Tuesday, 2014-09-23

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mithroKripton: three possibilities - work on https://github.com/timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other see the issues section and the alternative branches03:01
tpbTitle: timvideos/dvsource-v4l2-other · GitHub (at github.com)03:01
mithroKripton: filter out our gstreamer "speaker tracking" stuff out of the our gst-plugins-bad branch into it's own "gst-plugins-speakertrack" repository - I have gotten is mostly done, but it needs some spit and polish and then configure scripts, etc03:02
mithroKripton: take a look at gst-switch and see if you can make it build03:30
Kriptonmithro, I'll take a look when I come home from work. gst-switch is checked out but currently fails to compile due to missing speakertrack dependency04:29
Kriptonat least for me :)04:29
mithrohyades: poke, can you help Kripton ?04:30
KriptonI just didn't yet bother to look deeper into it04:30
hyadesKripton: hey04:31
Kriptonhi there. the error I get is the same as https://github.com/timvideos/gst-switch/issues/2704:37
tpbTitle: depandancy on speakertrack · Issue #27 · timvideos/gst-switch · GitHub (at github.com)04:37
Kriptonbut as I said I didn't yet look deeper into it and I gotta go to work now :)04:37
hyadesKripton: which version of gstreamer?04:39
hyadesmithro: is the "filtered out" repo somewhere?04:46
mithrohyades: no, I'll push it in a moment04:46
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mithroshenki: ping?06:05
shenkimithro: pong06:05
mithro~seen Carlfk06:05
tpbmithro: Carlfk was last seen in #timvideos 1 day, 17 hours, 31 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <CarlFK> Kripton: right..audio...  coffee time06:05
mithroshenki: see pmsg06:08
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mithroxfxf: ping?06:15
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mithrofsck! How did it get to be 5:00pm06:57
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hyadesmithro: what do you use in 14.04 to install the entire gstreamer1.0 bundle required for gst-switch?09:10
hyadesgit of gstreamer or the ubuntu repo packages09:10
mithrodunno :P09:23
hyadesmithro: hm09:31
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mithrohyades / Kripton: you can see my progress on the "filtered out repo" stuff at https://gist.github.com/mithro/fbc0b16c04408e89b47810:21
tpbTitle: gst-plugins-bad to gst-plugins-ptz || gst-plugins-speakertrack commands (at gist.github.com)10:21
hyadesmithro: thanks!10:22
mithrohyades: it doesn't work / isn't finished yet10:25
mithroshenki: so, doing that migration....10:34
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shenkimithro: yep12:21
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shenkimithro: are we planning on doing a straight migration of the VMs to their new machine and IPs?12:21
shenki(opposed to updating our vms and the way we manage them)12:21
mithroshenki: for now, yes12:47
mithroshenki: Proposed solution way to do this is12:47
mithroshenki: shutdown the vm12:47
mithroshenki: run the backup script12:47
mithroshenki: rsync over the backup12:47
mithroshenki: restore the backup12:47
mithroshenki: launch the vm12:47
mithroshenki: lets do ns1.mithis.com first - I don't think we need to shutdown that one12:51
mithroshenki: we can also set up iptables rules to forward connections to the new IP address until we permanently shutdown lex12:52
shenkimithro: okay12:59
mithroshenki: all the VM's get their IP address via static DHCP assignments on lex12:59
shenkimithro: okay, so we need to set up dhcp on frank first?13:00
shenki(is frank the new machine?)13:00
mithroshenki: underwood you mean :P13:00
shenkiright :D13:01
mithroshenki: I can't remember how far I got with setting up the networking stuff on underwood13:02
shenkimithro: can you reset my password on underwood?13:03
mithroThis is what I did last weekend -> https://github.com/mithro/kicad-mini-pci-express13:16
tpbTitle: mithro/kicad-mini-pci-express · GitHub (at github.com)13:16
shenkimithro: nice!13:17
shenkimithro: what do you plan to build with them?13:18
mithroso, I'm yak shaving13:18
mithroThe current issue with the HDMI2USB production board is that I don't have access to an oscilloscope which samples fast enough so I can't check what is going on with the signals13:19
mithroI've come up with a way to create a high enough speed oscilloscope which is affordable, but I need a bunch of maths done for me which is beyond my skills13:20
mithroI have a friend who knows the physics and maths needed, he's currently trying to build a SDR board based around one of these parallel micro-core chips13:20
mithrohowever, he hasn't done much PCB / schematic design13:21
mithroNope, GreenArrays13:21
mithroso I'm helping him with his radio thing in exchange for help on the oscilloscope project13:21
mithrohis radio project needed a cheap way to interface with a memory module on another board13:22
mithromPCIe is a board which has enough pins and is small enough13:22
mithrohence the above :P13:22
shenkisounds interesting13:22
shenkibut.... why not just hire an oscilliscope?13:22
shenkican i ctrl+c the rsync job and reboot underwood?13:23
mithroshenki: I'm still researching that option13:24
mithroshenki: but most hire places don't have the equipement13:24
shenkimithro: so, reboot time?13:29
mithroyes go ahead13:29
shenkimithro: back up13:31
shenkimithro: so underwood has native ipv6?13:39
mithroshenki: yes13:39
mithroshenki: rackspace seems to support native IPv6 too13:41
mithroshenki: Oh I should get the the IP address plan13:41
shenkimithro: what is that?13:43
mithroshenki: we should put the backup script in some type of repository too14:21
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mithroKripton: it would be good if we could get some type of continuous build / testing going for the gst-plugin-dvswitch plugin (and dvsource-v4l-other) too15:20
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Kriptonmithro, I got experience with CI. What's the status of the Travis instance?17:45
mithroNo idea, I do think either of the dvswitch things have any setup yet.17:47
Kriptonwhat projects are set up yet? any web dashboard?17:48
mithroThe HDMI2USB firmware has some limited stuff and hyades_ set up some stuff for gst-switch17:49
mithroKripton: I hope to have the website mess you ran into sorted out soon17:50
mithrowell it's past my bedtime, time for me to sleep.17:50
Kriptonmithro, the one with duplicated ideas?17:51
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