Saturday, 2014-09-20

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mithrocfelton: have you used myhdl with eispice at all?10:14
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cfeltonmithro: I have not but others have,
tpbTitle: How to connect eispice and MyHDL [MyHDL] (at
mithrocfelton: yeah, that is what made me think it might even be possible12:13
mithrocfelton: have you used eispice or IBIS models (with or otherwise) at all before12:13
cfeltonmithro: not really, limited use, both12:15
cfeltonmithro: did some small examples with eispice to try it out but didn't do much more12:16
cfeltonmithro: but that was a long time ago12:17
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apsKripton: Hi! Have you worked with flumotion before?13:04
Kriptonno, not yet13:25
Kriptonyou mean the porting task?13:25
apsKripton: Yes, there's still an issue with dvswitch component.13:27
KriptonI cna try if I can get flumotion git HEAD to compile later13:31
apsKripton: thanks. I'm currently stuck with this issue -
tpbTitle: Caps negotiation error in DVSwitch component · Issue #1 · aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
apsKripton: Porting progress posts could be found here --
tpbTitle: Home | GSoC '14 Progress Blog (at
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Kriptonaps, is it the branch "porting-to-gst1.0" or "porting-dvswitch" ?14:25
Kriptonoh dear, this requires python < 3 .....14:27
Kriptonnext construction site there :)14:28
Kriptonthat build system looks some little bit chaotic14:32
Kriptonchecks out git externals and SVN externals and starts up some virtual X-Server in the background ...14:32
apsKripton: porting - dvswitch  ... Flumotion does require some work in the build and import system.. mithro can tell more about that14:40
KriptonI think it'll require a VM here. Don't wanna do this on my production system to be honest ...14:41
KriptonAre you working on Debian?14:42
KriptonWhat is namespace "gi.repository"? I'm getting this error on flumotion-admin: "AttributeError: 'gi.repository.GObject' object has no attribute 'GObjectMeta'"14:45
Kriptonis that gobject-introspection ?14:46
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apsKripton: admin gui hasn't been ported.. So that won't work.. You should use config files. Wait I'll give you an instructions link15:05
KriptonI fixed that direct error but am stuck with the next one. Let's see what the configs bring :)15:07
Kriptonjust in case you get the same error:
tpbTitle: dpaste: 2CT90C4: stdin, by kripton (at
apsKripton: actually iirc kiwi development has been discontinued so porting admin might not be straight forward15:09
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
Kripton> Child with pid 7625 segfaulted. (flumotion/common/
Kriptonand other loads of errors :/15:16
Kriptonaps, possibly starting with "AttributeError: 'PadProbeInfo' object has no attribute 'get_structure'" as first error15:18
Kriptonis this now because of gstreamer 1.0 porting?15:18
apsKripton: 1 sec15:18
apsKripton: which branch are you working on?15:19
tpbTitle: dpaste: 304BYRW: stdin, by kripton (at
Kriptonaps, porting-dvswitch15:20
Kriptonon "master", there's no test_config.xml but I can copy that over15:21
apsmaster is unported version15:22
Kriptonif that would work so I can get an idead of how the system works it would help but it fails with "AttributeError: 'EPollReactor' object has no attribute 'listenWith'"15:22
apsunported version can't be run on anything above Ubuntu 12.04 precise15:23
apsKripton: please give me a paste of errors when you run on porting-dvswitch branch15:24
tpbTitle: dpaste: 03S38CM: terminal 1, by kripton (at
apsKripton: please run once on porting-to-1.0 branch and see if you get same errors. maybe I broke something in porting-dvswitch :/15:31
Kriptonaps, it looks a bit better. at least I don't see any erros now15:33
Kriptonmood of encoder-video changed to happy (flumotion/common/
apsKripton: yeah, you will see stream also :P15:34
Kriptonaps, Server returned 404: Not Found15:35
Kriptonfailed to create component http-audio-video: failure flumotion.common.errors.ComponentCreateError: module flumotion.component.consumers.httpstreamer.httpstreamer could not be imported (exception ImportError at flumotion/component/base/ <module>(): No module named 'twisted.web') (flumotion/manager/
KriptonI seem to be missing twisted-web15:36
Kriptonbut that should be easy to change. 1 sec15:36
Kriptongood, that's working now. first time I got flumotion running15:38
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CarlFKKripton: \o/16:11
KriptonCarlFK, mh?16:11
CarlFKthats me cheering for you getting flumotion running16:12
Kriptonoh okay, thanks :)16:13
Kriptonso am I correct that gst-dvswitch is used to select/mix the source to be streamed and flumotion's job is the distribution of the finished stream to multiple clients?16:22
CarlFKKripton: that's the plan.16:24
CarlFKit has never been used in production, so "used" should be "to be used" ;)16:24
Kriptonokay. and icecast is too limited in supported formats?16:24
CarlFKI don't know the details, but that sounds like it16:26
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Kriptongood. I'll read through the slides of fluendo and flumotion then16:27
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CarlFKdid you see my cry for help in #gstreamer ?16:27
CarlFKI don't understand how to split/join two paths16:29
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