Tuesday, 2014-09-09

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mithrohyades: ping, ping?07:27
mithroaps: ping?07:28
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mithroCarlFK: I assume you are a sleep?07:38
mithrocfelton: ping?07:41
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cfeltonmithro pong10:46
mithrocfelton: isn't it like super early or super late for you at the moment?10:47
cfeltonbeen trying irccloud, it always is logged in, I am off to work soon10:47
cfelton547am normal start of the day time :)10:47
mithrocfelton: you are in the US?10:47
cfeltonmithro: yes, in the midwest10:47
mithrogetting up at 547am every morning would kill me :P10:48
cfeltonmithro: it is a little rough but gives me time to hang with the kids after school and before bed10:51
mithrocfelton: just wanted to chat about things10:51
cfeltonmithro: day is extra rough, since I didn't go to bed till 2am - ugh10:51
mithroprobably good to wait until you have a longer time block10:51
cfeltonmithro: have a little bit of time10:51
cfeltonmithro: what time works best for you, your localtime10:53
mithrocfelton: I'm guessing late for you, earlyish for me? It's almost 9:00pm here now10:53
cfeltonmithro: I probably will be around 11pm tonight, is that 8am your time, haven't had my coffee yet :)10:56
mithrocfelton: I have a work meeting at 9:30am - so might work...10:56
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CarlFKmithro: im up ..  well  1/2 up13:07
apsmithro: pong. was afk whole day..15:09
apsYou should be asleep15:10
CarlFKaps: I need to make the streaming system page show a demo so conf organizers can see the look and feel15:11
CarlFKI don't know when.. could be days.. so running an encoder on EC2 is not good (cuz $)15:11
CarlFKswapping the stream for a static file wold be fine.15:12
apsUmm, you need to play video as well?15:12
apsLooked into Fake register cmd?15:12
CarlFKyes video.  no fake..15:12
apsI'm on my way to home.. So will let you know before I go to bed15:13
Niharika_https://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/tree/master/website#registering-a-fake-flumotion-encoder-server-onto-tracker The fake register command.15:16
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at github.com)15:16
CarlFKNiharika_: I am guessing that won't have a video to play, right ?15:21
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Niharika_CarlFK: Right. No video.15:27
CarlFKyeah, I need a video to play.  someone wants me to use http://www.livestream.com  "but lets see what your UX is like..."15:28
tpbTitle: Livestream | Watch or Broadcast Live Events (at www.livestream.com)15:28
CarlFKso I kinda need something playing or they are going to be confused ;/15:29
Niharika_Ah, I see.15:32
Niharika_I like the "x watching now" thing on Livestream. Maybe we could add something like that too (in near future).15:32
CarlFKx is the number of people? (or connections)15:33
Niharika_What else could it be? :o15:34
CarlFKum.. a person's name?  we could make people log in :D15:35
Niharika_There has to be an incentive for making someone sign up and surrender their details. :P Maybe we could remember their IRC nick and auto-login them....15:36
CarlFKaggressive cookie and browser finger print analysis.15:38
CarlFKplan B: make up a name: "hi Jed Bush!  if this is not you, click to fix."15:39
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apsCarlFK: so, what kind of video do you want? Does it need to be a live stream or it can be any previous pycon video?16:28
CarlFKprevious is fine16:29
CarlFKideally one I have made that is nice quality16:30
CarlFKoh, I have a good one..16:30
CarlFKhttp://video.open-bio.org/video/1/a-history-of-bioinformatics-in-the-year-2039  hmm...  the .webm file isn't up.. give me a sec to put it on archive.org and rackspace cdn.. I seem to remember archive didn't stream well16:33
tpbTitle: vid - A History of Bioinformatics (in the Year 2039) (at video.open-bio.org)16:33
CarlFKoh no.. looks like I dumped the orignials16:40
CarlFKyay found it on my random backup drive16:41
apsI just updated the site and I was hoping to see micolous' Bootsrap UI, but it's not there16:43
apsNiharika_: hows bugtracker.timvideos.us coming up?16:43
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Niharika_aps: It's supposed to redirect to http://bugtracker.codersquid.com/bugform/ I am unsure what I have to do for that. Do you have any ideas?16:46
tpbTitle: Bug Report Form (at bugtracker.codersquid.com)16:46
apsNiharika_: is this working? I tried a few times, but Hidden field city and netspeed missiong16:48
Niharika_aps: Hang on.16:48
Niharika_aps: Darn, I think I broke this in the last commit I made. I'll fix it tomorrow. Thanks for telling me! I was assuming it works fine.16:50
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tvCommitBot[streaming-system] aps-sids created test-room (+1 new commit): http://git.io/lY_0bQ18:15
tvCommitBotstreaming-system/test-room ef80192 Amanpreet Singh: Add test room with video stream from file18:15
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apsCarlFK: I have made something but I think that is very hackish/wrong way to go about it. Tim won't be happy with me merging it in master18:33
CarlFKaps: hmm.. any idea how to deploy the site to a fresh debian box?18:34
CarlFKI can setup a rackspace box and point a domain name at it.18:34
apsCarlFK: there's this  https://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/tree/master/website#production-deployment18:35
tpbTitle: streaming-system/website at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at github.com)18:35
apsI'm trying to figure out a way to host that test stream temporarily18:36
CarlFKvi private/settings.py18:36
CarlFKum.. that step could use a little work ;)18:36
apsCarlFK: found a way.. wait a sec18:46
apsCarlFK: this will work for you?  http://timvideos.us/test18:48
tpbTitle: Test Stream (at timvideos.us)18:48
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carlfk2perfect :)18:50
apsCarlFK: When you're sharing the URL, make sure it's /test and not /test/18:51
CarlFKSearch on Twitter: timvideos  guessing that should be #timvideos ?18:51
apsI thought timvideos was better since it shows all tweets with website name as well, but tweets not working is probably some other issue18:52
apsAlso, this test page will go away when we setup website for next conf. The commits are there in a different branch though.18:53
carlfk2k - it would be nice for the twitter thing to be flipping .. kinda like web1.0 spinny gifs :)18:53
carlfk2there is a slim chance I will do chipy in 2 days.. but pretty slim.18:54
carlfk2crap.. this video has issues.  I think the batteries were dying.18:56
apsyou want me to put some other link?18:56
CarlFKI was hoping to have an open bio one.. but it isn't ready yet19:00
apsOkay give the link and I don't quite know how this twitter thing works so can't do much there19:01
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