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CarlFKwhat's the scoop on production run of hdmi2usb?00:51
CarlFKit might be a good time to see if Fosdem can fund .. they need 25 or so.  maybe 50 or 60 to hook up to cameras00:52
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mithroCarlFK: when is FOSDEM?02:39
CarlFKmithro: February02:40
CarlFK Jan 31, Feb 102:40
tpbTitle: FOSDEM 2015 - Home (at
CarlFKI think they will have 22 rooms again02:49
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mithroCarlFK: if they are serious about doing that, we need to do a bunch of things03:50
CarlFKsuch as?03:55
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mithroCarlFK: get everything into a state where it would be possible to do that04:20
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mithroCarlFK: run a bunch of testing04:20
CarlFKI thought you had a PCB and maybe a assembled unit?04:25
CarlFKI may be thinking of a case for the Atlys board04:25
mithroCarlFK: we have two assembled units, but they aren't "production ready" yet and still trying to solve some issues with them04:27
mithroCarlFK: using Atlys boards is an option, but we again need to be confident that they will work04:27
CarlFKah, didn't know there were issues04:27
CarlFKFosdem is at a university, maybe they can get 50 at the edu rate04:29
CarlFKi bet not.. I poked at that process, there was a bit of "describe the project, who is your professor, what is the course"04:30
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mithroanyone know of a "lsusb -t" / "lspci -t" like tool for showing hard drive connectivity via controllers and such?05:32
CarlFKmithro: sudo lshw -class disk05:37
CarlFKlsblk --output MAJ:MIN,TYPE,ROTA05:43
CarlFKI think ROTA is 0 for ssd05:44
mithroCarlFK: I'm after which controllers each disk is connected too05:46
mithroIE I think one of the controllers in my computer just had a wobbly and it took out the drives on it05:47
mithroI have 3 SATA controllers05:49
mithro00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation C600/X79 series chipset 6-Port SATA AHCI Controller (rev 06)05:50
mithro07:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller: Intel Corporation C602 chipset 4-Port SATA Storage Control Unit (rev 06)05:50
mithro0c:00.0 SATA controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE9230 PCIe SATA 6Gb/s Controller (rev 10)05:50
CarlFKtry sudo lshw alone05:50
CarlFK             description: SATA controller05:51
CarlFK             product: 7 Series Chipset Family 6-port SATA Controller [AHCI mode]05:51
CarlFKer, I only have 1.  not sure it shows my drives hooked to that05:51
mithroyeah, but which of my hard drives are connected to that controller?05:51
CarlFKgood q.  nothing seems to enumerate? them like you need06:11
CarlFKmithro: is there any description of what the problem is with the 2 assembled units?  if that's the blocker (maybe) to getting 60 built fosdem may have the people to help06:16
mithroCarlFK: there are plenty of things FOSDEM can do to help which would give me more free time to figure out the issue with the assembled board06:17
CarlFKk, Ill tell them to do plenty of things ;)06:17
mithroCarlFK: people who know VHDL/Verilog and those tools would be very helpful06:19
CarlFKI need some bait06:20
mithroCarlFK: for example the Cypress firmware needs to be ported to sdcc from the windows only compiler06:20
mithroCarlFK: making a useful case for the Atlys board would be another example06:21
mithroCarlFK: seen this interface before -> ?06:24
tpbTitle: GDC Vault - AI Postmortem: Hearthstone (at
CarlFKmithro: I'v seen various side by side.  that's one of the better ones06:26
mithroCarlFK: you can skip around bits really nicely06:27
CarlFKyeah, with little chapter marks06:27
CarlFKmithro: how is porting Cypress firmware a blocker?06:29
mithroCarlFK: it isn't a blocker, but it is a barrier to development and getting new boards ready06:30
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CarlFKmithro: I saw something working on the atlys a while ago.  then it started crashing about the time you were here06:36
CarlFKI am having trouble understanding what needs to be done to have something useable for fosdem?06:38
mithroCarlFK: we need to have a working device which is well tested and in use06:38
CarlFKI don't think so06:39
CarlFKI think if there is something that kinda works they will hack on it06:40
mithroCarlFK: I'm not going to suggest FOSDEM by 40 of something which isn't working06:40
mithroCarlFK: field testing of the devices is going to find problems and incompatibilities, we need to find these and fix them06:45
CarlFKyou just said there is a problem with the 2 assembled units.  what can someone do to understand that problem ?06:47
