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shenkimithro: hello00:48
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mithroshenki: hello?03:02
shenkimithro: hi. i want to run apache2.4 instead of 2.2 on hopper03:18
shenkimithro: which means upgrading to 14.0403:18
shenkimithro: i was thinking it might be better to install new VM, and migrate the config across03:18
mithroshenki: yes, I think that is probably the best idea03:18
mithroshenki: but it is also pretty easy to do a snapshot of hopper and start it up as a new vm so you could do the upgrade03:19
mithroshenki: why do you want to use apache2.4?03:19
shenkimithro: tls features03:20
mithroshenki: which feature?03:23
shenkimithro: im trying to remember. i recall attempting to enable something a while back, and it didn't work, before realising it was not supported in 2.203:32
mithroshenki: upgrading is a good goal, but I'd prefer to have you spending time on HDMI2USB stuff :P03:48
JoelwApache 2.4 adds support for TLSv1.1 and 1.2, and for OCSP stapling.03:58
JoelwIf you don't want to be stuck with a 'B' security grade, you must upgrade!03:58
JoelwDebian Stable only has 2.2 :( I was fiddling with one of my computers today and decided it wasn't worth the bother.03:59
shenkiOSCP, that's what i was trying to enable03:59
mithrowhat is OSCP stabling?04:00
JoelwIt's a mechanism where your server requests a sort of short-term cert from the SSL provider every few days04:01
shenkiit's where your server proves it's cert isn't revoked, so the CA doesn't have to04:01
JoelwThus you don't need to check certificate revocation lists, because there's a thing that says that the CA has confirmed it's still good within the last whenever04:01
shenkiJoelw: i can still get a 'A' from SSL labs with 2.204:02
Joelwshenki: Sod :( I can't!04:02
JoelwAre you doing HSTS?04:02
shenkiTLS 1.1 and 1.204:02
JoelwOh, I couldn't get TLS > 1.0 working on Debian Stable.04:02
shenkii have it commented out in my config. not sure why.04:02
shenkiok. this is ubuntu-ancient04:02
mithroWouldn't the OSCP need to be stapled extremely frequently?04:03
shenkievery few days04:04
shenkione of the other ideas behind it is that it reduces latency04:04
shenkias you don't need to perform a connection to the CA to verify that it's not revoked04:04
mithroshenki: but doesn't that mean your certificate needs a few days before it's revoked?04:04
JoelwI think StartSSL does a 7 day thingy04:04
shenkiit's a bit retarded though, as you're asking the server to prove if it's valid. so if you're doing MITM, you just would drop the OSCP state04:05
Joelwmithro: Google Chrome doesn't even bother to check CRLs by default!04:05
JoelwSo at least you'd get an at-most 7 day revocation rather than no revocation at all.04:06
mithroI guess the whole revoke thing is a bit silly because you just block the CRL check04:06
shenkiyep. agl decided it wasn't worth it04:06
shenkimithro: +104:06
mithroJoelw: so what happens when your CA breaks?04:06
JoelwI guess you'll just stop sending the OCSP bit04:07
JoelwAt the moment I don't think you can get a certificate that has an 'OCSP mandatory' attribute04:07
JoelwIf you could, then it would be a problem, but I guess it's not much different to your domain registrar disappearing04:07
shenkii think we have come to the same conclusions that others have - the CA system is broken04:07
mithroshenki: it looks like DANE is dead too...04:08
shenkiDane, someone from the Kingdom of Denmark, or of Danish descent04:08
shenkioh, the DNS thing04:09
mithroshenki: DANE is putting cert information in a DNSSec signed record04:09
shenkimithro: that's probably why it failed; it needed DNSSEC to be implemented first04:09
mithroDNSSEC adoption seeems to be going better then IPv6 :P04:10
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shenkiheh, i'm not sure if that's a win04:12
shenkiit's like saying that G+ has done better than Wave did04:12
mithroactually DNSSec is well on the way to actually being useful04:14
mithroI expect DNSSec will be enabled ever where by default in less than 5 more years04:14
mithroand then we'll discover the NSA has put a fundamental hole in the protocol and we all need to move to DNSSecV204:15
JoelwOr Google will announce that they'll block all DNSSecV1 sites in three months time :(04:16
shenkiJoelw: need someone to push innovation04:16
shenkiJoelw: i was talking to some friends about the POODLE attack, and they were saying they still had to support Netscape 4 and IE6/7/804:17
JoelwIE7 is actually in the my work's SOE!04:17
shenkiJoelw: yeah. and then the people using your app's sysadmins will go "but we need IE7 because the product needs it"04:19
shenkiand so the cycle continues04:19
JoelwYeah, there's probably some awful software somewhere that needs upgrading :)04:23
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shenkimithro: so with installing this vm, do you use virt-install to create the vm?04:45
shenkimithro: stuff like this should probably be documented :)04:45
mithroshenki: nope04:46
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shenkimithro: played with vivado tonight, trying to import the hdmi2usb ise design into it11:22
shenkimithro: it doesn't support mixed verilog and vhdl out of the box :/11:22
mithroshenki: how did you go?11:22
mithroshenki: what does it support?11:23
tpbTitle: AR# 47454 - Vivado Synthesis - Does Vivado Synthesis support Verilog Module instantiation in a VHDL entity via work library? (at
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mithroshenki: how much VHDL so we have?13:02
mithroVHDL seems to be poorly supported by FOSS tools to :(13:04
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cfeltonmithro: shenki: I also believe vivado webpack only supports a small number of devices.  You are stuck with vivado if you want to target Zynq15:21
cfeltonmithro: shenki: The JPEG is all VHLD - but it is not clear why VHDL version was used versus the Verilog version.15:22
tpbTitle: Pastebin: bqYaSewt | IRCCloud (at
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tpbTitle: Pastebin: IskAwThf | IRCCloud (at
cfeltonif you wanted to move to all verilog (or all VHDL) it shouldn't be too difficult, best of my knowledge the JPEG encoder is available in Verilog as well.  Moving to all Verilog makes more sense because of the better FOSS support.15:40
cfeltonOnly a small number of files that will need to be converted if the Verilog JPEG is a drop in.15:40
cfeltonand all the ip_cores regenerated for Verilog15:41
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