Monday, 2014-10-13

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mithroCarlFK: ping?03:33
CarlFKmithro: here03:33
mithrocfelton: ping?03:36
mithrotariq786: ping?03:36
mithro~seen sewar03:36
tpbmithro: sewar was last seen in #timvideos 1 year, 0 weeks, 5 days, 0 hours, 34 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <Sewar> CarlFK, nice03:36
mithrolooks like my building is getting TPG FTTB!04:35
CarlFKT.. what?04:35
mithroTPG == very crappy australian internet provider, FTTB = Fibre to the Basement/Building04:36
apsMorning. CarlFK did you manage to try dvswitch plugin?04:41
CarlFKhey aps - not yet.  maybe tomorrow04:42
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mithroaps: ping?06:24
apsmithro: pong06:25
mithroaps: could you price me up flights to attend LCA + TimVideos hackfest?06:26
apsmithro: Let me check.. What is the location exactly?06:28
mithroaps: see
tpbTitle: 2015 | 12 - 16 Jan | BeAwesome (at
apsmithro: and TimVideos hackfest will happen at same location or in Australia?06:34
mithroaps: same location06:36
apsmithro: around 1500 USD .. wow, it's quite costly than I had expected06:37
mithroaps: how did you find that, is that the best price you can find?06:38
apsmithro: ..  there's slightly cheap option but 16hr connection time .. checking kayak as well06:40
apsmithro: cheapest option is ~1400 USD06:42
mithroaps: okay, I was hoping that it would be closer to $1000 USD06:47
apsmithro: I don't think it's worth the money and hassle..06:47
mithroaps: you mean cheaper option?06:47
apsmithro: no, generally06:47
mithroaps: I think there is a lot of value to getting you along to a conference like LCA and to meeting people in person06:48
apshmm, you may be right06:48
mithroaps: LCA is a pretty cool conference anyway06:49
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mithroaps / tija: are you guys in roughly the same area?07:13
apsmithro: I will be shifting places in Dec. I don't know tija 's location. I'm currently in Trivandrum, Kerela for an internship, will travel to home Ludhiana, Punjab on Dec 12 and then to college Pilani, Rajasthan on Dec 2607:20
apsmithro: that reminds me that New Zealand VISA application would also be a problem since the consulate location is also a bit far.07:22
mithroaps: what is the VISA process for New Zealand?07:26
apsmithro: need to apply at New Delhi VISA Application center.. I guess there would be an interview as well, not sure . reading this -
tijamithro: I am in southern India. Quite far from where aps lives.07:37
mithrotija: could you price a flight to come to LCA plus the hackfest?07:44
tijaLCA and hackfest are in auckland?07:44
tijamithro: ~1500 USD07:47
tijafor a round trip07:48
apstija: where do you live?07:48
tijaaps: hyderabad07:48
tijaaps: did you take part in icpc?07:50
apstija: no, I suck at DSA07:51
tijaSome one told me, " Data Structures + Algorithm = Placement" (modified version of Niklaus wirth statement) :P07:53
apsYeah :D  and that is giving me nightmares :(07:53
apsand I'm not even a CS guy, so more reason for != Placement07:54
apsThere might be some cheaper flights for us but more layovers + time + AUS transit visa == Too much hassle :P07:55
Niharikaaps: This is surely worth the hassle. You could put it in your resume. Better shot at Placement then. :P08:07
apsNiharika: I should put that "I attended a Linux conference"? Doesn't seem like it would make a difference, in placements at least.08:09
tijaNiharika: CS/IT companies in India want coders who know DSA pretty well. They care very less about these stuff.08:09
tijaeven after doing a great job at GSoC rohit is having tough time cracking interviews. (Atleast this is what he told me)08:11
apsAnd funny thing is they will ask DSA in interview, even if the job profile doesn't involve using much of that.08:11
tijaYes because google does that :P08:12
NiharikaAttending a Linux conference in Auckland and being funded for that seems like a big deal to me. DSA is a given for most people. This is in addition to that, of course.08:12
NiharikaAnd tija, shh....mithro is at Google. :P08:15
tijaCompanies copying Google. I think it is a compliment.08:16
NiharikaAsking stuff not related to job profile in interviews is not cool.08:18
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tpbTitle: #timvideos @ FreeNode stats by Tim Videos (at
apsLOL "Is mithro stupid or just asking too many questions? 25.1% lines contained a question! "11:16
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tariq786mithro: pong14:51
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mithrotariq786: have you received your TimVideos shirt?22:16
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tpbTitle: Christopher Felton on Twitter: "legit #timvideos #gsoc" (at
mithrocfelton: awesome! Now I know what you look like too :P23:53
cfeltonmithro: sometimes I am serious
tpbTitle: Christopher Felton on Twitter: "sometimes Im serious" (at

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