Friday, 2014-10-17

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shenkicfelton: converting it all to one language sounds great01:26
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mithroshenki: so I put ISE inside a docker container05:14
shenkimithro: err... okay?05:15
shenkimithro: what's the motivation?05:15
mithroshenki: well, with the idea of doing throw away builds05:15
shenkimithro: okay. you decided that a VM wasn't good enough for that?05:16
mithroshenki: well, I can run the docker stuff locally pretty easily05:16
cfeltonmithro: shenki: what's a throw away build?05:18
mithrocfelton: you build something, then you throw away the thing you just built it in05:18
mithrocfelton: for doing CI stuff05:19
JoelwNo, CI!05:19
cfeltonahh ic05:20
mithroshenki: plus I can do "docker pull" to get the images05:29
JoelwI dunno.. "vagrant up" is one keystroke fewer05:30
mithrodocker is the new hotness, don't you know :P05:34
shenkimore holes in your security, ftw05:41
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