Sunday, 2014-08-24

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mithroCarlFK: I'm back now00:40
mithromparuszewski_: ping?00:40
mithromparuszewski_: I'm guessing your probably asleep...00:40
CarlFKim here.. working out how to get files from laptop to file server00:41
CarlFKwas hoping for nfs, but bwh advice: use rsync during the breaks.00:41
mithroCarlFK: I would highly recommend rsync - do you want some good bits for rsync?00:44
mithroCarlFK: do you want to do it via ssh or via real rsync server?00:45
apsmithro: can we access private config values in templates?00:51
mithroaps: yes00:51
mithroCarlFK: did you just stop the mixer?00:53
CarlFKI didn't but the guy next to me didi :P00:53
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CarlFKbut he is setting up nfs between the raid box and the encoding box, so guessing the mixer is stable now00:54
mithroCarlFK: is there a #debconf-av or similar?00:55
apsmithro: I need to get variable config.flumotion-encoder in template but "-" is causing problems. any way to bypass that?01:04
mithroaps: oh, can't do it that way01:05
mithroaps: you'll have to populate the information using javascript01:05
CarlFKmithro: do you know how to tell the collector (or the encoder) to replace the R audio chan with L ?01:07
CarlFKor just 1 channel audio: use the Left, ignore the right01:08
mithroCarlFK: I could add it to the flumotion config - but it would be a manual hack01:08
CarlFKmedium priority , it would be one less thing for people to comment about01:08
mithroCarlFK: why are you doing that?01:09
CarlFKaudio mixer is on L, camera mic is on R.  for encoding I can switch to the camera mic when the mixer audio is messed up01:10
mithrothat is a horrible hack01:11
mithroCarlFK: what happens when you switch audio sources then?01:13
CarlFKwhat do you mean?01:13
mithroCarlFK: oh, thats right you do all the audio mixing in hardware01:16
CarlFKthis might make it clear -  how it is wired
tpbTitle: veyepar/training.txt at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: backchannel just dropped01:18
mithroCarlFK: can you put that in a while loop or something?01:18
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apsmithro: is it a good idea to change flumotion-encoder to flumotion_encoder in config? what all places is this used?01:24
mithroaps: no01:24
mithroaps: flumotion-xxxx values should *only* be used by the config pusher01:24
apsmithro: okay, so how to add it using javascript?01:25
mithroaps: take a look at how the video stuff works01:25
mithroaps: there is an object named "streamer_{{group|safe_js}}"01:26
mithroThat is an object as defined by static/js/streams.js01:27
mithroaps: go to an existing stream01:28
mithroaps: open the dev console01:28
mithroand then type "streamer_plenary" to play with the javascript object01:28
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CarlFKback - "we pulled one of the disks from the raid, and when we rebooted it didn't come back"01:35
CarlFKand thus the gateway/router was off line for a bit.01:35
mithroCarlFK: still no back channel01:37
mithroCarlFK: did you want me to select the L or R channel?01:37
CarlFKah, the ssh tunnel right?01:37
mithroCarlFK: yes01:39
CarlFKback up01:39
mithroCarlFK: how do we test the audio mixing thing?01:42
CarlFKthere should be considerable noise being feed into the R channel right now01:43
CarlFKbrb, Ill get some headphones to listen to the dvswtich feed01:43
mithroCarlFK: can you disconnect from tmux for a second?01:45
mithroCarlFK: do we have time to test before things start?01:47
CarlFKdisconnected from tmux01:48
mithroCarlFK: okay new config in place01:49
CarlFKyay =- thanks01:50
mithroCarlFK: not hearing any audio now01:50
mithroactually not getting anything now...01:50
CarlFKright.  mixer levels are all down01:50
mithroCarlFK: can we please test01:51
CarlFKI here a little bit of background noise01:52
mithroCarlFK: we here nothing01:52
mithroCarlFK: can you go grab a mic and speak into it with the mixer up?01:52
mithroschedule says 7 minutes!01:52
mithroCarlFK: you need to rejoin the #debconf-plenary channel01:52
mithroCarlFK: still no sound......01:54
mithroCarlFK: a bit quiet01:54
mithroCarlFK: I might need to add a volume boost now there is only one channel01:54
CarlFKwas my "check chek" legible?01:56
mithroCarlFK: it was too quiet01:57
mithroCarlFK: can you try again now?01:57
CarlFKthis mixer is the venues' and for what ever reason we can't boost the feed into the camera louder than what goes into the PA system01:57
mithroCarlFK: I boosted it in flumotion01:58
mithroyour hello internet was still a bit quiet but better01:58
mithroCarlFK: is the speaker speaking now?02:01
CarlFKdvswitch vu meeter looks about right02:03
mithroCarlFK: how do I tell if that's the mixer verse the camera? :P02:03
CarlFKdvswtich VU shows each channel02:03
mithroCarlFK: I mean in the stream02:03
CarlFKah.. um.. does it sound clean sound board or crappy camera mic?02:04
CarlFKoh I can drop the camera mic way down for 30 sec and bring it back up just in case ...02:05
CarlFKdown  "Anonomouse will be viloate the code of conduct"  cam mic was low02:05
CarlFKback up02:05
apsmithro: does this look okay to you?
