Tuesday, 2014-09-16

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mithromicolous_: ping?05:18
xfxf_01:16 <@mithro> CarlFK: I could really use some help with doing some admin work for TimVideos if you have time now DebConf is over - I really need to concentrate on getting the HDMI2USB hardware working05:58
xfxf_mithro: not that i have a ton of time, but i'm curious, what do you need done?05:58
mithroxfxf_: things like organising the t-shirts would be an example05:59
xfxf_i'm doing a fair bit of video related stuff over the next couple of months05:59
xfxf_is there a list somewhere?05:59
xfxf_i may be able to find somebody to do that05:59
mithroxfxf_: thats done now05:59
mithroxfxf_: we need to finish getting the student final reports all in good shape05:59
mithroxfxf_: we need to write up a blog post to go on the Google Open Source blog06:00
mithroxfxf_: we should do some type of "thanks for all the fish" type news item on the website06:00
mithroxfxf_: we still need to do a bunch of clean up regarding the website project06:00
mithroxfxf_: there is a bunch of website content we need to update06:00
mithroxfxf_: IE we should include the students in the "who's who" of the project06:01
mithroxfxf_: it would be nice to collect pictures of students + mentors in their new TimVideos t-shirts06:01
mithroxfxf_: need to figure out what needs to move from Amazon to Rackspace06:01
mithroxfxf_: plus soo much more :P06:02
mithroCarlFK: ping?06:09
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micolous_mithro: pong08:51
micolous_what's up08:51
micolous_I'm at the pub08:52
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mithromicolous_: I have a t-shirt for you09:58
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CarlFKmithro: pong14:07
CarlFKxfxf_: ping14:07
CarlFKmicolous_:  cheers!14:07
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CarlFKaps-sids: http://timvideos.us/test  "Search on Twitter:               timvideos"  doesn' tthat need to be #timvideos ?21:54
tpbTitle: Test Stream (at timvideos.us)21:54
CarlFKI have been waiting for that to be fixed, and conf guy is getting ansy21:54
micolous_mithro: ok, i'll swing by at lunch time23:32
micolous_I need to pick up another shirt too :P23:32

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