Tuesday, 2014-08-26

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CarlFKaps: we are done with streams.. can you show me how to start/stop the encoders?00:34
apsCarlFK: sure00:34
apsgive your pubkey00:35
CarlFKssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAqtgmp7GiXFgKW2+Yib+uyWZuD/cQsus8eqgavCSR+WGZlMrUldTLKYhzj71Ym6jupo0R/nr0mHlJ9mPVFr9KOJkUXb9n5/J4sYEpMKunv8i8Peu0ld7nmZRFUVSUlbMfPF4DKZ6marjuNloKbVlKF8nZGgjUuqBzRcKH90XubYJ5tpjbdyBlwoSEXLEqWrcpwBYgfg8z7P2qA/uoywki0tzrMz15M9iSD8pJ0MeKZg1xJznnkEY9ebMcTbxACCcAqH9qLIPoGoeNkUJnikkulBla4KsTB7uEO5rcrHkM65avVUocm0W6b2xOJn2GVIxBNGNC8sSbyDLAm9avJrfRUw== [email protected]00:36
apsCarlFK: do you have experience using clusterssh?00:37
apsok, then you need to start each encoder individually00:37
CarlFKbut there are 3 boxes that I might have to touch, so I am not too worried about it right now00:38
apsssh room3278.encoder.timvideos.us00:38
CarlFKPermission denied (publickey).00:38
CarlFKwhat user?00:39
CarlFKthat's better - I am in00:39
CarlFKbut what if the box isn't up?00:39
apsYou need aws credentials from Tim00:40
apsokay, when you start ec2 machine for the first time, you need to do three things.00:40
aps1. sudo service flumotion start00:40
CarlFKshouldn't this be on a wiki page?00:40
apseverything is there00:41
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)00:41
apsah, so basically u just need aws credentials00:41
CarlFKgot it.00:45
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mithroaps: you can ssh to Carl's box with "ssh [email protected] -p 2222"02:16
apsmithro: no, connection refused02:20
apstunnel is down?02:20
mithroaps: possibly02:20
apsYou're a bit free? I need to know how to fix preview server. nginx was not serving again02:22
mithroaps: "sudo service nginx start" ?02:24
apsdid that, still it wasn't working02:24
mithroaps: oh02:24
mithroaps: we ran out of IP addresses - so preview doesn't have a static IP address02:25
mithrodns needs to be updated after every restart02:25
apsI could ssh but I didn't know how to fix02:25
apsI think it's that symlink thing you did.02:25
mithro$ ping preview.timvideos.us02:25
mithroPING preview.timvideos.us ( 56(84) bytes of data.02:25
apsI tried a few things, but no luck02:25
mithroaps: problem isn't the machine02:26
apsoh, now I understand02:26
mithroyou need to update Route53 for both timvideos.us and timevideos.io02:26
apsyeah, this was pointing to some other person's ec2 :/02:28
apsor IP02:28
mithroaps: looks to be working now02:36
mithroaps: I sent Carl login information for my AWS account02:39
apsmithro: Good. Should preview server also be turned off when not in use?02:43
mithroIt's debatable02:43
apsand can we not run it an a free tier machine? I don't know how much power it needs02:43
mithroFree tier is to small02:44
mithroCan change the tier without reboot02:44
apsmithro: really? that could work but I think it's not possible without rebooting02:50
mithroThat should be can't02:51
mithroStupid mobile02:51
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apsand we should make Carl use config pusher and watchdog.02:52
apswatchdog works for collectors also, right?02:52
mithroaps: yes03:20
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mithroAwesome -> http://blog.eikeland.se/2014/07/22/gl-inet-openwrt/ :P05:15
tpbTitle: GL.iNet Openwrt router (at blog.eikeland.se)05:15
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CarlFKmithro: I am logged in, but can't find the encoders07:04
mithroCarlFK: which region are you looking at?07:05
CarlFKah, found it07:05
CarlFKI see the rooms, I see stopped.07:05
CarlFKI can go to sleep now07:05
mithroCarlFK: just starting up the encoders isn't enough07:11
CarlFKhttps://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/wiki/Operating#get-the-encoder-running  that stuff right ?07:11
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)07:11
mithrowatchdog Ctrl-B, c for a new window07:12
mithroI believe it's actually Ctrl-A07:12
CarlFKoh yeah, I noticed it is using the screen meta key07:13
mithroCarlFK: depends if I installed my rcfiles or not07:13
mithroCarlFK: by default it's Ctrl-B07:13
mithroCarlFK: if my rcfiles are installed then tmux will automatically start up just by logging in07:14
mithroso don't do "tmux attach" if you see the tmux bar accross the bottom07:14
CarlFKk, I think I can figure out the tmux stuff07:17
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mithrodoing tmux attach inside tmux will make you *very* confused07:17
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apstmux will automatically start up on encoder machines07:39
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apsCarlFK: morning. how much time before streaming starts?13:31
CarlFKmorning aps - 3 hours13:32
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mithroCarlFK: Rackspace came to the party!13:51
CarlFKmithro: what about Rack?13:56
mithroCarlFK: they will provide the TimVideos project with free infrastructure13:56
CarlFKvery cool13:57
