Monday, 2014-09-08

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shenkimithro: ping10:08
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mithroshenki: pong10:47
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shenkimithro: i just got an email about that. is that your doing?12:40
mithroshenki: yes I signed us up for it12:40
mithroshenki: we need some more VHDL/Verilog mentors12:41
shenkihrm, okay. i'll have a think12:41
mithroshenki: I started hacking on porting the milkymist (mixxeo) firmware to the atlys board12:46
tpbTitle: M-Labs » indie high-tech development (at
mithroshenki: they have a FOSS  SDRAM driver which supports many different boards12:47
mithroshenki: they are working on support for series-7 - Zynq chips12:47
mithroshenki: they also have a HDMI/DVI implementation which should work on the Zynq chips too12:47
shenkimithro: nice12:47
shenkimithro: i'm only just catching up on everything following my ski trip, and I'm off to Victora for this weekend. But after that I should have some time to hack again12:48
tpbTitle: Temporary commit for digilent_atlys on misoc. · 86afedb · mithro/misoc · GitHub (at
mithrojust trying to get the DDR2 to work12:48
mithroit's all this weird Python HDL - but totally different Python HDL from MyHDL12:49
mithrothey also support the  * Papilio Pro, a simple and low-cost development board [XC6SLX9]12:49
shenkiive heard of that one12:53
shenkimithro: im doing some web app development12:53
mithroshenki: why?12:53
shenkimithro: to fix a website i use for logging my running and cycling12:54
tpbTitle: migen/mibuild/platforms at master · mithro/migen · GitHub (at
shenkithey don't provide a UI for bulk editing, but they do have an API12:54
shenkimithro: i need to have a long-running script execute, but still have the UI do something. any tips?12:54
shenkidon't say you don't know. this is your thing ;)12:55
mithroshenki: web workers?12:55
mithroshenki: that I think is the "correct" solutions12:55
shenkii'm writing it in python, using Flask12:55
shenkii think i've come across this migen stuff before12:56
shenkiwebworkers is if i want to do the work on the client. i'm doing the work on the server12:57
mithrojust spawn a thread / process?13:01
mithroimport threading or  import multiprocess13:01
shenkimithro: what's the "right" way to keep the UI updating once the process is running?13:03
shenkiit's very long running (10s of minutes), but constantly produces output13:03
apsIs it something like how it shows output or travis-ci?13:05
shenkiaps: it's a Flask web app... so it currently displays "Waiting...", while it runs the task on the server as a python process13:07
shenkibut i want it to update something that the user can see... a progress, or the item it's currently processing13:07
* shenki is a web noob13:07
mithroshenki: so many options13:07
mithroshenki: is what the node-js people use I think13:08
shenkiyeah, from what i read i can use some crazy queuing framework13:08
tpbTitle: Index of Packages Matching 'socketio' : Python Package Index (at
mithroshenki: do you actually care? You could just put a refresh=1 meta tag? :P13:09
shenkior i can roll my own jquery that does a ajax request back to the webserver13:09
shenkimithro: yeah, i could do that :) I guess it's as much a learning project as anything, so i was trying to solve it "properly"13:09
mithroshenki: we need to do the TimVideos blog post sometime13:23
mithroshenki: we need to start a project name with zeros13:27
shenkimithro: so we sort at the top?13:29
mithroshenki: yeah13:29
shenkimithro: how about having it start with an underscore?13:29
mithroshenki: how about 000 Aardvark (Triple Zero Aardvark :P)13:30
apsUnderscore looks very intentional :P13:30
mithroit slurps up data! :P13:31
mithroI've also been trying to port to the HDMI2USB production board13:33
mithroheading home now13:33
CarlFKmithro: can you give me some advice on how to setup a demo stream for  ?13:42
tpbTitle: DebConf Live Stream (at
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