Monday, 2014-09-29

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CarlFKwhats with thie  NOT in sudoers  messages ?00:54
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shenkimithro: where is
shenkimithro: i'm getting the spam for it, but i don't have acls to log in02:32
CarlFKshenki: and more and more often too.02:34
mithroshenki: I'm sure you have ACLs to login02:35
mithroshenki: you can login both as the ubuntu user and as your own user02:37
mithrosomething in the generate script for the planet is trying to run sudo for some reason02:40
mithrotechman83: ping?02:48
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CarlFKthis bad script is going to take over the box if we don't give it sudo :)04:05
mithroCarlFK: i'm trying to figure out why it wants sudo when running from cron, but not otherwise04:06
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shenkimithro: ah, i was using the wrong username04:22
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mithroshenki: I'm upgrading to trusty05:37
shenkimithro: cool05:40
mithrothat'll get us back onto security updates for powerdns :)05:40
shenkithat's a plus05:41
shenkimithro: why doesn't 12.04 get security updates for powerdns?05:41
mithrothe version was too old, so I manually backported it05:42
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shenkimithro: how did the upgrade go?06:58
mithroshenki: got distracted06:58
mithroshenki: Was doing a fresh install06:59
shenkimithro: ok07:03
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CarlFKmithro: did you figure out the cron sudo thing?13:41
tpbTitle: Introducing Universal SSL (at
shenkimithro: cloudflare also does auto shellshock filtering13:42
shenkimithro: perhaps we should put all the hopper hosts behind cloudflare?13:42
shenkiCarlFK: looks like he fixed it, as im no getting spammed anymore13:43
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KriptonCarlFK, pong19:32
CarlFKKripton: I wanted to poke at youtube live again, wondering if you had any discoveries19:32
KriptonCarlFK, youtube-live works (as long as you send video + audio)19:33
Kriptonbut I didn't try more since viewing it doesn't work in germany19:33
Kriptonit works using a proxy  but I can't tell the viewers ...19:33
Kriptonso I'll basically stick with icecast (webm) + html519:34
CarlFK works pretty good19:34
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system ยท GitHub (at
CarlFKicecast does webm?19:35
KriptonI didn't yet try the streaming-system since flumotion getting to work was not really easy19:36
Kriptonyep, icecast does webm19:36
CarlFKKripton: well. the old system has a pretty solid script19:36
CarlFKjust don't look at what all it does, that;s kinda scary19:36
CarlFKaps just ported it to gstreamer 1.0 which means everything is can be sane (like using packed dependencies) but no one has used it yet19:37
KriptonI think it's time for a VM... I don't really like stuff installed into a system without a package manager19:38
CarlFKI think the old system got docker'iezed19:39
CarlFKfor the servers, it is assumed there will be dedicated machines behaving like an appliance, not a multi use computer19:40
Kriptonstreaming-system servers?19:40
Kriptonthe icecast-instance I'm using is running on a dedicated server. so not problem there ;)19:41
Kriptonyou're all using Debian/Ubuntu, right?19:47
Kriptonbasically all installation instructions assume apt-get is used to install dependencies19:47
CarlFKyes - ubuntu lts 2012 I tink19:49
Kriptonso maybe that'd be a good choice for a VM for streaming-system testing/development19:49
CarlFKwhen is the event you want to stream?19:49
Kriptonno dedicated one. the last was 3 days ago but we just recorded that w/o live streaming to the web19:50
Kriptonwe had 5 cameras and it worked pretty well19:50
Kriptonbut not yet using flumotion or any software from timvideos19:51
CarlFKI would work on using the new flumotion with packaged deps19:51
Kriptoncurrently I'm porting dvsource-v4l2-other do pygst-1.019:52
CarlFKvm for testing, but hopefully the production install can be packaged so it will play nice and doesn't need a dedicated box19:53
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Kriptonleaving for today... bye20:41
CarlFKbye bye20:43
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xfxfCarlFK: i had timvideos streaming stuff streaming to youtube live successfully the other day22:03
xfxfiirc it didn't need too much tweaking from what was already there off memory22:03
CarlFKxfxf: kick ass22:05
CarlFKI kinda figured as much - I had a bouncing ball test going22:05
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apsCarlFK: I'm suddenly getting mails from rackspace support about a scheduled maintenance but I don't remember signing up for rackspace. Is this related to you or timvideos?22:44
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CarlFKaps: rackspace emails - not me.  mithro maybe.23:43
mithroaps: yes, I signed you up with an account...23:49

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