Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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mithroshenki: ping?00:49
mithroaps: ping?00:49
shenkimithro: pong00:50
apsmithro: pong01:04
mithroaps: see private msg01:09
mithroshenki: also, what left do we need to do to finish turning off lex?01:12
mithroaps: poke....01:15
shenkimithro: do you still have your monitoring stuff running on lex?01:17
mithroshenki: yeah01:17
shenkimithro: looks like you have your crashplan stuff running there too01:17
mithrocrashplan was backing up the backups in /backup01:17
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shenkimithro: could we log port 53 traffic to the old ns1.mithis ip, to see what is still connecting directly to that?01:24
mithroshenki: yes we could01:24
mithroshenki: I think that is just dump the iptables counters?01:24
mithroshenki: we should also do a +trace dig on all the domains on that machine01:25
apsmithro: seen01:25
shenkimithro: okay01:25
shenkithings like this suggest we're headed in the right direction https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/ns1.mithis.com01:25
mithroshenki: the question is for domains which don't use ns1.mithis.com as their name servers01:30
shenkimithro: where they hardcode the ip?01:31
mithroshenki: if they are using glue records01:31
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shenkimithro: i cleaned out my homedir on lex, so that's all good01:46
shenkimithro: what do you use to manage your dotfiles?01:47
mithroGit and github01:48
mithroI need a better way though01:48
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shenkiyeah. i don't want to chuck mine on github, as i have all the .ssh/config rules for work servers in there01:51
shenkinot that it really matters...01:51
shenkibut still01:51
mithroshenki: private repo?02:04
mithroshenki: you could use bitbucket it you don't want to fork over money for private repos02:05
shenkimithro: yeah, the hosting location doesn't really matter - ive got a handfull of servers that i could push it to and that would be enough of a backup for me02:26
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mithro~seen xfxf04:11
tpbmithro: xfxf was last seen in #timvideos 1 week, 0 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <xfxf> iirc it didn't need too much tweaking from what was already there off memory04:11
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mithroshenki: did you guys get a long weekend in Adelaide?04:55
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mithroshenki: have you booked LCA2015 flights?05:38
mithroshenki: you should have just got an email from an thing called "uptime robot"05:49
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mithroxfxf: so - I'm still very interested in doing the "TimVideos Hackfest" thing the week before LCA05:50
mithroxfxf: I'd also like to try and get the GSoC students along to the event05:52
mithroxfxf: if they did come, would they be able to integrate into "your video volunteer team"?05:52
xfxfoh, of course05:57
mithroxfxf: I'm pondering putting in an LA grant request to cover funding05:57
xfxfwhat state do you think your stack would be in by then?05:57
mithroxfxf: it also looks like we have a venue05:58
xfxfi successfully used a combined dvswitch + proprietry hdmi capture loop last week05:58
xfxfso i'd be keen on doing dvswitch + your stack for keynotes or something05:58
mithroxfxf: no idea, I was hoping we'd have HDMI2USB prod devices, but its getting increasingly unlikely05:58
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mithrothaytan: ping?06:02
mithrotechman83: ping?06:02
shenkimithro: no lca flights; work should be covering that, so i'll go through that pain soon enough06:07
shenkimithro: yeah, we had a long weekend. i went to pt vincent on Yorkes Peninsula with a group of people. didn't open the laptop the enitre time \o/06:07
mithroshenki: okay, you said "just weekend before LCA" to the hackweek thing - if we did a longer period would you be able to make that?06:08
shenkimithro: i'll be in NZ seeing sights06:08
shenkimithro: tbh i'd prefer to book a weekend to come to sydney and hack with you06:08
