Monday, 2014-08-25

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mithroCarlFK: I'm around now. What needs doing?01:37
mithroCarlFK: poke?01:48
CarlFKmorning mithro02:03
mithroCarlFK: I can't ssh into the gateway bot at the moment02:06
mithroCarlFK: did you turn off password authentication?02:06
CarlFKnope.. where is the bot?02:06
CarlFKis gateway bot the ssh tunnel?02:06
mithroCarlFK: oh, yeah02:06
mithroCarlFK: can you please put that gateway command in a loop or some other way to make sure it's auto restarted?02:07
CarlFKbut not in a loop02:08
CarlFKputting the command in notes.txt so I have it later02:09
mithroCarlFK: so it seems you didn't deploy my flumotion collector fix on room 32702:16
CarlFKoh right.. or 32902:16
CarlFK(as in I didn't deploy it anywhere)02:17
mithroCarlFK: this is why you should be using the config pusher as it is a 30 second command to push the right configs to all machines02:17
mithroCarlFK: what do you need to know to understand the pusher? it has 2 requirements -- you have a valid config.private.json and the user you are running can ssh as root without password to the machines02:19
CarlFKI don't know what "valid config.private.json" is02:19
mithroCarlFK: a config.private.json which has information it02:20
mithroCarlFK: aps generated you a valid file02:21
CarlFKwhere is it?02:22
CarlFKI can drop this on a collector right ?02:25
mithroCarlFK: you can run the pusher on any machine02:25
mithroCarlFK: it basically fills out the templates and then scp's the configs to the machines02:25
mithroCarlFK: it's like a 100 line python script02:26
mithroCarlFK: you need to give me the valid names for the mixers before you run the config pusher02:26
CarlFKroom3278, room329, room33802:27
mithroCarlFK: you mean room3278.local ?02:28
CarlFKyes.  I thought you didn't need .local, but I guess it won't hurt and it seems dns around here is not reliable02:30
CarlFKplenary won't happen again till Sun, and then move room338 and change the hostname02:33
mithroCarlFK: if we get the config right, then you won't need to update it on Sunday02:36
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apsmithro: I have created dns names in route53, we just need to change ips there whenever we need to02:46
CarlFKaps!  just in time02:46
CarlFKdoing review training for .. 10 min, starting in .. now ish02:47
apsmithro: I asked carl to pull changes for audio channel hack, which he did on one machine I guess02:50
CarlFKtraining over... taking off for dinner now..03:30
apsmithro: is there a way to keep sessions when we restart the encoder machines?04:07
CarlFKback, but kicked out of the buiding.. heading to my room, should be there in 15 min04:53
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CarlFKback from dinner, in room - brb, again...05:18
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CarlFKmithro: I have a rackspace box with streaming-system installed by running - can we point a test collector like thing at it?05:53
mithroCarlFK: do you want to set up a test room?05:53
mithroCarlFK: or reuse an existing room?05:53
CarlFKmithro: I am not at the venue now.  I'm a few blocks away on wifi06:03
mithroCarlFK: I don't have a test collector handy06:04
CarlFKthere are just 3 talks tomorrow .. 10-12, then a 2.5 hour lunch break, then 1 more talk06:08
mithrothe gear in the venue is off?06:09
CarlFKI think it is on06:09
CarlFKthe tunnel might still be up06:09
CarlFKoh right, loop... I was running a sound board at that time, loop was one too many things to think about06:09
mithrothe tunnel still appears to be up06:10
mithroCarlFK: what is the command your using? I'll put it in a loop so it shouldn't go down06:11
CarlFKssh -v [email protected] -R
mithroyou should use this06:12
mithrowhile true; do ssh -v [email protected] -R "while true; do date; sleep 5; done"; sleep 30; done06:12
CarlFKexcept I don't have access to the box.  but I'll put that in my notes.txt06:13
mithroCarlFK: what do you mean?06:14