mithroCarlFK: there are two people who can work on that problem in the world (as there are 2 units), one of them is me06:48
mithroCarlFK: nobody else has access to the hardware, which is required to figure out the problem06:48
mithroCarlFK: however, there is still a lot of work needed to get the firmware up to a "conference level production ready"06:49
mithroCarlFK: the firmware is used on both boards06:49
mithroCarlFK: you should also be able to do recording and stuff witht the Atlys board06:49
mithroCarlFK: showing the Atlys is working in the production situtations will mean when the other board is suitable for doing so, it will be much easier06:50
mithroCarlFK: short of the FOSDEM people donating me a 50k oscilloscope, there isn't much they can do except give me more time to work on it by finishing other things which need done06:57
CarlFKhow about producing another board?06:58
mithroCarlFK: we can't produce another board until we know what is wrong with this board06:59
CarlFKsame board, same problem so there can be someone else looking at it06:59
CarlFKlike someone who has the 50k scope07:00
mithroCarlFK: okay, in batches of 5, it cost roughly $5k USD07:00
CarlFKhow much was 2?07:02
mithroCarlFK: same price07:03
mithroCarlFK: they are much better off buying a couple of Atlys boards and helping make the firmware better07:05
mithroCarlFK: it would be helpful if you were trying to use your Atlys board too07:06
CarlFKyeah.. I haven't had time to unclog my kitchen drain for over a month07:07
JoelwI wouldn't suggest using an Atlys to fix that :(07:08
mithroCarlFK: if they are serious about doing FODSEM in February, they should be playing with an Atlys board *now*07:09
CarlFKyeah - that's why I was asking.07:09
mithroCarlFK: doing your thing of going to user groups and trying to use an Atlys board is a very useful thing to be doing07:10
CarlFKI am sure they will love hearing "there is a problem, no you can't know any details, just look for more problems and hope Tim finds some time."07:10
mithroCarlFK: if push comes to shove, Atlys boards are a stop-gap solution07:14
CarlFKJan and July are the only 2 times this year I have had time to do a user group07:14
mithroCarlFK: there are some advantages of our custom hardware (mainly cost), but the Atlys boards should be reasonable too07:17
CarlFKmy thoughts on fosdem: last year they had trouble getting enough twinpacts and cameras.07:18
CarlFKhey look, there is 1 twinapct on ebay for $7507:18
CarlFKanyway, a few of the organizers were very vocal about "lets see if we can do something else next year"07:20
CarlFKomg.. 2:20am.. I need to get to bed07:22
mithroCarlFK: sure, and I'd like to support them in doing so, but I only have limited resources and a full time job07:22
CarlFKI either don't tell them you are having problems (which seems not nice) or I tell them and we know they will want details07:23
CarlFKI am guessing you don't have any details they can read, right ?07:24
mithroCarlFK: it's really simple, you say "Our prototyping board (the Atlys) needs testing but should be usable - it's a bit expensive but available right now, our custom hardware is currently stalled on an issue and we are working to fix them but short on time."07:26
mithroCarlFK: "The Atlys should be suitable for doing recording, but we could use some help with testing and some tasks like creating cases and such to make it more reliable in the field."07:27
mithroCarlFK: what is wrong with that?07:27
CarlFKstalled on an issue will result in "whats the issue?"  and I am trying to get a head start on that07:27
CarlFKalso the fact that I haven't seen the Atly's board working for a long time.. I don't really feel good about encouraging someone else to get one.07:29
mithroCarlFK: why does it matter?
tpbTitle: Mithro rants about stuff : HDMI2USB – Production Board Bring Up – Day 4 (24th July 2014) (at
mithroCarlFK: the GSoC students had them working07:29
CarlFKif yours is working, then you should post that to the fosdem-video list07:29
CarlFKthen they should post...07:29
CarlFKneat - never saw that07:33
CarlFK$ host www.hdmi2usb.tv07:35
CarlFKHost not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)07:35
mithroCarlFK: remove the www07:44
mithroCarlFK: but there isn't really a webpage yet07:45
CarlFKit's on the board07:45
CarlFKyou have the problem I had when I made business cards...07:45
CarlFKcards have URLs, URLs need a site, so I had to make a site.07:46
mithroCarlFK: sure, making the website is on the TODO list07:46
mithroCarlFK: you can see from the blog posts that I was doing PyOhio stuff when I should have been doing HDMI2USB hardware work07:46
CarlFK[email protected]07:52
CarlFKI could post, but I can't answer any questions very positively other than "I hear someone..."07:53
CarlFKim off to bed - see ya07:53
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