mithrowhy not both! :P06:09
shenkimithro: mandy has the week off, so it's gone from preference to non negotiable :P06:09
mithroshenki: Did I shared my xmas movements with you?06:11
shenkimithro: i think so06:12
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tijaI wrote a blog on remote access of fpga. It seems IIT,Delhi have already created something similar. Unfortunately it is not opensourced. http://iitd.vlab.co.in/?sub=66&brch=18406:16
tpbTitle: FPGA & Digital Design Lab : Computer Science & Engineering : IIT DELHI Virtual Lab (at iitd.vlab.co.in)06:16
shenkitija: cool06:17
shenkitija: if you were to create a system for using a FPGA remotely, what would it look like?06:18
shenkii guess you'd want a way of reserving/locking access to the board06:19
shenkia way to power cycle06:19
shenkiaccess to GPIOs06:19
shenkiframegrabbing of the HDMI output06:19
shenkiUSB progrogramming, USB for UART debug06:19
shenkiLED/status indicator output06:20
shenkii wonder if you could build something by connecting a board to a raspi06:22
tijashenki: Power cycle and locking the board access would be the complex part. Other than that almost everything is done. Take the bit stream and scp over to the remote computer. Fire a script to dump the bit stream, the use control ports to change the HDMI channels, record the HDMI out and debug data and send it back.06:23
mithrotija: you'd want a camera pointed at the board as well I think06:23
shenkimithro: what would it be looking for?06:23
shenkismoke? :D06:23
tijanot necessary the all the LEDS status can be seen using the control ports.06:24
shenkimithro: yeah, i'd wire up the LEDs (or just a bank of GPIO) to the Raspi, and have them viewable on a web UI06:26
mithroshenki: that is one option - but it means you can use "stock" dev boards06:26
shenkisame with the GPIO: make them "pressable" using a web ui from the raspi06:26
mithroshenki: if you wanted to make a "remote accessible dev board" from scratch its much easier06:26
shenkiyou could use a stock board; they have headers that can be wired as GPIO06:27
mithrotija: If you come up with a design that works, I'm happy to build / deploy / fund it06:27
shenkitija: we have a django based tool we use internally called hostlocker06:27
shenkitija: it lists the machines, and lets you 'lock' them06:28
tijaYeah sure. If we can make this and then opensource it will be a high impact project. A country like India needs this kind of frame work.06:28
shenkii will ask the guy who maintains it if he wants to open source it06:28
mithrobe back in 30 minutes06:28
shenkitija: not just india. i remember doing projects with a uni in Californa who had a remoted access FPGA that was shared by the class06:28
tijashenki: powering on the fpga will be tricky.06:29
shenkitija: depends on your budget :) you could buy a controllable power switch and use a GPIO from the raspi06:30
tpbTitle: Smart Outlets- Postscapes (at postscapes.com)06:31
shenkisomething like that06:31
shenkiim sure deal extreme has cheaper ones06:31
tijaoh interesting! Didn't knew something like this existed.06:32
mithroThe hard part is the arbitrating access06:35
mithroSpecially when this thing ends up with like 20 USB devices06:36
mithroI've always had an idea for a smart USB hub to manage this06:39
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shenkimithro: "this thing ends up with like 20 USB devices" which thing?06:45
shenkimithro: ive been playing with cloudflare on jms.id.au06:49
shenkimithro: unfortunatly it doesn't work at the moment, as it fails to establish a ssl connection between cloudflare and hopper06:50
shenkimithro: i wonder if it detected the serial number issue and got confused?06:50
mithroshenki: When you end up having the host managing like 10 FPGA dev boards which each have a USB camera, usb programming, usb debug, etc06:53
shenkimithro: yeah, that would get hectic06:56
shenkimithro: i think you'd have a 1-1 relationship between a FPGA board and a raspi06:56
shenkimithro: and then arbitrate the access to a 'dev unit' - a raspi+fpga dev board - through some central host06:56
mithroshenki: then you get to manage 10+ raspi machines :P07:00
