Sunday, 2014-09-21

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KriptonCarlFK, you no longer in #gstreamer? I know now why streaming to youtube didn't work for me yesterday:09:33
KriptonYoutube only reposrts that the input is valid if there's an audio track. And I always tried w/o audio09:33
Kriptonas soon as I try with audio (even from audiotestsrc of course) it works09:35
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Kriptonmithro, saw my pull requests regardging gst-plugins-dvswitch? Any plans on merging them? Is there any review-process in this project? I thought I could practice some gstreamer programming while I wait for the LKV373 hardware.12:00
mithroKripton: no I didn't see them12:09
mithroWill look at them when I get at home if you link them here12:11
KriptonOh, I thought you'd get a mail that's why I didn't mention them here yet12:11
Kriptonsimple one:
tpbTitle: Unify parameter names by kripton · Pull Request #8 · timvideos/gst-plugins-dvswitch · GitHub (at
Kriptonmore complex one:
tpbTitle: Make gst-plugins-dvswitch work with gstreamer 0.10 and gstreamer 1.0 by kripton · Pull Request #9 · timvideos/gst-plugins-dvswitch · GitHub (at
KriptonI think they're not directly merge-compatible so I can rebase #8 after #9 has been merged12:13
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mithroKripton: yeah, I'm not sure why I didn't get an email12:29
mithroKripton: so I should look at #9 first?12:29
mithroor number 8?12:30
Kriptonnervermind. I'll just all announce all of them here :)12:30
Kriptonas you like. #8 is more trivial so it should be easier to rebase. so look at #9 first12:30
cfeltonmithro: in the initial thoughts document we have been commenting on12:31
mithroKripton: damn, your fast :P12:32
mithroKripton: I was actually going to comment that I wonder if we should just ditch 0.10 support12:32
cfeltonmithro: there was an intro with some big picture stuff, but I could use some feedback on the specifics for gizflo?12:33
mithrocfelton: sure12:33
Kriptonyeah, ditching 0.10 was actually what I would propose since the code is more spaghetti with all those #ifs12:33
Kriptonbut the comment by aps made me do the plugin that supports both APIs now12:33
mithroKripton: I mean, we can keep the version around in a branch12:33
CarlFKKripton:  coffee time12:33
mithroKripton: yeah, I saw it but hadn't gotten around to commenting also12:34
Kriptonmithro, now that #8 has been merged, shall I rebase #9 or redo it to only support gst 1.0 and we just keep the old thing in a branch?12:40
mithroKripton: hold on a sec12:40
mithrolet me do something12:40
tpbTitle: Merging aps-sids work to port to gstreamer1.0 and some of my debian package work. by mithro · Pull Request #10 · timvideos/gst-plugins-dvswitch · GitHub (at
mithroKripton: are you able to rebase onto that with only gst1.0 support?12:59
mithroKripton: I'd been meaning to push those changes for a while13:02
Kriptonmithro, go ahead merging pull/10 and I'll see what can be fixed/cleaned up afterwards13:11
Kriptona complete rebase would be overkill13:11
mithroKripton: can you take a look at #10 and see if there is anything which should be fixed before I merge?13:13
tpbTitle: Projects - Open Hardware Repository (at
tpbTitle: FPGA Configuration Space - Overview - Open Hardware Repository (at
cfeltonmithro: fpga-config-space in context to?  Or just interesting link?13:58
mithrocfelton: the discussion we had about the debug infrastructure and stuff13:58
cfeltonmithro: using the "mn" framework you simply define your register file (set) in a dictionary and then done
tpbTitle: (at
mithrocfelton: that gets blotted somewhere that can be read back at another time?14:08
cfeltonmithro: the rest is handled, you don't need to do anything else, bus agnostic, header files, can be created etc.  I use this to easily config from Python14:08
cfeltonmithro: blotted?14:09
mithrobashed, stashed, thrown at :P14:09
cfeltonmithro: yes14:10
cfeltonmithro: gotta go for today, will be back online late tonight14:13
mithrocfelton: see ya14:17
mithroi should go to bed14:17
Kriptonmithro, I made some small changes in your "master" branch, but I cannot send a pull request to your repo. My branch is here:
tpbTitle: kripton/gst-plugins-dvswitch at mithro-master · GitHub (at
KriptonIt's basically one commit on top of your master. If you merge it to your master, you can merge your master branch to the "timvideos" repository14:19
mithroKripton: shall I merge #10 and then you can send yours to the main repo?14:19
Kriptonokay for me14:20
Kriptonand you could tag the last version that compiles against 0.10 in the timvideos repo. Just in case ;)14:23
Kriptonmithro, oh wait, I CAN send a pull-req to your repo14:26
tpbTitle: Fix casings and compiler warnings by kripton · Pull Request #1 · mithro/gst-plugins-dvswitch · GitHub (at
Kriptonso you can merge mine before merging your branch to timvideos repo14:27
mithroKripton: done!14:28
Kriptonmithro, cool14:29
Kripton... and gone is 0.10 :D14:29
mithroKripton: not quite....14:32
mithro :P14:32
tpbTitle: timvideos/gst-plugins-dvswitch at gst0.10 · GitHub (at
Kriptongood. I gotta go now. see you later14:44
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Kriptonmithro, you could've set the gst-0.10 tag on commit "b4637e9f65cb8fa1e29de26d2f37c1f8cb9c7b57"20:29
Kriptonsince the parameter changes were on the 0.10 branch before the porting20:29
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