Friday, 2014-09-19

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shenkigsoc tshirt arrived today!01:16
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apsCarlFK: mithro , need some help. I need to convert (hex encoded, I think) characters like \x3c in a string/json object to corresponding ascii characters. I have been fiddling with .decode() and .encode() in python, but no luck. Any ideas please.05:06
mithroaps: do you have the actual string?05:07
CarlFKaps: where does the string come from?05:07
CarlFKyeah, that too.05:07
apsthis, for example --
apsits bascially encoded html05:08
CarlFKContent-Type: text/javascript; charset=utf-805:08
CarlFK(might help)05:08
CarlFK says Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '['05:10
tpbTitle: JSONLint - The JSON Validator. (at
CarlFKhmm... kinda looks like a string to me..05:11
apsresult = data.decode('utf-8')05:13
apsascii = result.encode('ascii', 'ignore')05:13
apsgives UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xab' in position 27962: ordinal not in range(128)05:13
CarlFK>>> format(" \x3cdiv class=\"page-heading\"\x3e\x3ch1\x3eSEARCH RESULTS 1721")05:17
CarlFK' <div class="page-heading"><h1>SEARCH RESULTS 1721'05:17
CarlFKthat works for that.. not saying its the right way to decode it, its just my guess05:19
CarlFK>>> import requests05:29
CarlFK>>> session = requests.session()>>> response = session.get("")05:29
CarlFK>>> t = response.text05:29
CarlFK>>> d = eval(t)05:29
CarlFK>>> d.keys()05:29
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apsI think this will do for now. Thanks CarlFK  :)05:33
CarlFKaps: I had a python person use import pprint ... pprint() and call it json.  it looks similar to json, but it isn't.05:34
CarlFK I had to use eval(t) to parse it.  yuck.05:34
xfxfCarlFK: that's the way that json was meant to be used originally in js...05:37
xfxfas terrible as that is05:38
CarlFKoh my05:38
mithrothe JSON people make some pretty terrible choices - using JS syntax was not really one of them06:02
xfxfmithro: the syntax is fine, telling people originally to use eval() to pull it in is not fine06:07
mithroxfxf: it has its advantages06:07
mithroxfxf: security not being one of them however06:07
xfxfwhen you throw away security, all sorts of convenient things can happen ;)06:08
CarlFKsounds like my debconf video report: Video is easy as long as you don't care about quality or any sort of deliverable.06:09
tpbTitle: dc14-video_4f66e6 - whiteboard (at
xfxfCarlFK: dude you've done debconf with me before06:11
xfxfthese things are almost a case of having good management and coordination06:12
xfxfhaving run teams for over a decade i have methodologies to get broken teams functional, but they require being confrontational06:13
xfxfwhich apparently has made me friends06:13
CarlFKyou should fix fosdem ;)06:14
CarlFK22 tracks, core team of 5 and various people interested in helping out.  sometimes.06:15
xfxftbh i'm confident i could, and i'd get results, but i might not be the most popular person afterwards06:15
mithroxfxf / CarlFK: well if I have my way you'll be all automated out of a job eventually ;)06:15
CarlFKmithro: hurry up! :p06:16
xfxfmithro: fine with me, means i can spend more time hacking on code06:16
mithroCarlFK: finding me some sysadmins and a secretary would go a long way :P06:16
CarlFKIll take a few of those too.06:16
CarlFKxfxf: have any time for pyvideo now?06:22
xfxfsorry, yeah, indeed06:23
xfxftoday's been a bit of a everything is happening at once day06:23
xfxfi need to manually update the metadata first (don't ask)06:23
CarlFKpython ck_setup.py06:24
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CarlFKdo that first - I may fall asleep waiting for data updates06:24
xfxfmy veyepar is a forked version from code you had about 13 months ago06:25
xfxfi'm assuming i should git stash/update first06:25
xfxfyou're using django south, right?06:25
xfxfoh boy06:26
xfxfschema changes?06:26
CarlFK13 months.. probably06:26
xfxfi'll figure it out06:26
CarlFKdjango 1.7 just came out.  it has migrations built in.  figuring out how to use it is on my list.  might happen in a few months06:29
xfxfis that racksapce?06:43
xfxfand where does that go?06:43
