Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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mithrocfelton: would you be okay to have your picture on the people page?00:30
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tariq786mithro: thank you. I have received the t-shirt00:35
mithrotariq786: great!00:40
cfeltonmithro: sure as long as it is not the serious one :)01:56
cfeltonmithro: btw thanks for the shirt, and thanks CarlFK for shipping the last mile.  The green undershirt is the GSoC T02:16
CarlFKmithro: in case you missed this: https://twitter.com/aigarius/status/503659530270437376  "I can confirm that http://timvideos.us/  is a great way of following what is happening in #debconf14 :D "02:21
tpbTitle: Aigars Mahinovs on Twitter: "I can confirm that http://t.co/GrC2yglHk3 is a great way of following what is happening in #debconf14 :D also https://t.co/Tgxme8sF7L" (at twitter.com)02:21
mithroCarlFK: yeah, I think I saw that the first time. I'm disappointed that we are still mostly at the same stage we were back at lca2009.02:25
CarlFKdid you see that the 2nd day of DevOpsDays the youtube stream was black?02:28
CarlFKno idea why.  I couldn't send a test stream, but that may have been because my bitrate/image size was off02:29
CarlFKI brought up a 2nd stream, test worked, but dvswtich stream was just black.02:29
CarlFKin a few weeks I am going to work on setting up a gst 1.0 box and use that from now on02:30
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mithroaps: ping?03:57
apsmithro: pong03:58
mithroaps: it looks like CarlFK is going to be around California during the mentor summit03:59
CarlFKhow would you like a twinpact and camera ?04:00
CarlFKbrb, need to clear the leaves from the storm drain in the street so it doesn't flood so much04:02
apsumm.. Okay with me, customs won't be an issue I guess04:03
apsHaven't traveled overseas ever04:03
mithroaps: it's all second hand, so I can't see why customs would have any issue with it04:08
CarlFKwow, there aren't any twinpact on ebay04:15
shenkiit's the end!04:26
shenkimithro: pressure is on now04:26
apsCarlFK: it seems to have been discontinued by manufacturer04:28
mithroshenki: apparently I say your name too much :P04:30
CarlFKaps: about two years ago04:30
*** mithro changes topic to "Getting Started - http://code.timvideos.us | Code - http://github.com/timvideos || mithro around - 11am till 11pm at UTC+10:00 || For important discussions use mailing lists: https://groups.google.com/group/timvideos || Logs at http://logs.timvideos.us/%23timvideos/"04:31
CarlFKabout a year ago I bought 4 or 5 from ebay for $100 each04:31
shenkimithro: huh?04:40
tpbTitle: Index of /stats (at logs.timvideos.us)04:41
mithroshenki: oh, its no longer showing it. The work "shenki" was one of the most common words on this channel :P04:47
shenkimithro: hehe04:49
shenkimithro talks to himself a lot. He wrote over 5 lines in a row 147 times!04:51
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apsmithro: a little doubt here. Keybase is not for ssh keys or is it?05:46
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mithroaps: no, it's for GPG style keys05:55
CarlFKflight to sjc booked: Wednesday October 22, 2014 – Tuesday October 28, 201405:59
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tijawho is parx?07:47
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KriptonCarlFK, what is a TwinPact exactly?15:14
Kriptona USB video grabber?15:14
CarlFKKripton: kinda, only firewire, not usb15:14
KriptonCarlFK, oh, that's cool. Does that limit the resolution to SD?15:15
CarlFKyep - 720x48015:15
Kriptonmithro, just a short status update on the shipping of the LKV373 HDMI-to-Ethernet converters to me: They finally left China but didn't yet reach Germany15:15
KriptonCarlFK, I used to use analog video -> USB grabbers for cameras that also had a DV connector since I just never used DV before.15:16
KriptonHowever, on some cameras the Firewire connection doesn't seem stable15:16
Kriptonmight also be the host controller... we didn't yet have time for research15:17
tpbTitle: Grass Valley TwinPact100 Bi-Directional Analog / Digital 602128 (at www.bhphotovideo.com)15:17
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