mithroshenki: I'm wondering a VM type solution where you plumb the USB device into the VM07:00
mithromuch easier to do "throw away" stuff with VMs07:02
tijaMeanwhile! My university has the highest number of projects accepted in GSoC. http://google-opensource.blogspot.in/2014/09/google-summer-of-code-2014-by-numbers.html #proud07:05
tpbTitle: Google Open Source Blog: Google Summer of Code 2014 by the numbers: Part three (at google-opensource.blogspot.in)07:05
mithrotija: they don't give any indication about the percentage of applicants verses accepted07:06
shenkimithro: you need hardware I/O for talking to the fpga07:08
shenkimithro: manage the 10+ raspi by netbooting them07:08
shenkidhcp to assign IPs07:08
shenkiassosciate raspi MAC with FPGAs07:08
* shenki wants to implement this now07:09
tijamithro: haha! It is true that we have a lot of applicants. I know a guy who got accepted from 3 different orgs. And a guy who put 4 proposals but couldn't get selected07:09
shenkitija: how many students are studying engineering at your uni?07:10
tijaThere are 200 in my batch07:10
shenkitija: you should re-publish their blogpost with the numbers normalised agaisnt things like the country size, and or the number of engineering graduates from the uni that yaer07:10
shenkiComputer Science and other technical fields07:11
shenkithat's very ...broad07:11
shenkii wonder what the other fields were?07:11
mithroshenki: engineering and mathmatics would be my guess?07:12
shenkiwere they all elec eng, or did they manange to recurit some non-coding people like chem or mechengies07:12
shenkimithro: yeah07:12
tijashenki: China has in total 49 selections.07:12
shenkimithro: you'd think an engineering company would come out with some better statistical analysis07:12
shenkitija: yeah, i wonder why that is?07:12
tijamithro: My  college has just two branches CSE and ECE that's it07:13
tijaplus we have a strong OSDG07:13
shenkitija: do they have a Computer Science degree?07:13
shenkitija: were most of the gsoc people CS, or engineering?07:14
tijaCS guys07:14
tijaI am the first guy from electronics branch to get selected in GSoC07:14
shenkitija: nice!07:14
tijagtg I have a class :(07:16
thaytanmithro, pong07:16
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mithrothaytan: I'm assuming you wouldn't be around for -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u_fEtT0NtYm7WO-jDqZajKBm75WVT88J28s9TEWJZU4/viewform ?07:18
tpbTitle: TimVideos Sprints before Linux.conf.au 2015 (at docs.google.com)07:18
thaytanmithro, potentially - I haven't finalised my timetable yet07:19
thaytanAuckland U is my father's alma mater, so I'm looking at bringing him and doing some travel in NZ surrounding LCA07:19
mithrothaytan: we'd love to have access to some gstreamer experts ;)07:19
thaytanmithro, before LCA would work for me - I'll work out what dates07:20
mithrothaytan: if you could fill out that form, it would be awesome07:20
mithrothaytan: it's totally non-binding in any way07:21
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mithroshenki: can the RPi "netboot"?07:29
shenkimithro: i'd use petitboot on a sd card07:29
shenkimithro: so let it load a kernel + inird from the sd card07:29
shenkimithro: which then does the PXE style netbooting07:29
mithroshenki: how do you prevent people from overwriting the sd card?07:29
mithroshenki: make it read only?07:29
shenkimithro: yeah07:30
mithrowith the slide switch?07:30
shenkithat doesn't work :P07:30
mithroshenki: that is host configured?07:30
shenkimithro: the write-protect? yeah, it's an indication to the host07:30
shenkinot a switch on the SD's micro07:31
mithroshenki: sad pandas :(07:31
mithroso, how do you make an actually read-only sd card?07:31
shenkimithro: you can netboot into a kernel that doesn't have a driver for the sdcard's filesystem07:31
mithroshenki: and no-loadable module support?07:32
shenkiand no /dev/mem07:32
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shenkithe users shouldn't need root really07:32
mithroshenki: IE, then you can't do FPGA development with a kernel driver07:32
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shenkiwell, i guess it depends how much you trust your users07:32
