Thursday, 2014-08-28

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apsCarlFK, mithro: I need to test input from firewire for flumotion but I don't know how (no equipment). Can you suggest a way I can, umm, emulate it?02:28
CarlFKwhy firewire for flumotion?02:29
apsCarlFK: someone who is testing it emailed me regarding that.02:29
apsThere's a firewire component in flumotion02:29
CarlFKdvswitch is the only thing that needs firewire. (maybe gst-swtich but that's pretty low on my list of things to care about)02:29
apsThis is about flumotion as a project and not specifically about timvideos :)02:30
CarlFKi would say firewire testing needs firewire.02:30
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mithroCarlFK: do you have any spare firewire gear?05:34
CarlFKmithro: yes for lots of values of that05:34
mithrocould we send something to aps?05:35
CarlFKsure - um.. pci card, cables, hmm.. twinpact or camera or?05:37
mithroCarlFK: well, getting a twinpact + camera would be awesome - but I think Twinpacts are kind of a precious resource at the moment, right?05:38
CarlFKthey are $100 on craigs list and I have more than *I* need05:39
mithroCarlFK: well the *ideal* thing would be to get him a complete "user group recording system" right?05:42
CarlFKsure - I think I have 9 functioning twinpacts and 5 or so small cameras I can part with05:53
CarlFKdon't really have extra laptops - the ones I have are slowly dying05:53
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mithroCarlFK: compute hardware is less of an issue06:03
mithroCarlFK: computer to firewire hardware might be a bit of a trouble06:03
CarlFKI am skeptical that this is worth the hassle06:07
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mithroKind of cool
tpbTitle: WaveDrom Editor (at
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apsMorning CarlFK16:12
CarlFKhi aps16:13
CarlFKtalks start in .. um.. 4 hours I think16:13
apsCarlFK: I thought its in like 45 min16:16
apsCarlFK: are the talks before lunch mentioned here not being streamed?16:19
tpbTitle: 2014-08-28 Schedule - DebConf14 | The Summit Scheduler (at
CarlFKhmm.. umm.. maybe16:20
CarlFKI ask, and the typical answer is "I don't care, but if someone wants to listen remotely, that is OK with me."16:21
apslol, I think they updated schedule again16:21
apsveyepar updates automatically it seems16:21
apslet me run parser on website16:21
CarlFKno, I run to update veyepar's db16:21
apsso, I think talks are/should be streamed in 40 min16:22
CarlFKseems reasonable16:23
CarlFKI am going to reaboot all the machines here - there seems to be a memory leak or something that gets them sluggish overnight16:24
apsok, reloaded schedule on website16:26
apstell me whenever you want me to start encoders16:36
CarlFKthere is hardly anyone here yet.. seems everyone stayed up late last night16:43
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apshi timbiker16:53
timbikerHi aps16:53
timbikergood to talk to you16:53
timbikerI am installing the firewire branch16:54
apstimbiker: btw did you know that you could test/run flumotion without installing? :)16:55
timbikercan I just launch the flumotion-master and worker from the local dir ?16:56
apsjust go to the flumotion-orig directory. Do  ./env bash and you  can run flumotion-manager -v -T tcp test_config.xml16:57
CarlFKaps: lets bring up all 3 streems16:58
apsCarlFK: roger that16:58
apstimbiker: in another terminal, do ./env bash again and run flumotion-worker -v -T tcp -u user -p test17:00
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apsCarlFK: room3278 hungry, others working17:04
apstimbiker: any luck?17:04
timbikeraps: does not seems working, logging the outcome17:05
timbikerjust mailed the log17:07
timbikerline 2744 it states in french "incorrect format of the stream"17:08
timbikerand then "format was not negotiated"17:09
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apstimbiker: hmm, this will take some time. I am getting a similar error with dvswitch component as well. problem seems to be in some base class17:12
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apstimbiker: try adding this line in flumotion/component/producers/firewire/
tpbTitle: Saved diff 03rbozdt - Diff Checker (at
apsline 4417:21
timbikersorry just got a very important call17:26
timbikerI'm back17:26
apsokay, just try if this changes something17:26
timbikerI guess I need to run autogen & make agin ?17:28
apsumm, if you just pulled the changes in existing working directory, then no17:29
apsand if you are working in directory without installing17:30
apsif you have installed and working there, you need to compile and install again. so it's better to do ./env bash17:30
timbikerno luck, sending log over17:32
apsuse pastebin17:32
timbikerseems to big to be pasted pastebin17:34
timbikerso sent via email, I'll have to get use to these tools17:35
apstimbiker: this will take a while to fix17:36
apsI'll keep you posted if I have any progress over this17:37
timbikeraps: ok, I'll work on other stuff meanwhile, feel free to ask me to test17:37
timbikerwhen you have something17:37
apsCarlFK: Anything you need before I head to bed? I guess you will be able to manage.17:41
CarlFKna, everything seems to be fine - thanks and sleep well17:41
apsgood luck17:41
timbikeraps: good night and thanks for the work17:42
apstimbiker:   mithro is the person who can help you with using command line flumotion17:43
timbikermithro: are you online ?17:44
apstimbiker: probably (and hopefully) sleeping17:45
apshe is here  around - 11am till 11pm at UTC+10:0017:45
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