xfxfi don't believe we (next day video) should be storing video on behalf of clients06:43
xfxfthere are issues both sides doing that06:44
xfxfheh, pip against requirements.txt is installing a _lot_ of new stuff06:47
CarlFKyes,  and not sure were.  something about cdn.06:52
xfxfprobably to a ndv account06:53
xfxfi'd look into that06:53
xfxfif you're hosting these, and it's linked from pyvideo, you're making yourself responsible for archiving this stuff long term06:54
xfxfwhat was wrong with for hosting foss videos?06:54
xfxfalso you've changed this schema quite a bit and exporting/importing json is freaking out06:55 errors on me now and then, as in I can't figure out why, then months later it works again06:56
CarlFKseems to be working better lately, so feel free to use it.  hmm.. I don't think it will stream - like they throttle it such that it doesnt play, so pyvideo lists it as "download only"06:57
xfxfi emailed you the json file with the conf data in it06:57
xfxfah, right.  that makes sense, i wondered about that06:57
xfxfwith pyvideo data, can i change the metadata once the files are uploaded?06:58
xfxflike, if i want to add mp4 or webm files linked elsewhere later06:58
CarlFKyes, until you flip state from draft to live, then no.06:59
xfxfthe api doesn't support updating?06:59
CarlFKyes, until you flip state from draft to live, then no.06:59
xfxfthe answer to that specific question is evidently no07:00
xfxfwho do i bug to get admin access to it?07:00
xfxfi can see a ton of cases where i will need to change what is pushed up07:00
xfxfconferences change their mind all their time, as you know07:00
CarlFKI don't have much problem once the event ends07:01
xfxfi do07:02
xfxfthis event for example updated all of their youtube metadata after i pushed it up07:02
xfxfand want me to push _that_ to pyvideo07:02
xfxfi've manually copy and pasted everything back in.  yay.07:02
CarlFK2:20  - I need to get to bed - need anything before I go?07:21
CarlFKim off07:26
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mithroHi Kripton!07:36
KriptonHi there :)07:36
mithrowelcome to our little corner of the internet07:36
Kriptonthank you.07:37
Kriptonabout your question where I bought the device: some chinese merchant via aliexpress07:37
mithroKripton: how did you find out about our project?07:37
Kriptonmight take some time to arrivce though due to german customs07:37
KriptonI think it was mainly due to a mailing list post by you about the LKV373 device07:38
KriptonFor a youth-center in the city I live I created a system similar to yours where you have several sources/cameras streaming to one PC. Then the sources are mixed/switched and streamed to the internet07:39
Kriptonand currently we are using mainly analog video to USB grabbers, webcams and IEEE1394 (dv) as sources07:39
Kriptonbut the latest camera no longer has dv1394 but HDMI and I was looking for a way to feed that into our system07:40
Kriptonthen I came accross the LKV373 and it looks just perfect07:40
KriptonHDMI -> H264 via USB (UVC) would've even better but is still very expensive07:40
mithroKripton: we are eventually hoping to change that07:41
KriptonI know :) I even thought about buying the Atlys board since I had a project at university that had VGA input to an FPGA, we modified the video signal and output it via VGA. But I think I should concentrate on software first07:42
KriptonFPGA interest is high but experience is very limited07:42
mithroKripton: well, if you start contributing to the project, I have been known to send people hardware07:42
Kriptonthat's cool. But since my girlfriend currently studies I could even get the Atlys for the academic price07:44
Kriptonyou're currently planning to use MJPEG to encode the video coming from the HDMI, right? are there any plans/ideas to use VP8 or something? There seems to be an FPGA-implementation here:
tpbTitle: The WebM Project | WebM Video Hardware RTLs (at
KriptonHowever, they never replied to me :/07:47
mithroKripton: they do say they aren't interested in hobbists08:23
Kriptonoh okay08:23
shenkimmm. because hobby projects never got us anywhere did they09:55
Kriptongotta go. bye10:12
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CarlFKxfxf: im up agin14:42
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