shenkiif you're opening it to the internet, then the answer is no07:33
mithroI guess with the VM/pass thru idea your dependent on how secure the hypervisor + usb pass thru stuff is07:33
mithroshenki: do you read Ken Sirriffs blog?07:34
mithroxfxf: are you interested in trying to run a gst-switch set up in parallel to the dvswitch set up?07:35
mithroshenki: http://www.righto.com/2014/10/how-z80s-registers-are-implemented-down.html07:41
tpbTitle: Ken Shirriff's blog: Down to the silicon: how the Z80's registers are implemented (at www.righto.com)07:41
shenkimithro: nope07:42
shenkiwill read later. board games night! bbl07:43
mithroshenki: you'd probably like it, he goes into a lot of detail about the silicon07:43
mithroshenki: have fun!07:43
mithroshenki: -> http://lwn.net/Articles/615101/rss08:16
tpbTitle: The Unpatchable Malware That Infects USBs Is Now on the Loose (Wired) [LWN.net] (at lwn.net)08:16
tpbTitle: flowswitch / phison Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)08:23
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rohitksinghmithro: ping08:39
mithrorohitksingh: pong!08:42
mithrolooks like github implimented some of the functionality I wanted08:42
rohitksinghmithro: Is it mandatory to be physically present in LCA2015 to participate in sprint? If not then I can definitely participate!08:43
mithrorohitksingh: no, but we'd really like to make it happen if possible08:47
rohitksinghmithro: great! To visit abroad, first I'll have to apply for a passport, which I don;t have yet! :)08:55
mithrorohitksingh: is cost the only reason you might not be able to attend? Or does it conflict with school work and such?08:57
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rohitksinghmithro: It will most probably not conflict with college, as during that time classes would be few. My major concern is GATE examination which is common entrance exam for admission for Masters degree into top-most colleges of India (IITs and IISc). It falls b/w 31st January to 14th February. I think my preparations might suffer.  ( http://awesomescreenshot.com/06d3m2h28b )09:08
rohitksinghmithro: One more thing I wanted to ask. I was planning to implement a framebuffer for VGA and did some rudimentary coding + simulation on that. I was thinking of using your tripler-buffer arbiter code which you wrote sometime back. Whats your opinion?09:08
tpbTitle: IIT GATE 2015 | Awesome Screenshot (at awesomescreenshot.com)09:08
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mithrorohitksingh: I don't think my triple-buffer arbiter code hasn't been used anywhere in production - but the simulation seems to say it would work09:46
rohitksinghmithro: I've filled the form after some discussion with a friend! I can manage ~7 days loss for GATE (half-a-week + 4 days of LCA2015), or in worst case can give it next year. Meanwhile, I'll have to apply for passport this week itself! :)09:47
mithrorohitksingh: no guarantees we can get funding yet09:48
mithrorohitksingh: lca is 5 days09:48
mithro12th to the 16th of January.09:48
rohitksinghmithro: Okay, I'll have to take a look on arbiter code09:49
rohitksinghmithro: Okay, lets see how it comes along. No problems if funding can't be arranged! :)09:50
mithrorohitksingh: btw - where are we at with the VGA boards?10:14
mithrorohitksingh: I'd highly recommend getting a passport anyway, if you are apply for jobs in silicon valley they are likely to want you to fly there10:15
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rohitksinghmithro: Yesterday itself I was taking stock of my existing inventory. And, Element14 doesn't stock AD9984A. I'll have to once again import it  using Mouser/Digikey. Rest items I can get from Element14 India. Problem is AD9984A is quite costly. And I use my father's credit card, as I'm ineligible for it here till I get a job. Its quite uncomfortable to ask him for his CC regularly. He had his hand operated on 1st October due fracture and a plate/rod was10:34
mithrorohitksingh: I'm happy to use my credit card10:35
mithroCarlFK: ping?10:36
CarlFKmithro: pong10:37
CarlFKJust woke up, need to be out the door soon for DevOpsDays10:38
