Thursday, 2014-09-25

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shenkimithro: ping00:14
mithroshenki: pong00:14
shenkimithro: apt-get on ns.mithis fails to resolve dns00:21
shenkimithro: 'host' works00:21
mithroshenki: on lex or underwood?00:21
shenkimithro: but 'ping' fails00:21
shenkimithro: err, whatever ns.mithis points to...00:21
mithrowhat does /etc/resolv.conf show?00:23
shenkisearch mithis.com00:24
shenkioptions edns000:24
shenkimithro: should localhost be there?00:25
shenkimithro: when i use dig, it warns WARNING: recursion requested but not available00:25
shenkimithro: is that a recent change?00:25
mithrohrm, yeah powerdns might have recursive dns disabled for everyone00:25
shenkimithro: is there any reason ns.mithis looks at localhost for dns?00:26
shenkimoving to the top for now, so i can install security updates00:26
mithroshenki: because otherwise you get a weird result where you updated DNS and then ping you get the wrong results00:27
shenkimithro: when testing updated dns changes?00:27
mithrobecause the old value will be cached in the non-localhost resolver00:27
mithrothat has caught me out a couple of times00:27
shenkicant you test from your local machine, with dig ?00:28
mithroI'm sure its trivially easy to make powerdns allow recursive resolution for localhost00:28
mithroshenki: yeah, then you go WTF is it working when I dig but not when I ping :P00:28
shenkii see :)00:29
shenkilex had 5.5GB of old kernels laying around :/00:48
shenkigood work ubuntu00:48
mithroshenki: I really need to set up a "timvideos-sysadmins" email list, I got the warning that lex was running out of disk space then the message that everything was better after you did the removal of the extra kernels01:58
shenkimithro: heh, yes, you should set that02:12
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mithroshenki: there is a talk about openpower at SLUG tomorrow night02:36
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB-vmodvga] mithro created oldmaster from master (+0 new commits):
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tvCommitBot[HDMI2USB-vmodvga] mithro force-pushed master from e2c2dd8 to 672b1c1:
tvCommitBotHDMI2USB-vmodvga/master f15c097 Rohit Kumar Singh: [GSoC]: Initial Schematic commit...02:44
tvCommitBotHDMI2USB-vmodvga/master 9d1a811 Rohit Kumar Singh: Fixed the feedback circuit for ADP3334 ICs in schematic...02:44
tvCommitBotHDMI2USB-vmodvga/master 6d4a4a2 Rohit Kumar Singh: Footprint assignment and PCB components placement...02:44
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tpbTitle: Embedded Linux Tutorial - Zybo (at
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shenkimithro: cool03:20
shenkimithro: ive been taking my zybo along to hackerspace each week03:20
shenkimithro: and each week, i bring it home having not taken it out the box03:20
mithroshenki: :/03:22
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tpbTitle: USB Type-C connector will also support DisplayPort: Finally, one cable will fit every hole | ExtremeTech (at
shenkitija: hello. hows things?06:11
shenkimithro: my shirt arrived! thanks!06:11
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tijashenki: Things are good! How about you?06:16
shenkitija: im good. busy hacking on firmware, but having fun06:16
tijashenki: any new feature?06:17
shenkitija: this is paid-job firmware, you can read it here:
tpbTitle: open-power/skiboot · GitHub (at
shenkitija: my talk about HDMI2USB got accepted for linux.conf.au06:18
tpbTitle: 2015 | 12 - 16 Jan | BeAwesome (at
shenkihah, i just re-read the abstract i wrote06:19
shenkiit's very brief06:19
tija"FPGA killed the video capture star" What does this mean :P06:20
tijashenki: I am going to write about my GSoC project in my university's student magazine. It seems they are running a cover story on summer internship.06:22
shenkitija: congrats! make sure you send us a copy of the magazine06:22
shenkitija: the title is a really bad pun06:23
tijashenki: ya sure!06:23
tpbTitle: Video Killed the Radio Star - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
tijanice song :P06:27
mithroWow - Gentoo has been considering (or just discussing) the conversion of its main repositories from CVS to Git for some time now06:57
shenki/var/log/apache2/access/blog.mithis.log: - - [25/Sep/2014:04:36:29 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 53100 "() { :; }; ping -c 11" "shellshock-scan ("07:21
tpbTitle: Errata Security: Bash 'shellshock' scan of the Internet (at
mithroI would hope we don't have any bash scripts exposed to the web......07:21
JoelwI think it can affect any script (e.g. Perl) that invokes a subshell07:29
mithrohrm, that might include the logs searching script...07:30
shenkimithro: anything cgi on your webserver will make you exposed07:31
shenkimithro: from what i understand07:31
shenkimithro: i patched all of our boxes thismorning07:31
mithroshenki: awesome! thanks for that07:31
shenkimithro: there is talk on the debian lists that the patch they pushed out didn't fix the entire bug though07:31
mithroshenki: we should just make sure we aren't using CGI anywhere :P07:32
shenkimithro: yeah07:32
tpbTitle: Core Inclusion Guide · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Open Hardware IRC Channels · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
mithrojust some random brain dumps08:22
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thaytanmithro, that's a really nice shirt. Thanks! :)10:07
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tijamithro: " #hackvana - Cheap place to get PCBs done" This does not sound good :P12:48
mithrotija: it's a wiki :P12:49
tijamithro: hackvana people will get angry :D12:49
tija"A place to get PCB done at low price" sounds better12:49
mithrotija: why, getting PCBs done cheaply for hobbist is the whole reason that Hackvana exists....12:50
tijacheap also means of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort.12:50
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tijaAnyways you decide, you are a native english speaker. I found it funny when I read it first12:52
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rohitksinghHi Everyone! :) Almost a month since I interacted! Browsing logs to see if I missed anything of major importance15:08
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