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CarlFKI dont' have a connection to the boxes now, but I have a text file I keep notes for things to do06:18
mithroCarlFK: you can ssh into your boxes with "ssh [email protected] -p 2222" just like we can?06:19
CarlFKoh neat06:19
apsCarl makes way too many notes to search when something is required urgently :P06:26
CarlFK[email protected] is my rack box that I ran
tpbTitle: streaming-system/ at master · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKaps: and 1/2 the time I forget I even made a note06:28
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mithroCarlFK: I'll leave you in aps's hands for now07:08
mithrohave to finish up some work :)07:08
CarlFKI am getting sleepy - I think I will get to sleep and get up early07:08
CarlFKso that works out fine.  thanks again07:08
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CarlFKmithro: did you see this:
tpbTitle: Aigars Mahinovs auf Twitter: I can confirm that is a great way of following what is happening in #debconf14 :D also (at
CarlFKI am heading to breakfast14:28
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CarlFKdc talks starting now.  anyone awake?16:58
NiharikaI am. But I guess you´re looking for aps or Tim.16:59
CarlFKhi Niharika  .. yes..17:04
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timbikeris there anybody currently online who could give me some help17:25
timbikerwith starting up flumotion ?17:25
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CarlFKtimbiker: kinda17:25
timbikerI think I managed to installed the version17:26
timbikercurrently ported to gst1.017:26
tpbTitle: aps-sids/flumotion-orig · GitHub (at
timbikerbut as the GUI is not available yet, I am a bit  in the blue on how to actually start it up17:27
timbikertyping flumotion start17:27
timbikerdoes not do anything17:27
CarlFKtimbiker: that was just completed a week or so ago17:27
CarlFKand current;y mananging DebConf so bit thin on attention right now17:28
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apsCarlFK:  really sorry, I slept early and overslept :/ are there ant talks still left? :(20:31
CarlFKmaybe in an hour or so20:31
* aps turning on machines and rubbing eyes20:32
apsCarlFK: all three rooms?20:33
CarlFKmaybe.  probably only 1 room.  I just got asked not to stream or record the 2 rooms that have things planned20:34
CarlFKand something about "but the talk later we would like streemed"20:34
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CarlFKaps: whopps  is encoder up?21:34
apsyeah, all 3 are up21:35
CarlFK I don't see a stream21:37
tpbTitle: Streaming for Room 327/8 (at
apsI do21:38
CarlFKgood enough :)21:39
apsif you're not in ksp21:39
apsfingerprints are for crypto21:39
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apsCarlFK: room338 frozen?22:05
CarlFKshouldn't be22:08
CarlFKis the tunnel up so you can ssh into cnt3?22:09
apsdon't know22:13
apsgimme your ip22:13
CarlFKwhat IP?22:15
apspublic ip so I can ssh to cnt322:16
CarlFKthat's not in my notes22:18
apshow did Tim shhed?22:18
apsor just run watchdog, that should be in your notes22:19
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ while true; do python -m user:[email protected]; sleep 30; done22:20
CarlFKwhat dir is that in?22:20
apsbtw like Tim told me few days back, you just pasted a user/pass in logged channel22:20
CarlFKI did?22:23
CarlFKWatchdog must be run as root so it can restart flumotion.22:24
apsputo sudo before python22:24
CarlFKany idea what user/pw I posted about what?22:25
apsnevermind, watchdog working?22:25
CarlFKall say happy22:26
apshuh.. this is room 338 right? if yes, restart flumotion manually22:26
apsand I'm pretty sure you gave your IP to Tim yesterday22:28
apsCarlFK: 338 down again?22:39
CarlFK338 was "please don't stream" till just now.  so it shoudl be up now22:40
apsfine now22:40
apsbut camera pointing to empty podium or its frozen22:41
apsok fine now22:41
apsmithro: Need help with preview server whenever you are awake!22:47
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