CarlFKsoon = 15 min10:38
tpbTitle: DevOpsDays Chicago 2014 - YouTube (at youtu.be)10:39
rohitksinghmithro: Its great then! I'll add the item to my mouser/digikey cart, and give my account login credentials to you. You can then pay using your credit card. Is this method okay?10:42
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mithrorohitksingh: I guess that could work10:48
mithrorohitksingh: so, any idea what happens when you order from http://www.mouser.in/ verse http://www.mouser.com/ ?10:48
tpbTitle: Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor (at www.mouser.in)10:48
rohitksinghmithro: It ships from Texas, USA. And basically its just an import with customs duties etc. Doesn't matter much if I order from mouser.in or mouser.com . Same situation is for Digikey too. But, Element14-India is different, there are no customs duties etc , its like buying from a local store just with some extra shipping charge10:53
mithrorohitksingh: why do they have mouser.in then?10:53
shenkito game the google search results :)10:56
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rohitksinghmithro: I really have no idea. Its exactly same. Billing is in USD, shipping from USA, customs duties and everything is same! Whereas for Element14-India, I get billed in local currency INR. I guess they have india site probably due to some regulations, but I don't have any real knowledge why!10:57
mithrorohitksingh: okay, lets order you some chips then?12:16
mithroI need to head to bed soon12:16
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mithroshenki: poke? should your blog return a redirect to the secure version12:31
mithrohttp://jms.id.au just returns nothing it seems...12:31
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mithrohi hyades_12:46
hyadesmithro: I saw some branches inside gst-plugins-bad12:49
*** flavioribeiro has joined #timvideos12:49
*** tija has joined #timvideos13:08
shenkimithro: yeah, it should redirect. i removed it when i was trying to get cloudflare working13:14
shenkii'll put the redirect back13:14
mithroshenki: I put a redirect in your empty index.html file13:14
shenkimithro: okay, thanks. i'll put the 301 back there13:16
tpbTitle: Raspberry Pi HDMI In (at www.auvidea.com)13:17
shenkitija: that's pretty cool13:19
shenkitija: any idea what chip they're using for encoing?13:20
tijashenki: it is their own designed chip13:22
tpbTitle: Connect your HD camcorder to your Raspberry Pi by Auvidea Kickstarter (at www.kickstarter.com)13:22
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*** flavioribeiro has quit IRC13:27
shenkitija: i didn't believe it at first, but i think you're right13:29
mithroshenki: they are using an analog devices chip13:38
tpbTitle: ADV7513 datasheet and product info | 165 MHz High Performance HDMI Transmitter | Analog/HDMI/DVI Interfaces | Analog Devices (at www.analog.com)13:40
mithrooh wait, that is the transmitter side...13:41
*** rohitksingh has joined #timvideos13:46
*** flavioribeiro has joined #timvideos13:49
mithroMy guess is it's the chip under the white sticker on the front13:50
mithrorohitksingh: do you want to take a look at tija's link and see if you can guess the chip under the white sticker?13:51
rohitksingh:D I was checking that link itself!13:52
mithroAfter we have started this kickstarter project it was brought to our attention, that the Broadcom BCM2835 processor is only designed to take the video input from an image sensor as used on the camera board. The integrated video processor in the BCM2835 performs video processing functions specifically for these type of sensors, to create a clean video. The13:53
mithroHDMI input chip already creates a clean video. As the video processing for the camera cannot be disabled at this time, a clean video cannot be interfaced to the serial camera interface (the MIPI/CSI connector). This is a show stopper.13:53
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CarlFKhttp://youtu.be/LKOE-jINMu8 starting now14:23
tpbTitle: DevOpsDays Chicago 2014 - YouTube (at youtu.be)14:23
mithroCarlFK: audio is a bit weird14:25
CarlFKganky PA on left, camera mic on right14:26
