii should get myself one of those small HDMI screens like you have06:15
mithroCarlFK: normally in Chicago, but he's visiting his parents06:15
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mithroshenki: did you keep your "minimal ISE for compiling HDMI2USB firmware" somewhere?12:27
shenkimithro: ive got it on my system12:37
shenkimy laptop12:37
mithroshenki: do you want to publish a filelist somewhere?12:37
mithrobtw you should make sure to backup your laptop :P12:37
shenkiyeah, i haven't done it in a few months :)12:38
shenkithanks for the reminder12:38
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
shenkithat's a `find . -type f` from the root of the directory12:40
mithroshenki: thanks12:45
mithroshenki: so hows that porting going? finished yet :P12:46
shenkimithro: haha! ive been out cycling all evening12:47
shenkimithro: first chance to start hacking will be on the plane i think12:47
mithroyou should get a unicycle so you can code and cycle at the same time :P12:47
shenkiwhat an idea12:48
shenkii'm coming through sydney, but only for 3 hours, so I won't be visiting12:48
mithroshenki: does your flight include domestic to international terminal transfer?12:52
shenkimithro: err... i don't know?12:53
shenkimithro: does that cost extra?12:53
* shenki hasn't flowing international out of sydney12:54
mithroshenki: otherwise you'll need those 3 hours to make your connection12:54
shenkimithro: please explain :)12:57
mithroshenki: the domestic and international terminals are almost seperate airports12:58
mithroshenki: there is a ~15 minute bus ride between the two which runs every ~15 minutes12:58
mithroshenki: but if they aren't forwarding your luggage, you need to pick up your luggage then recheck it at the international terminal12:59
mithroshenki: then you have to go through customs and security12:59
mithroshenki: if everything goes perfect, it would take ~1 hour in total13:00
shenkimithro: okay. thanks for the heads up13:01
shenkimithro: my domesic flight is jetstar, so i assume they don't do transfers13:01
mithrobut QANTAS have a bus which actually drives across the tarmac and will forward your luggage13:01
mithroshenki: guess you'll find out when you check in13:04
shenkiive got 3.5 hours13:07
shenkiso hopefully i'll be able to sort it out13:07
mithroshenki: yeah that should be plenty, bed time for me now13:32
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mithromorning people23:15
shenkigood morning23:17
mithroshenki: do you use tripit?23:17
shenkimithro: i do23:17
mithroshenki: have you shared your GSoC trip with me?23:17
shenkimithro: let me check23:17
mithroshenki: thanks23:19
shenkimithro: added23:23

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