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithroCarlFK: the audio is still too low for my tastes02:07
CarlFKboosting it a bit02:08
CarlFKany better?02:08
mithroCarlFK: yeah a little bit02:08
mithroaps: looks the right approach02:08
mithrolets replace "backup" with "direct" ?02:09
apsokay, you only said backup :P02:09
mithroaps: yeah - I changed my mind - I think we want a seperate "backup link" which goes to the debconf icecast stream02:11
mithroWe need to support chromecast so I can put it on my TV :P02:12
apschanged to "direct". commit?02:13
mithroaps: send a pull request?02:16
mithroaps: if you push it to a separate branch on the same repo that could work02:21
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apsI will be heading to bed soon.02:44
apsmithro: we need to shut down the machine when this is over? you'll do that?02:49
mithroaps: yes02:49
mithroaps: I can do that if I know you won't be around02:49
apsI'm going to sleep now02:49
CarlFKsee ya aps02:50
apsIs my parsed schedule wrong or this talk was delayed?02:51
apsanyway, gn02:51
CarlFKit is runing a few min late02:52
apsits 8:20 am here :P02:52
CarlFKgeez, get to bed02:52
CarlFKmithro: breaking down plenary room - collector will be off in a few minutes03:12
mithroCarlFK: we do we need to set up for tomorrow?03:13
CarlFKnot tonight.  the building closes in 1.5 hours and we all want to eat dinner - its 8pm and i am hungry03:18
CarlFKaps and I got one room up pretty easy03:18
CarlFKthis rooms' equipment is being moved into a 2nd, and the 3rd room is 'the same'03:18
mithroCarlFK: how did he/you get the flumotion config onto the collectors?03:19
CarlFKit was there from PyOhio03:19
CarlFKand maybe the machiens were left over from PyCon 201303:20
CarlFKso just change the dvswitch host and encoder host using the docs I wrote and forgot about:
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFKdinner see ya03:25
mithroCarlFK: that is not a great way to do that03:25
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mithroJoelw: ping?05:58
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apsCarlFK: In how much time do you need me?17:06
CarlFKaps: talks start in 3 hours, so about now, or in an hour or so if you need it17:07
CarlFKI am in room3278 now, which was working and should still work :)17:07
apsCarlFK: okay, I'd like to finish setup soon. I have to go to work in the morning, so won't be able to stay up for late.17:08
CarlFKk, we can do it now then17:09
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apsCARAM: I'm unable to ssh in room338 encoder. Did mithro change something?17:30
apssorry CarlFK17:30
CarlFKaps: that was the  box that was moved into the plenary room yesterday, then moved back into 338 'now'  let me go look17:34
apsCarlFK: umm, I'm talking about AWS encoder machine17:37
apsnevermind, figured it out17:45
CarlFKroom338 might be up17:47
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apsCarlFK: did you just stop the stream from room338?18:11
CarlFKcould be - they are doing some meet n greet in that room18:12
apsokay, btw direct links have been added on website. top right18:12
CarlFKaps:     <component name="fgdp-audio-video"  room329... something?18:19
apsCarlFK: what do you mean?18:19
CarlFKwhat is the encoder name for that room?18:19
apsall are in this format only18:20
CarlFKyea, just forgot the encoder part18:20
CarlFKokee.. that room should be up..18:20
apsCarlFK: and Tim is right. you should start using config pusher. :P18:20
CarlFK  add some steps or something there please18:21
tpbTitle: Operating · timvideos/streaming-system Wiki · GitHub (at
apsCarlFK: 329 still down. restart flumotion18:23
CarlFKaps: restarted18:24
CarlFKah i see the problem18:24
CarlFK      <property name="uri">dvswitch://room339.local:2000</property>18:24