CarlFKganky PA is some low budget thing built into the podium14:26
CarlFKand no one is really talking into the mic, which isn't truned up much14:27
mithroCarlFK: you can use the left/right hack I used in flumotion in your gstreamer to youtube pipeline if you want to fix that14:29
mithroCarlFK: also very quiet14:29
CarlFKmithro: once again, I think it would have been less work for me to bring/use my own mics14:32
CarlFKI may just do that tomorrow.14:32
CarlFKfor the 6 talks :p14:32
apsCarlFK: i think you should use volume element in pipeline14:33
apsIt's very low14:33
mithroCarlFK: and its frozen?14:35
CarlFKlet me bring up a 2nd stream to play with14:35
CarlFKoh hell my bash while true loop isn't right14:35
CarlFKI really need to save that script14:35
mithro"We are experiencing technical difficulties"14:35
*** rohitksingh has quit IRC14:36
CarlFKthanks for the heads up.  I was hoping to have someone here next to me to nudge me14:36
*** rohitksingh has joined #timvideos14:36
apsmithro: should we create a rmtp/YouTube Flumotion component using this pipeline Carl is using?14:37
mithroCarlFK: you just started streaming your old thing to the same location?14:37
CarlFKmithro: click "* live"14:38
CarlFKi hope.14:38
mithroyeah that fixed it14:38
CarlFKyay, first confirmation :D14:38
mithrobut I just had it going in the background and it flicked to that bit14:38
rohitksinghmithro: Can't figure out which IC it is. Definitely not a regular Analog Devices one. even QR code decoding failed. Google search doesn't reveal any QFP80 package HDMI receiver IC. Also, the guys have been careful to not name the IC anywhere14:39
rohitksinghseems either ASIC by some company or some less popular company14:40
CarlFKgst-launch-0.10 -v dvswitchsrc  ... ERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: no element "dvswitchsrc".14:43
mithrorohitksingh: see the above14:44
*** Niharika has quit IRC14:44
mithrohrm, the stream keeps dropping out for me14:45
CarlFKits on this end14:45
rohitksinghmithro: you mean youtube link?14:45
mithroCarlFK: well - it works on mobile14:46
mithros/mobile/android youtube mobile app/14:46
CarlFKthe gs pipeline exits now and thsn14:47
CarlFKlike just now14:47
rohitksinghmithro: I can see live stream. Some lady is speaking.  audio fine. video slightly out-of-focus (maybe because I'm viewing at 240p?)14:48
rohitksinghnow video is good14:49
mithroCarlFK: is it segfaulting?14:49
mithroCarlFK: IE, why is it exiting?14:50
CarlFKwould there be something in dmesg?14:51
thaytanCarlFK, if it's segfaulting there would14:52
thaytanotherwise there might be messages on the gstreamer bus14:52
thaytanyou can run with GST_DEBUG=3 to see warnings and errors14:52
thaytanbut possibly network connection dropouts and not reconnecting?14:53
mithrothaytan: my guess is that CarlFK is using sadly using gst0.1014:54
CarlFKI am14:54
thaytanit's OK, there there, etc14:54
CarlFKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/8515027/  why doesn't that loop?14:54
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)14:54
thaytanCarlFK, #!/bin/bash -e => exit immediately if a command returns a non-zero status14:56
thaytanmithro, are you in this timezone atm?14:58
mithrothaytan: no, I should be a sleep14:58
thaytanmithro, you should be asleep in this timezone too - it's 2am14:59
mithrothaytan: I'm in my normal timezone and I should be asleep15:01
thaytanmithro, ahr15:06
CarlFKwth.. it exited agan15:15
CarlFKbut I saw it looping I thought...15:15
thaytanuh oh15:28
rohitksinghmithro: found it!15:33
*** Niharika has joined #timvideos15:34
rohitksinghmithro: its EP9351 www.epmi.com.tw/sayapro03.php?id=7915:34
rohitksinghmithro its QFP80 as well as BGA8115:35
CarlFKmore volume!15:37
CarlFKswitched the camera's input from line to mic15:37
CarlFKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/8515292/  tons of debug info from my beta feed that won't stay up for more than about 2 seconds15:43
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)15:43
CarlFKI suspect not enough cpu?15:43
CarlFKIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7500  @ 2.20GHz15:44
