Thursday, 2014-09-18

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mithroCarlFK: there is also
tpbTitle: libFPGALink · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKon good news, I got the box of shirts - they look nice :)03:43
mithroCarlFK: awesome! I got the delivery receipt03:44
CarlFKmithro: the streaming system should work with ipad or iOS device?03:58
mithroCarlFK: it does not03:59
CarlFKoh.  glad I asked.03:59
CarlFKdo you think the youtube stream should?04:00
mithroCarlFK: NFI, but I would think so?04:00
CarlFKthats my guess to04:00
CarlFKI have that stuff in one of my tabs around here somewhere.. maybe I'll read up on it04:00
mithroCarlFK: in theory the rtmp gstreamer component should be able to stream to youtube04:01
mithro and might be useful04:02
tpbTitle: Snowmix / Wiki / Snowmix and CDNs (at
CarlFKexcept I have no clue how to use it04:03
mithroCarlFK: if you get a working gstreamer pipeline I can tell you how to get it working with flumotion04:03
CarlFKworking gstreamer pipeline - guessing you mean reading from a camera and sending to .. um..  what does working mean?04:11
mithroCarlFK: or videotestsrc04:28
apsmithro: is there a test rtmp url where we can send the feed?04:29
CarlFKaps: want a small VM to play with ?  low cpu power, but should be enough to see something kinda working04:33
apsCarlFK: If our aim is to stream to YT, I guess you should create a test live event there?04:33
CarlFKwhy me? :p04:34
apsnextdayvideo :P04:34
apsI tried, it asks for confirming phone number n all04:34
CarlFKoh right04:35
CarlFKi created one for me (carl)04:36
CarlFKhaven't read much about it at all04:37
CarlFKand 0 time for anyting new.  but it does sound like fun and something I should be looking into04:38
apsCarlFK: mithro
tpbTitle: TimVideos Test Stream - YouTube (at
CarlFKit stopped, and then came back (which is prolly great)05:43
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apsmithro: here is the working gstreamer pipeline for streaming to YT  --
tpbTitle: gst-launch-1.0 -v --gst-debug=flvmux:0,rtmpsink:0 videotestsrc pattern=0 is-live - (at
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mithroaps: the fact that is "gst-launch-1.0" I think is what has stopped us previously06:25
CarlFKsomething in that line is backgrounding the command .. the & maybe?06:30
CarlFKI bet that should be quoted06:31
CarlFKhmm nope.06:32
CarlFKwell, I deleted everything after the & and it is working06:34
apsmithro: but gst-launch-1.0 is available on precise as well right? or do we need to use gst-launch-0.10 only?06:45
mithroaps: nope06:46
apsmithro: umm, what's is the issue then?06:54
mithroaps: gst-launch-1.0 isn't available on precise06:55
apshuh.. I just ran the cmd06:56
apson precise06:56
apsmithro: I think I installed it from gstreamer ppa -
tpbTitle: PPA for GStreamer developers : “GStreamer developers” team (at
apsCarlFK: you still streaming? please kill the process07:01
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CarlFKInterrupt: Stopping pipeline ...07:01
CarlFKExecution ended after 0:28:37.51461698907:01
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apsNow, I'm streaming from precise, using gst-launch-1.007:04
apsmithro: I can run gst-launch-1.0 from precise as well. And, this is the gst-launch-0.10 equivalent of pipeline -
tpbTitle: gst-launch-0.10 -v --gst-debug=flvmux:0,rtmpsink:0 videotestsrc pattern=0 is-liv - (at
mithroaps: you installed the extra gst PPA I believe07:10
mithroaps: also, flumotion until your post had to use gst-0.10 right?07:10
apsmithro: this equivalent cmd looks good?07:11
apsit works for me07:13
CarlFKI am heading to bed - I am excited about the youtube streaming thing - thanks aps07:22
apssleep well07:23
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cfeltonmithro: The "FOSS Display Port Project" document you linked the other day, is that a formal project you want to add to HDMI2USB or is this the write-up for a student project definition?12:00
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mithrocfelton: it's a "project idea" I put into the Semester of Code12:36
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cfeltonmithro: do you want feedback (comments) or a moot point now, since it was submitted?12:44
mithrocfelton: feel free to add comments to the document12:44
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shenkimithro: ping13:35
shenkimithro: im about to try updating my certs again13:35
mithroshenki: just heading to bed....13:35
shenkimithro: except this time i tested the config locally ;)13:35
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mithroshenki: give it a go, if it fails - revert and try again13:38
mithroshenki: 30 seconds of down time won't kill me, 30 minutes is :P13:39
shenkimithro: yeah. i didn't realise it was down last time :/13:40
shenkiokay, it went down for 30 seconds again, but it's working now \o/13:40
mithroshenki: just got the down notification13:41
shenkiexcept that i just realised i created a SHA1 signed cert13:41
shenkiupside is i now have a process that i understand, so it's all good13:41
shenkimithro: ok, it's safe, you can go to bed now13:43
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CarlFK  that is running on a tiny rackspace vm18:52
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
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CarlFKaps: ping - trying to get the test stream on my youtube live account - "We are not receiving data from your encoder. Please make sure it is configured correctly in the Ingestion Settings page."21:23
mithrocfelton: you about?21:40
mithroCarlFK: I might have a little time this weekend to look at the YouTube stuff, but wondering were to prioritise it?21:42
mithroI also have to do AWS to Rack space migration21:42
CarlFKmithro: youtube live may be low hanging fruit21:42
mithroAnd Lex to Underwood migration21:42
mithroCarlFK: I have enough low hanging fruit to keep me alive well through many winters to come :P21:43
CarlFKI am guessing it can take the place of flumiton on EC2 .. assuming there aren't some caps like 10 viewers21:43
mithroYes. I think it could too. However as you mentioned it doesn't have any SLA until you get to be a big enough partner21:44
CarlFKand there isn't some sort of content robot that shuts things off  (like happened at hugo awards or something)21:44
mithroNot that my stuff really has any type of SLA anyway21:45
mithroCarlFK: it is likely that there is something like that21:45
mithroI think it has a lot of potential as a "backup" stream like we use to use for...21:46
mithroDid you check to see if the YouTube live stream worked on iOS / Android?21:46
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CarlFK1speaking of SLA.. coffee shop wifi...21:49
CarlFK1(04:45:07 PM) mithro: Not that my stuff really has any type of SLA anyway21:49
CarlFK1that was the last message21:49
CarlFK1arg.. now pidgin locked upp  I think...  can't see this type21:51
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CarlFKbut it logged all that.  good.21:52
CarlFKoff for 45 min, and I think IRC where I am going..22:10
CarlFKsee ya22:10
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