Monday, 2014-09-15

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mithrocfelton_: ping?06:48
mithrotija: ping?07:19
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mithroaps-sids: ping?07:23
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tijamithro: pong07:36
mithrotija: I did up a bunch of specifications for the "Semester of Code" - I think you found one because I saw you request access :P07:37
tijamithro: yes07:37
tijamithro: why isn't it public?07:38
mithrotija: it should be now07:38
mithroshenki: ping?07:42
mithrotija: I'm going to invite you to be a mentor for the VALS "Semester of Code" - I don't expect you to be a mentor but it would allow you to see the project ideas07:42
mithroshenki: ping?07:43
tijamithro: okay! Did you see my lastest blog post?07:43
mithrotija: yes - I've been meaning to respond07:43
tijamithro: why are you targeting altera?07:45
mithrotija: The Daisho USB3.0 core is designed / created for Altera devices.07:47
mithrotija: there is an alternative project to port the core to Xilinx devices.07:47
tijaokay now things make sense.07:48
mithrotija: see private messages07:49
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hyades__mithro: ping!08:01
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mithrohyades: welcome back! I replied to your email :P08:01
hyadeswhen I try to install using the current version - 1.5.0, building gst-switch throws up errors.08:03
mithrohyades: sounds likely08:04
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hyadesalso the gst-plugins-bad depends on the previous version of gstreamer (guess it was 1.1.1 that time) since it built properly back then08:06
mithrohyades: I'm unsure if that is actually needed08:06
hyadesyea maybe not needed08:07
hyadesso now we build all compenents of gstreamer and then followed by gst-plugin-customs??08:10
mithrohyades: yeah the build script currently builds a full gstreamer toolchain I think.08:10
hyadesgstreamer, base, good, ugly08:11
hyadesand bad we take from duzy's repo08:11
hyadesmithro: currently the gst-plugins-dvswitch works on ubuntu gstreamer trunk or the gstreamer git trunk?08:28
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mithrohyades: aps-sids did some porting work for the flumotion on gstreamer-1.0 project10:42
mithrohyades: but you shouldn't need it do use gst-switch10:42
mithrohyades: would you be interested in being a gst-switch mentor?10:44
hyadesyea flumotion doesnt come in10:52
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shenkimithro: pong11:38
mithroshenki: a couple of things11:39
mithroshenki: My parent's have been trying to get you the Xilinx JTAG programmer thingy but haven't had much luck catching you. I told them to put it in the mailbox but they refuse11:39
shenkimithro: hah okay11:39
shenkimithro: yeah, we were in Lorne this weekend11:40
mithroshenki: I think they have been trying on weekdays mostly11:40
mithrothey are up at Monarto otherwise11:40
shenkihrm, okay11:40
shenkimandy is home most days until 2pm this week11:40
shenkiand I normally work from home on thursdays11:40
mithroshenki: did you see my email about the Semester of Code thing?11:44
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cfeltonmithro: ping12:04
mithrocfelton: pong12:04
cfeltonmithro: for hosting, that is where my knowledge starts to fall apart, I have it on ipower.  The wiki needs database etc12:06
mithrocfelton: Postgres or MySQL work?12:06
cfeltonmithro: BOMK yes12:06
cfeltonmithro: best of my knowledge12:13
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mithroshenki: we also need to do the lex to underwood migration sometime soon13:14
mithroCarlFK: ping?13:23
mithroshenki: ping?13:48
shenkimithro: yes, lets start migrating14:28
mithroshenki: I plan to just copy across hopper to underwood and update the IP address14:31
mithroshenki: do you have any DNS outside of
shenkimithro: nope14:33
mithroshenki: okay, that makes hopper easy14:34
shenkimithro: will we then dist-upgrade to the newer lts?14:34
mithroshenki: moving is going to be a bit more tricky as there are likely to be lots of domains pointing at it's IP address14:34
mithroplus updating all the secondaries too14:35
shenkimithro: we can still leave ns1 serving after migrating, right?14:36
shenkihave a transition period of a week or so?14:37
mithroshenki: yes - until we want to delete lex14:37
shenkimithro: perhaps that makes ns1 the most important to move then14:48
mithroshenki: start with the easy ones first I think? :P14:48
shenkiwuss :P14:48
shenkimithro: so will we dist-upgrade eg. hopper once we've migrated?14:49
mithroshenki: I don't think we should block the migration on doing that upgrade14:49
shenkii was wondering if we would re-install any of the VMs on the new machine14:49
shenkiand only migrate the apps14:49
CarlFKmithro: pong14:54
mithroCarlFK: see emails15:05
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mithroCarlFK: I could really use some help with doing some admin work for TimVideos if you have time now DebConf is over - I really need to concentrate on getting the HDMI2USB hardware working15:14
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CarlFKmithro: I am swamped16:45
CarlFKmithro: did you see and can you help figure out why the twitter thing isn't showing anything ?16:46
tpbTitle: Test Stream (at
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deshrajdryHello everyone, I am very much eager to learn and help in contributing to this project. So, please guide me where to start.21:30
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