CarlFKoff by 1018:24
CarlFKfixed, restarted18:25
apsits just a black screen?18:30
CarlFKlet me go look - it is next door18:31
CarlFKdvgrab is 99% cpu.  rebooting that box now18:33
CarlFKpfft.  stackdump in dmesg.  rebooted box. all seems well.18:57
CarlFK"don't record or stream 329  now"19:08
apsCarlFK: not just right now or not even for the talk? :/19:10
CarlFKaps: for what's going on in that room right now "lets have a meeting in 329, can we have it recorded?"  "yes"  .... "can we have it not recorded?"19:11
CarlFK@@#[email protected]#$19:11
apsCarlFK: also tim had fixed your left channel-right channel. Did you pull the changes?19:13
CarlFKah, that change is on the collector?19:14
apswait, not sure19:14
aps1 sec19:14
apsCarlFK: yes collector
tpbTitle: Add hack for CarlFKs hack which has audio only on left channel. · ad8edba · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
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tvCommitBotstreaming-system/master 934b355 Amanpreet Singh: Fix error due to typo in veyepar parser script19:20
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apsCarlFK: in #debconf-room329   <DrZaius> whats going on this room? :)19:26
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CarlFKthat's the "lets have a meeting, record it?  no wait, don't"19:28
apsokay, all three room are up now19:28
apsI'll go to bed once event starts and I guess Tim would be around sometime after that.19:30
apsCarlFK: people are wondering what are they talking about in 329 :D19:38
CarlFKI knew that was going to cause noise on the internet19:39
CarlFKaps: the preview images keep coming and going away again.. any idea whats going on?19:46
apsCarlFK: they go when stream goes19:46
CarlFKhmm. so the streams broke again?19:47
apsroom338 is hungry19:47
apsothers are fine19:47
apsCarlFK: actually, I don't think previews should go away if stream. They just wont change if that if what you mean.19:49
apsurgh.. I don't think previews should go away if stream breaks. They just wont change if that was what you meant.19:50
CarlFKi see 3 black square19:50
CarlFKbrb in 10 min.. team meeting19:50
apsroom 338 still hungry20:18
apsCarlFK: do you run watchdog on your machines?20:19
CarlFKi do not20:19
apsWell, shouldn't you?20:19
CarlFKsimilar to not runing pusher, not exactly sure what to do20:19
CarlFK338  * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [ OK ]20:19
CarlFKI think 338 said "bah, don't record/stream this one"20:33
CarlFK3278 and 329 are up.  but no images on
tpbTitle: DebConf Live Stream (at
apsI see images20:34
CarlFKhuh.  ok never mind :p20:37
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
apsCarlFK: that sound channel hack works as required?20:41
CarlFKheck if I know .. I am not listening20:41
CarlFKhmm.. and I didn't depoy it to the other 2 boxes20:42
CarlFK  "I can confirm that  is a great way of following what is happening in #debconf14 :D "21:58
tpbTitle: Aigars Mahinovs auf Twitter: I can confirm that is a great way of following what is happening in #debconf14 :D also (at
apswho is this guy on IRC?22:16
CarlFKdu no, I saw the tweet22:17
apsBTW take a look at watchdog and see if it says anything else than happy22:20
CarlFKall happy23:05
CarlFKon the one box I ran it on23:05
apsCarlFK: looks like your veyepar schedule needs to be updated. "Some Debian QA bits" is not there in
tpbTitle: Room 327/8 Schedule - DebConf14 | The Summit Scheduler (at
CarlFKyeah, they just told me "Hoger canceled, can we have the larger room?"23:06
apsCarlFK: maybe display a message on room329 stream saying  "talk shifted to room 327/8"23:10
apsokay, time for me to sleep now. It's past 9am Tim time, so he might be around soon23:10
CarlFKaps: cool - thanks once again23:10

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