Saturday, 2014-08-30

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apsCarlFK: 338 is done and should be shut down?00:14
CarlFKfor today - it comes back up in 14 ish hours00:14
apsokay, shutting that down.00:15
CarlFKequipment is in place... internet cable approaching00:15
apsits showing no signal \o/00:15
apsCarlFK: plenary is up here. how come 338 comes back in 14 ish hours?00:21
CarlFKplenary collector startedd00:30
apsCarlFK: okay and I'm going to fall anytime. Can you login to plenary encoder?00:32
CarlFK(veyepar)[email protected]:~/temp$ ssh [email protected]00:36
CarlFKPermission denied (publickey).00:36
aps1 sec00:37
CarlFKbb in 5 min00:40
apsCarlFK: try now00:41
CarlFKI am in00:49
CarlFKhow do I attach to the tmux sessions?00:50
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CarlFK1mithro: ping - Linus in 15 min02:47
CarlFK1brb, reloacing02:47
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CarlFKlinus in 5min02:55
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CarlFKmithro: encoders are up, can you restart flumotion?17:13
CarlFK3am.. why are you up?17:14
CarlFKaps: ^^17:14
apsCarlFK: I think he's not up, it's just irccloud reconnecting17:26
CarlFKah, I saw the nick change.17:26
apshmm, maybe auto change by irccloud. Didn't know about this.17:26
CarlFKthe tunnel is up, can you see take care of the cnt3,4,6 boxes?17:27
apsOkay, but I might not be up all night17:28
CarlFKno prob,17:29
apsCarlFK: need pass for juser17:32
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CarlFKaps: here19:00
CarlFKkeyboard was kinda stuck19:00
apsCarlFK: I don't have password for restarting flumotion and stuff on collectors19:01
CarlFKI started the 219:01
apsone more thing, which room is which cnt19:02
CarlFK3278:cnt3, 329:cnt6, 338:cnt419:04
apsCarlFK: setup not done in 329?19:09
CarlFK329 should be all set19:10
CarlFK338 is what we took apart for yesterdays surprise plenary19:10
apsCarlFK: is mixer for cnt6 down?19:14
apsin 33819:14
apsumm sorry ^ this is 32919:16
apsCarlFK: I'm sure it's down and that is a very bad thing.19:17
CarlFKmeh.. it is lunch :)19:18
apsoh, I thought sessions bout to start19:18
CarlFKbut I just checked, I see mixer up for 32919:19
apseverything is hungry19:20
apsok up now19:21
CarlFKaps: I am a bit fuzzy on what .bashrc gets used when I ssh [email protected] and then sudo -s; python -g $ROOMNAME...19:38
CarlFKdoes it use user's or root's ?19:39
apsumm, not sure but I guess unless you are running shell as root, it should use user's .bashrc19:40
CarlFKwhat does sudo -s do?19:40
apsit changes shell to root. But if we run sudo python, I *think* it just gives root permissions to user19:41
CarlFKbut you can't really run sudo python register_wrapper in  a loop19:42
CarlFKthe sudo times out or something and waits for "enter sudo pw:"19:42
apsReally? I've been running it like that only :/19:44
apsCarlFK: on encoders it works since it doesn't ask for root passwd19:45
CarlFKcollectors wants a pw, but after the first time it should keep working, not sure why it times out if the loop keeps looping19:46
CarlFKbut I am sure I connected to tmux and found it waiting19:46
CarlFKit is possible that I ran it and disconnected from tmux before I saw it ask for a pw19:47
apsCarlFK: possible, or it might be when I was waiting for passwd from you19:47
CarlFKah, that makes sense too19:48
apswhat's the default timeout for sudo?19:48
CarlFK10 min or someting19:50
apsso now it has been running for about 45 min, I guess its okay19:51
CarlFKgit markdown - how do I mark a block as code ?19:51
CarlFK`export ROOMNAME=room338 ....  3 more lines19:51
apsimport foo19:51
apsprint bar19:51
CarlFK```export ROOMNAME=room33819:52
CarlFKexport USER=abc19:52
CarlFKpreview shows it on the same line19:52
CarlFKoh.. ```bash?19:52
CarlFKWhere USER, PASSWORD, SECRET is the same as in the config file <- plannet.xml right ?19:53
CarlFKwhich comes from secret.json?19:54
apsits is actually from config.private.json (that gets filled into planet.xml upon pushconfig)19:54
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CarlFKback - I am in 338 now20:39
apsheading to bed. see ya21:00
CarlFKsee ya - only one more day!21:01
apsbtw don't you think this was over stretched? there are less events on many days21:02
CarlFKkinda.   it was somewhat planned to give people lots of time to sit together and hack/talk, which is good.. but...21:03
CarlFKthere needed to be a better "video starts at 10am and ends at 4pm" sort of rule21:04
CarlFKthe reality was "the first talk is at 1, but maybe we will be in by 10..."  which wasn't nice...21:04
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