Friday, 2014-08-29

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apsCarlFK: encoders still running but no feed?03:34
CarlFKopps, they should be shut down for the night03:37
apsCarlFK: ok shutting them down03:40
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CarlFKaps-sids: encoders up please16:48
aps-sidsCarlFK: hungry16:57
CarlFKjust started 3 encoders17:00
CarlFKnetowrk here is wonky..17:00
aps-sidsencoders? I started those :P You mean collectors?17:01
CarlFKer, right.. 3 collectors17:01
aps-sidsyeah, all happy now17:01
CarlFKcan you make a page that shows all 3 low.webm streams?17:04
aps-sidsumm.. at
CarlFKif you can size them to about 300x200 so they all fit on the screen at the same time17:04
aps-sidsDo you need audio also? I mean the previews don't work for you?17:05
CarlFKthe preview doesn't show when it stops like a stream does17:06
CarlFKlater we can make a very low bandwith video only streem, but now just get a simple html page up17:07
aps-sidsohh, yeah.. I think we should change preview script to show a "no signal" screen if no stream is found17:08
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aps-sidsCarlFK: 338 hungry18:15
CarlFKaps-sids: I think the talk got canceled18:16
CarlFKhows the all stream page coming?18:17
aps-sidsCarlFK: I don't want to mess with website without mithro around. I'm creating the "No Signal" preview if stream errors18:19
CarlFKok - no signal is good too18:19
aps-sidsyeah, I think that will be good for users as well18:19
CarlFKnot too sure about that.  but for admin it would be great18:20
CarlFKaps-sids: Linus T will be on in abut 8 hours.  can you be around to get the plenary encoder up and all?18:48
aps-sidsCarlFK: sure, it's weekend :D18:49
aps-sidsCarlFK: can you tell me how to compare a string from a pipe with another?19:08
aps-sidsfor instance,   echo $variable | grep a19:08
aps-sidsI want to compare this to a string and get True or False19:08
CarlFKum.. maybe.. but I need to eat lunch first.  and my guess is you should do whatever you are doing in Python :p19:08
aps-sidsneed bash19:09
CarlFKback from lunch, 3 talks starting in 5 min20:24
aps-sidsCarlFK: During 15 min break, I want you to stop one collector (for testing no signal preview). Possible?20:55
aps-sidsCarlFK: poke21:20
aps-sidsstop one collector21:27
CarlFK * Stopping Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                          [ OK ]21:29
CarlFKi think talks are to start, so I should restart it21:31
aps-sidsyou wasted 15 min :P21:31
CarlFKoppsie :P21:33
CarlFKaps-sids: how is 338 look on your side?21:37
aps-sidsCarlFK: 16:921:38
aps-sidsaspect ratio21:39
aps-sidsnot like other videos21:39
CarlFKand I am not getting anything (spinning connecting / buffering / whatever wheel)21:40
aps-sidsI just noticed, no sound as well.. restarting encoder21:42
aps-sidsand that 16:9 is just the slideshow I guess, not the video21:43
aps-sidsCarlFK: sound is ok now21:44
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aps-sidsCarlFK: talk in 338 over? stop collector if it is22:09
CarlFKk, stopping it now...22:09
CarlFK * Stopping Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                          [ OK ]22:09
aps-sidsCarlFK: take a look at
tpbTitle: DebConf Live Stream (at
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aps-sidsthen restart collector and see if it changes back22:12
aps-sidsmithro might scold me after looking at the way I did this :P22:13
CarlFKbb in 10 min or so.. group photo time!22:20
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DrZaius_ shows live demos at 4. show it as 722:51
tpbTitle: 2014-08-29 Schedule - DebConf14 | The Summit Scheduler (at
DrZaius_which on is right?22:51
apsDrZaius_: you should follow debconf schedule only. They change sometimes and we need to run parser again22:52
apsCarlFK: refresh your veyepar json once22:56
CarlFKalso Live Demos's had the same *unique* ID for 2 time slots...22:56
CarlFKrefreshed, Live Demo's now looks right22:58
CarlFKthey canceled the 2nd slot because only 2 signed up22:58
apsDrZaius_: updated23:00
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CarlFKaps: still awake?  I should have the plenary collector up in 30 min23:53
apsSo soon? Isn't the talk there in 3 hours?23:54
CarlFKsetting up the room, test, then go get some dinner23:55

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