Monday, 2014-09-01

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mithro~seen shenki00:22
tpbmithro: shenki was last seen in #timvideos 1 week, 6 days, 12 hours, 47 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <shenki> rohitksingh1: nice results, well done!00:22
mithroshenki: you back yet?00:22
shenkimithro: yup!00:30
mithroshenki: wb!00:30
mithroshenki: how was the snow?00:34
shenkimithro: it was awesome! and i didn't hurt myself too much, which was good oto00:46
mithroshenki: I'm guessing your busy catching up with a couple of weeks worth of email00:59
mithroshenki: but when you get a chance, can you added some stuff to the GSoC2014 post mortem + fill in the LCA sprint / hackweek00:59
shenkimithro: okay. i've read most of my mail, need to start replying01:00
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apsmithro: morning. Wanted to show you something. Take a look at (the preview)01:41
apsI wrote a python script to set that if encoder is running but is hungry01:43
apsI was looking to merge it in existing script but couldn't figure it out completely in bash.01:43
apsmithro: and from some reason Carl has left encoder running01:49
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mithrodebconf is over now right?01:54
apstoday was the last day01:54
mithroaps: send a pull request and I can take a look at the code01:54
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shenkimithro: my talk on hdmi2usb was accepted02:53
shenkimithro: perhaps you already knew that ;)02:53
mithroshenki: yes it was :P02:53
mithroshenki: I argued my hardest against it ;)02:53
shenkiwho advocated for it?02:54
mithroshenki: everyone else :P02:54
mithroshenki: did you see my sprint / hackfest idea?02:55
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apsoops typo03:03
shenkimithro: yep!03:03
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shenkimithro: i was thinking i might do some travelling around NZ the week before, pending flights/work/etc03:03
shenkimithro: but i could finish that a day or two before lca and hack03:04
mithroshenki: I know David is doing that the week afterwards03:04
shenkiyeah, the tour down under is on the week after, and i'm very keen to get back for that03:04
apsmithro: pushed to a new branch. Also, see what to do with running encoder and preview server.03:07
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apsmithro: poke. Servers still up?06:10
mithroaps: oh, I thought you where shutting them down when you said earlier06:11
apsI said see what to do with them. shutting them now06:12
mithroaps: thanks!06:22
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CarlFKoh riht.. can someone shut them down?07:26
apsCarlFK: did already :P07:30
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tijahello shenki!07:57
shenkitija: hey!08:03
shenkitija: hows things?08:04
tijashenki: things are going good08:24
tijashenki: leaving for class. TTYL!08:25
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timbikermithro: Are you around ?10:27
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mithrotimbiker: I am now10:53
timbikeri was wondering whether you could give me a couple of hints on flumotino10:54
timbiker(sent yo an email end of last week about it)10:54
timbikerspecifically about controlling it from command-line10:57
timbiker(my email is [email protected] (as I did not specified my nickname in it))10:57
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timbikermithro: did you get my messages above ? (got some stange notice here that tija joined, which is my AD user so I suspect issues with my company network policy)11:10
mithrotimbiker: yes11:10
mithrotimbiker: I'm still at work, so kind of in and out11:11
timbikerno problem, same for me11:11
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mithrotimbiker: can you send your email to the timvideos mailing list?11:19
timbikermithro: ok, I'll do so11:21
timbikerwhat is the actual email address11:21
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tpb<> (at
timbikerok, done11:32
mithrotimbiker: Not seeing the message yet...11:34
mithrotimbiker: did you check that the message didn't bounce?11:36
timbikerindeed, just seen it was bounced back as I did not join the group first, sent it again now11:46
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mithrotimbiker: replied - sorry I couldn't be more help12:16
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