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thaytanCarlFK, ah, gst-0.10 -> you should use GST_DEBUG=216:51
thaytanwe added an extra level in 1.x16:51
*** mithro has joined #timvideos16:54
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thaytandid that just jump backward in time?17:01
*** cfelton has joined #timvideos17:01
thaytanCarlFK, oh, you restarted a pre-recorded bit with a new pipeline?17:02
CarlFKthaytan: the pipeline exits, it is in a bash loop, so it picks up right away, but the youtube player likes to .. do randome things17:02
CarlFKclick "* live" on the left of the player17:02
CarlFKodd that my player doesn't do that (like same url, I would expect same behavior as everyone else)17:03
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CarlFKheading home - then going to build a gs 1.0 box19:21
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KriptonCarlFK, optix2 looks goood. Thanks!20:12
*** CarlFK has joined #timvideos20:21
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KriptonCarlFK, optix2 looks goood. Thanks!20:23
CarlFKKripton: huh what?  lol20:25
Kripton<CarlFK> (Sun October 05 2014 15:55:49) Kripton: from #python ...  optix2: firefox extension that does automatic proxy just for youtube clips that are blocked in germany because of licensing/rights issues20:25
CarlFKoh that!  neat - complete random tip that fell in my lap20:26
KriptonCarlFK, however I cannot find it anywhere :/20:26
CarlFKoh.. just a sec...20:27
CarlFKbtw, optix2 was the irc nic of someone in Germany that told me about it20:27
CarlFKlet me check my logs and see what he said20:28
KriptonCarlFK, but there are several firefox addons for that purpose if you use the search function20:29
CarlFK(03:29:41 PM) optix2: CarlFK: youtube unblocker20:29
Kripton*of the firefox addon database website20:29
CarlFKsee if "youtube unblocker" gets you something20:30
Kriptonfound that one20:31
CarlFKthat's all I have20:32
Kriptonperfectl fine20:33
Kripton~seen <rohitksingh>20:33
tpbKripton: I have not seen <rohitksingh>.20:33
Kripton~seen rohitksingh20:33
tpbKripton: rohitksingh was last seen in #timvideos 4 hours, 58 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <rohitksingh> mithro its QFP80 as well as BGA8120:33
*** rohitksingh1 has joined #timvideos20:35
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*** rohitksingh1 is now known as rohitksingh20:40
rohitksinghKripton: Hi!20:41
KriptonHi rohitksingh, the IC you found doesn't actually seem to be expensive: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/EP9351-QFP-64-IC-Free-shipping/1925882945.html20:43
tpbTitle: EP9351 QFP 64 IC Free shipping-in Integrated Circuits from Electronic Components & Supplies on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group (at www.aliexpress.com)20:43
Kriptonnot cheap though but not as expensive as an FPGA board. However, of course not open-source and not extensible in the future20:43
rohitksinghKripton: I searched for it too in Alibaba. But seems the link is for different IC(?) as the it should have QFP80 package as opposed to QFP6420:45
Kriptonrohitksingh, oh, I didn't actually verify that20:46
rohitksinghbut the pictures in above link is of QFP80! intriguing! and the test says QFP6420:47
rohitksinghKripton: Anyway, if it really is EP9351, then it will be QFP80. BTW i found its reference code + rudimentary datasheet today. Let me search again20:49
rohitksinghHere: and wenku.baidu.com/view/006f8a19fc4ffe473368ab0f.html20:49
rohitksinghlinks fixed, and http://wenku.baidu.com/view/006f8a19fc4ffe473368ab0f.html20:50
tpbTitle: EP9351(B) UG_V06_°Ù¶ÈÎÄ¿â (at wenku.baidu.com)20:50
Kriptonoh, that thing even needs a firmware?20:58
Kriptongreat, the archives to download even contain source code. Needs a Keil compiler, however. Well, going to bed now, maybe something to look at tomorrow. Bye21:06
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*** rohitksingh has quit IRC23:26
shenkithis is pretty awesome https://education.github.com/pack23:58
tpbTitle: GitHub Student Developer Pack - GitHub Education (at education.github.com)23:58
shenkiall of our gsoc students should check it out :)23:58

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