CarlFKguessing 2k/month credit? (that seems to be standard)13:58
CarlFKI looked and skay confirmed with #rasckspace: you can't stop a box to stop billing.  you can halt it but you will still be billed.  you have to destroy it and rebuild it14:00
mithroCarlFK: interesting14:30
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apsmithro: if you're still up, is there a way to restore tmux session after restarting encoder machines?15:18
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CarlFKI am going to try bringing up the 3 streams.. first time I think15:51
apsok, go ahead15:52
CarlFKoh oh I think I attached inside of tmux15:56
apsmake sure you remember next time that you exported those variables15:57
apsno, you haven't15:57
CarlFKI didn't what?15:57
apsoh yes, you have attached15:57
CarlFKit confuses everyone15:57
apsoh my god, how many times did you attach?16:02
CarlFKjust once I think16:05
apsohk, you register command is not right16:05
CarlFKlol - and then I sshed in again.. I bet that added a 2nd16:05
apsdid you export "secret" variable?16:06
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ echo $ROOMNAME16:07
CarlFKsame for user and password16:07
apsCarlFK: restart script now, but first kill it16:12
CarlFKum.. how do I get to the tmux session it is running in?16:12
apsthird window16:13
apsctrl a, 316:13
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apsI generally rename the windows16:14
apsWhy you putting variable in quotes?16:14
apsohk, it has to be in quotes. my bad16:15
apsCarlFK: ok its done16:16
CarlFKah, sudo -s runs root's bashrc...16:16
apsrun watchdog also16:16
apsok you did16:17
apsCarlFK: room 3278 is hungry and are going to start other encoders as well?16:28
CarlFKjust did that16:28
CarlFKdvswitch is up with sources,  * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]16:29
CarlFKencoder is still hungry right ?16:29
CarlFKah, the bold is current, the other lines are previous values?16:31
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CarlFKso 3278 is up right?16:36
apsStart other encoders also16:36
apsYeah, you can see the stream :)16:36
CarlFKDirect Links - HD SD Audio
CarlFKis the host name handy enough instead of IP?16:40
CarlFKyesterday someone told me a 54.. ip and I had no idea what they were talking about16:40
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apsBetter use host names16:41
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apsCarlFK: are you not gonna start other encoders?16:57
CarlFK3278 is the only one to be steamed right now17:01
apsoh, 338 (SPI BOF -- Bdale Garbee) is also in schedule17:02
CarlFKI just asked "want video or stream?" "na, I don't care"17:03
CarlFKI am trying to bring up 329.. failure <class 'twisted.spread.pb.PBConnectionLost'>: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionDone'>: Connection was closed cleanly.17:06
apsyou need to "sudo service flumotion start"17:06
CarlFKthat didin't fix it17:07
apsI'm looking into it17:08
apsCarlFK: you have typo in basrc for $PASSWORD17:12
CarlFK:$ gets you to the bottom in vi17:13
apsI'm not really a vim guy :)17:14
apsand fixing typo dint work :/17:15
CarlFKdid you log out/in to rerun .bashrc?17:15
apsleave bashrc, I'll just run the cmd directly17:15
apsit's up17:16
CarlFKneat - I am going to stop/start that encoder to see if I can get everything up per the docs17:17
apsDon't forget the watchdog!17:23
CarlFKhow should I get to a new tmux session?17:24
apsdo you mean other window? ctrl a, <pane number>17:25
apsif you want to create new, ctrl a , c17:25
apswell done :P17:26
apsCarlFK: Now that you can handle it, I'll head to bed.17:33
CarlFKgroovy - thanks and good night17:33
CarlFKaps: you still here? 339 not coming up17:44
CarlFK338 I mean17:44
CarlFKnever mind.. now it is17:45
CarlFKaps: or maybe not18:03
CarlFKcan you check up on all 3 rooms and tell me how they look?18:03
aps329 wrking but no audio18:04
CarlFKstrange... ill go look18:05
aps329 fine now18:06
CarlFK338 has crud all over the tmux session I have open18:07
apsyou can close windows using ctrl d18:07
apsand change them using ctrl a, then window number18:07
CarlFKbut watchdoog dosn't show happy18:08
CarlFKeverything is                 producer-src (at 18:07:56) in   hungry for   11s (e 10.00%)18:08
CarlFKsleeping, waking, hungry,18:08
apshungry means feed not coming from collector18:08
apsrestart flumotion on collector18:09
apsCarlFK: your tunnel is also down, so I can't ssh18:10
CarlFKahh.. I was starting the wrong collector18:11
apsCarlFK: Please run watchdog. It's really useful18:12
CarlFKoh right.. the 3rd box18:12
apson your collectors, like you did yesterday18:13
apson evey collector18:13
apsCarlFK: and bring up ssh tunnel also, put it in a loop or something like Tim said18:17
CarlFKwhile true; do ssh -v [email protected] -R "while true; do date; sleep 5; done"; sleep 30; done18:22
CarlFKis running18:22
apsCarlFK: what are local names of other collectors?18:28
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